Best Tekken Characters

Which is among them is the best in all Tekken series? If you argue about why that is on the top, add your favorite one and make a vote everyday.

The Top Ten

1 Jin Kazama Jin Kazama Jin Kazama is a fictional character and main protagonist of the Tekken series released by Namco Bandai Games.

I love Jin. He may not have a very diverse moves list in comparison to many other Tekken characters, but I believe that's part of what makes him such an intriguing fighter. He's very much a technical character, and to dominate with Jin requires true mastery; an almost comprehensive study of his fighting style. Button-mashing with Jin will more often than not produce poor results. On top of this, his storied history - his fight with the devil within, his hatred for his father and grandfather his iconic "unfortunate protagonist" character theme make for a loyal fan base.


Considering that he won two of the iron fist tournaments, he is the best using facts and statistics. Heihachi also won two tournaments, but since Jin won the fifth and most recent, he is the best and Heihachi is the second best. Kazuya won the first tournament making him the third best. The fourth best is Paul because he lost he 3rd king of iron fist tournament because he didn't know that ogre would transform into true ogre, so he left and Jin took advantage of this and won. The fifth best is Hwoarang. This is because he is Jin's nemesis and has evenly skilled. He has most liked not won a tournament yet because he is not in the Mishima bloodline.

Overrated emo copy of Kazuya - RobertWisdom

2 Kazuya Mishima Kazuya Mishima Kazuya Mishima is a fictional character in Bandai Namco's Tekken fighting game series, first featured as the protagonist in the original 1994 game.

He is the character with with the best story and combos in the game

Kazuya is most interesting character..

One lightning hook to the gut and you're down. Kazuya survived being thrown of a damn cliff. He was ten years old at the time! He kicks a motorcycle in half! He rips a dinosaurs jaws apart with his bare hands! His Tekken 2 ending is awesome, he beats Devil by using Heihachi as a human shield! Also, lets not forget the evil half smile. If you're good with Kazuya, you're practically unstoppable.

My son sucks

3 Nina Williams Nina Williams Nina Williams is a fictional character from Namco's Tekken fighting game series. A cold-blooded Irish professional assassin, Nina made her first appearance in Tekken, the original game in the series She is one of four playable characters to appear in all main installments in the series and the only more.

She was the first character I ever played in Tekken. A special place in my heart.

Nina is one of the perfect character in the tekken history. She is quickest and her blond bomb can bring climax almost anytime! If the player is very great at timing then Nina seems to have no design weakness! Her versatility makes her to to do best at surprised combos. And once she takes her victim near the wall, then it's a dead end! She is indeed the ultimate assassin!

Nina would definitely defeat the new females in Tekken. The only characters that would stand a chance would probably be Julia and Zafina... Asuka and Lili? Please. Nina's a cold blooded assassin with an incredible move set. She doesn't use dance and gymnastics (that would waste too much energy in a real fight). Besides, being the oldest female, she has the most experience, and has been in all of the Tekken Tournaments. Of course, Jun and Michelle could give her a run for her money. But Nina's the only blond for me.

How can Nina Williams lose to LIli and Asuka Their not even in the same tier. well atleast I think - nightblazer534

4 Hwoarang Hwoarang

All right... WHY is Jin in first place? Like, what the hell. WAKE UP people... All right, I will admit, Jin is really really strong and he's the main character and all that good jazz. But guys... Remember! Hwoarang beat Jin in the tekken 6 iron fist tournament... Yeah you heard me right. HWOARANG BEAT! BEAT! JIN. So why the hell is Jin in first place? Like, I don't understand. All right let me get right at the point. First of all... Hwoarang is the hardest character in tekken, He's the kicking machine, and he as the most combos in the game... Yeah... And by the way, If anyone hasn't watched Hwoarangs tekken 6 ending, I suggest you watch it now. It's basically hwoarang holding the devil pearl, and slowly turning into a devil hwoarang. But he dropped the pearl and decided not to become a devil. Just imagine... Devil hwoarang. So Hwoarang beat Jin... Then Jin turned into to devil Jin and beat hwoarang... And then IMAGINE hwoarang turning into devil Hwoarang! He would just toy with Jin ...more

