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1 Eye of the Tiger Eye of the Tiger

Hell yeah man, this song is the best inspirational song ever made. Thanks & regards to survivor.

This is definitely the MOST awesome song on the face of the Earth. This song used to be my favorite already... But recently when my crush sang it with me TWICE already... I knew this song would mean more to me than anything else.

When I listen to this song it gives me the power to beat my enemies! The best song of the survivors! I listen to it everyday. This song is the "King of Kings"!

There is only one word for this song AWESOME!

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2 I Can't Hold Back I Can't Hold Back

Amazing song... Makes me cry because it makes me think of the gal whom I loved...

Amazing Amazing Song Love This One Great Tune Great Guitar Solo Great Bass Great Drumming And Great Singing - mneilan

Great Song Amazing Guitar Solo Survivor are an amazing band love them so much - mneilan

Brings back great high school memories

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3 Burning Heart Burning Heart

This song is great, even though it was made for a soundtrack. (then again, it is Rocky, so... What can you expect? Amazing movie, by the way. ). What more can I say?

It's simply the evergreen pathfinder for the soul seekers expedition. Superb summit of great inspiration and dedicated professionalism in a never

One of the most inspirational songs I've ever heard I love survivor there great
Every time listen it makes me think of dreams I have I love this so much it is amazing

Eye of the Tiger can kiss my ass. THIS is the best Survivor song.
Let's not forget that this was the theme of Rocky IV, which, in my opinion, is far superior to Rocky III.

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4 The Search is Over The Search is Over

A career defining performance from the late Jimi Jamison... A truly beautiful song!

Just listen to the words. It speaks for itself

Love this song

5 High On You High On You

Most people probably have no clue Survivor sings this song and they rock out to it everyday on the radio. That's the kind of song it is. Everyone knows it, no one knows who sings it, the mark of a truly great song because it doesn't matter about band allegiance, it's left all up to the music!

Great song please vote up higher please love it

Amazing great tune love this one

Incredibly powerful song. One of the best. Takes me back in time to my first love.

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6 Man Against the World Man Against the World

This may be the saddest song in the world; I cried the first time I heard it. But yet, this is the magic of Survivor that makes it an amazing. Vote this up, it shouldn't be at 13!

I did the math; this is Survivor's best song. Not kidding.

Also, this might be the saddest song in the world. It's a shame it's not high than 14.

This is their third best song... what is it doing at 14? Please vote this up.

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7 Even Since the World Began

A truly amazing and poetic song from an awesome Sylvester Stallone film, Lock Up!

I've been listening to the song since I was a kid, and it still inspires me even to these day..talks about lifes mystery...a very good song..

This mus be at least in the top 3 or five, great song

8 Broken Promises Broken Promises
9 Didn't Know It Was Love Didn't Know It Was Love

The best song from their best album -Too Hot To Sleep. Can't believe it hasn't even made the Top 10!

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10 Can't Let You Go Can't Let You Go

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? You Know Who You Are You Know Who You Are

Should be @ #1

? Is This Love Is This Love

This song, along with Burning Heart and Eye Of The Tiger are the top 3 Survivor songs, this song makes me want to cry. Ong Live Rocky and Survivor! 1

After I heard this song I started crying RIP J.J/ Jimi Jamison.

I don't know, Is this love?

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11 Poor Man's Son Poor Man's Son
12 Feels Like Love Feels Like Love
13 American Heartbeat American Heartbeat

Great Tune, great instrumental sound and lovely vocals

This song should be number 5 or 6 not 7 please vote this one up great singing guitar bass and drums

This song makes me feel like running in the streets @ 1:00 in the morning it's the only way I feel like I'm in the 80s!

This song should be in the top ten - mneilan

14 Hungry Years Hungry Years
15 I See You In Everyone I See You In Everyone V 1 Comment
16 The Moment of Truth The Moment of Truth

Should be in top ten

17 Oceans Oceans
18 Caught In the Game Caught In the Game

This should be #1

19 Children of the Night Children of the Night
20 Rebel Son Rebel Son

Wow... Just wow...
This song is so inspirational, even more than the songs played in the Rocky movies. I get goosebumps every time I listen to it, it's just that good. Of course, every Survivor song is pretty damn amazing in it's own way, but Rebel Son, in my opinion, trumps them all.

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1. Man Against the World
2. The Search is Over
3. Broken Promises
1. Eye of the Tiger
2. Burning Heart
3. I Can't Hold Back
1. Eye of the Tiger
2. I Can't Hold Back
3. Burning Heart



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