Hwoarang is an absolute badass...
Wether were talking about his looks, style, story, bad-boy personality, charisma, you name it, Hwoarang's got it all.
Game-play wise he's probably got the most combo variety out of any character in the whole of Tekken. He's got speed, strength, precision, range and so much variety.
Countless world class professional Tekken players have even said that this character probably ranks in the highest tier in the game, if not the best.
Hwoarang is the most difficult character to master in Tekken and requires a lot of high level skill BUT once you master this guy, no one will really be able to stop you with Hwoarang.
Seriously recommend this character to anybody out their playing, believe me when I say you will fall in love. #HwoarangForNumber1

Hwoarang is a boss do you guys surely think that jin has something against a guy like hwoarang I mean hwoarang is like batman and jin is like robin the only reason why jin is so popular is that they always put him on the front cover of the game hwoarang can beat any body in the game without breaking a sweat he got the charm to pick up the ladies and the best part is that he is a rebel and the funny thing is is that almost all of the characters have powers while hwoarang don't he is a as kicking machine! Hwoarang #1 in the game

I've been playing Hwoarang for some time now and I never get bored at him. He's so unpredictable, his kicks are really powerful, and many tekken players who don't understand him hates him a lot. He's my favorite character of all time. His moves are so cool and you can mix them up and confuse your opponent. Hwoarang should be on the number one spot because he is powerful, handsome, and HE DOESN'T NEED THE DEVIL GENE TO PROVE HIS STRENGTH Peace

5 King King

King is a boss in every way possible, hell just look at the name! Let's make this clear, King is the epitome of a good guy in the tekken franchise. He protects his masters honor, he donates any and all wealth he gets to impoverished children, and he personally owns, funds, and oversees the running of a catholic orphanage. He does all this all while being a pro wrestler, and even finds the time to teach the orphans self defense. Proof of this being that the current king was an orphan raised in the original kings orphanage, determined to carry on the name. He's a luchador, with a healthy mix of MMA thrown in, and he is the perfect combination of page and powerful, and quick and agile. Like I said before, just read the name. King.

This guy makes me want ISIS to bomb every flipping city in Mexico. - onnerse

Best character of all

Badass character, great grappling moves. Reminds me sorta like the Eddie Guerrero or The Rey Mysterio of Tekken. Great design and one of my favorite characters to play as In any fighting game!

6 Emilie De Rochefort

With her graceful moves and unique fighting style, Lili is sure to give her opponents a beating.

Amazing and fast, best new character in Tekken in a while! Her moves are unique and a breath of fresh air to the game.

Super strong go lili fight for your father

Lili has Grace and Powerful Moves, no wonder I love her

7 Yoshimitsu Yoshimitsu

Even if not my favorite character of the last Tekken, he was my favorite of my childhood and I think he is really well made but to be honest I would prefer even more powerful kit because altho he is great, he is not easy at all. - Johnalove

It HAS To Be Yoshimitsu! Who else has the balls to shank himself in the stomach, just so he can see the horrified look on your face!?!?
Plus, he is the most fun to play even if he's not one of my best characters.

Very unique fighting style, awesome sword and bad ass look.

The sword wielding ninja maniac. With those cursed blades and his ninjutsu to his crazy ass techniques! He's always been my favorite!

8 Asuka Kazama Asuka Kazama

Asuka is the best. She's fresh and new and she doesn't need to be cold blooded to be a badass. It comes naturally. She can calm devil jin, has amazing power, beautiful everything, I mean her hot body is the best soft brown hair and her chocolate brown eyes and her skin looks so soft. I love her. She's amazing really. She has a big heart and although she uses her heart instead of her head, that's what makes her perfect. She has her flaws and her troubles but her style beauty and attitude is fun and refreshing. She has great potential to be the strongest female in tekken. So reconsider and by the way I love Jin too. His cute and mysterious. Asuka and Jin 4eva

Lili has never been too good for me and I know that she's like super graceful and good for beginners and all that but Asuka always ALWAYS beats Lili! Asuka is really good at pokes and deserves to be ahead of Lili if anything. I really think that Tekken should shed some light on who Asuka really is. She uses violence for peace and is a great character overall. She has the best attitude and reacts quickly, never really thinking out strategic plans. I use Jin often too and he has got to be my favorite male character. I think their personalities are fit for each other. One brash, arrogant and hotheaded and the other trying to control his anger, outwardly calm but fighting a battle within himself. In other words, Asuka and Jin.

Her combo is easy but though it is not so strong. She reminds me of jun anyway and thus she deserves to be the best tekken character

I think asuka is the best she's strong and I like her
Personality just like me

9 Ling Xiaoyu Ling Xiaoyu

She is the most tricky character, her low attacks are intimidating. Lots of surprising and unexpected move against opponent. The only one cutest legend at all. Kind hearted and friendly.

I love her moveset and bubbly personality especially how mature she is getting in tekken 7! Can't wait for her further improvement and interaction with Jin.

She's fast and unpredictable! I don't think she's only playing the main cast in Blood Vengeance, she's the heroine of this series! (In exception of Tekken 1 & 2). She has lethal moves, a cute face, and a kind heart! She's the best female character I've used since you can use her short-range and give good-damaged kicks from the distance!

Ling Xiaoyu is just the best. She is the main character of Tekken: Blood Vengeance and her fighting style rocks. She along with Jin are the best Tekken characters, like Ryu and Chun-Li are the best Street Fighters characters.

10 Marshall Law Marshall Law Marshall Law, or just Law, is a player character from the Tekken fighting game franchise by Bandai Namco Entertainment.

Marshal law is the best because he is fast and he is a great fighter and as jin he I the best so is kazuya mishima and of course his dad but they get the spotlight but marshal law is based on (bruce lee) so he does the flips has strength like the bruce lee

Lets be honest here... If I had to back a real life Jaguar or a guy based on Bruce Lee... I think id pick the martial arts master. Fact is that Marshall Law is based on one of the most famous fighting styles ever conceived. He deserves to be number 1.

In My opinion Marshall law is the most skilled fighter in the tekken series he is incredibly fast,and he is also a very balanced fighter he can throw devastating punches and also devastating kick combinations,he allways was my favourite character in the tekken series,the truth is that he is the tekken series Bruce Lee,and that's amazing

Marshall law is the best out of every character in the tekken series because he's very fast and very aggressive not to motion he has good foot work and balance Marshall law is Bruce Lee and he's number 1 on my list


The Contenders

11 Paul Phoenix Paul Phoenix Paul Phoenix is a player character from the Tekken fighting game franchise by Bandai Namco Entertainment.

In my opinion, he is the best character. He might be a tad slow, be he is a powerhouse when it comes to strength. It's a shame he turned out to be a joke character. Team Paul! Bring it on ya' aliens!

I have been using Paul since Tekken 3 although my Main is Xiaoyu. sometimes I just use Paul the whole session just to prove to the other arcade players that Paul can take on all of their characters and no one can mirror match me so far locally. Sometimes I rarely pullout Xiaoyu just to see how far Paul goes. -Richard Coloma

One punch is enough to shut all mouth

Why is Paul in the seventh place? He should be at least fourth because of his strength, his fighting history (only Kazuya and Kuma have ever beaten him) and almost won the third King of Iron Fist Tournament but didn't know Ogre transformed into True Ogre when he beat it... he is my favourite character and I bet that if he wasn't a joke character, he would have won at least one tournament and he would be a really interesting character with a hell of a bigger amount of fans, making Kazuya experiencing nightmares of Paul beating Kazuya's ass!

12 Lars Alexandersson Lars Alexandersson Lars Alexandersson is a fictional character from the Tekken fighting game franchise by Bandai Namco Entertainment, introduced in the 2008 game Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion, an updated version of the original Tekken 6 Japanese arcade game.

I believe its Kind of a Mario and Luigi situation. Luigi gets put in the background as basic while Mario is the main focus of everything. Same with Lars, many think he is just a simple and boring Character. Sure Jin, Law, and Hwoarang are great characters but face it if you no how to use a Character then there going to be good. But with Lars he's great for beginners, and once you understand his moves he's an amazing Character for advanced players to use as well. He has amazingly cool and deadly combos as well as simple yet deadly moves. I used him to beat every single level in campaign, Even nightmare train which was quite hard, it took me about 7 times just to do it. So over all maybe, just maybe he's not exactly the best of all time but He has to be in the top 5. I especially like the move Zeus, Silent entry moves and his x y combos. One combo I discovered with Lars is: Up and B ( gets the opponent into the air) immediately after that UP and A (double kicks opponent while in the ...more

I underestimated him. I thought he was a cheap character when I first played against him, but that was because I wasn't familiar with his move list, and as such, I wasn't aware of his play-style, or how to play against him. He is now one of my mains; he took a while to learn, but has a myriad of quality commands at his disposal and is quite quick compared to other characters.

Lars Alexandersson is a unique character in Tekken indeed. He is top in every thing. His costume, his power-packed deadly combos, his style... And many more

I always used this guy... In fact I think he even made a guest character on Ninja Storm 2 cause Lars was made by Masashi Kishimoto.

13 Lee Chaolan Lee Chaolan Lee Chaolan is a player character from the Tekken fighting game franchise by Bandai Namco Entertainment.

The coolest tekken character in my opinion

The funniest and the most excellent character of tekken, get it, get it? Excellent! Nah! He is awesome, I always see myself as him, and I always choose him as my character. He is the best!

His kicks are super cool man. second best in kicking after Lilly.

Should be in top 10

14 Jun Kazama Jun Kazama Jun Kazama is a fictional character from the Tekken fighting game series, who made her debut in Tekken 2, her first and only canonical appearance to date.

She is also a great fighter my second favourite female character she has great moves and great relations with jin and yes let's not forget her husband kazuya but 1 question where's HEIHACHI in this list I mean he is the major villain and most probably one of the strongest characters in all of tekken franchise

She has the most combos? She has speed for sure. She has stronger moves then xiaoyu and she's even cooler than Nina. Whom I also love - but Jun is just a mystical creature behind mosts comprehension..

What's not to like? Backstory? Looks? Style? Personality? She has them all. Looks as soft as a flower, but could beat you into unconsciousness. Jun is hands down my favourite.

Jun easily the best in the game why did namco take off her the tekken Team she had good relationship with Jin and she has the best move set if tekken would of kept her she would of easily been the best

15 Heihachi Mishima Heihachi Mishima

One of the best villains ever to be introduced to a Game. - onnerse

In every Tekken game, Heihachi is always my best character. His move-list is small, but very effective. Plus, he is one of 3 characters who can do the most iconic move in all of Tekken: the ELECTIRC WIND GOD FIST; And as a bonus, he can do the OMEN THUNDER GOD FIST.

Why is this guy not in the top 5?

Heihachi Mishima the antagonist of tekken the rival of his son Kazuya. Kazuya is my favorite character but heihachi is a badass immortal boss and I like him as well. When tekken 7 comes out the talking point is what I mentioned HEIHACHI VS KAZUYA

16 Bryan Fury Bryan Fury Bryan Fury is a player character from the Tekken fighting game franchise by Namco Bandai Games, and has been a mainstay in the series since his debut in Tekken 3.

One of the only characters in the game who's sole purpose is to kill people and cause chaos. His moves are very dangerous when mastered, and his pure mindlessness should've put I'm at the top of this list. An Agent of Chaos.

Vote for Bryan, The second strongest bag guy with a half human and half robot body. He suppose to be one of the top ten and he suppose to be stronger than yoshimitsu and higher rank than him. He never stops laughing when he beats the hell out of yoshimitsu and other strong characters and he is energetic and well balanced plus power and speed.

Bryan Rules! He is one of the strongest characters in Tekken. He survived a helicopter crashing on him without a scratch. Bullets don't do jack against him and he can take attacks from a tank without any injuries and he can tear a tank apart. He should become the king of iron fist Tournament. And his evil laugh rules!

I disagree with the top 10, asuka and lili are newcomers for casual gamers, bryan should be in 9 position, why, he is a heavy hitter and main character in tournaments around the world, and in 10th should be heihachi, the original tekken champion.

17 Alisa Alisa

Alisa is a good robot

Unique, stunning, original and fresh, alisa has all the qualities of a brilliant fighter, with a bit of something special that singles her out of everyone, she is my number 1 because of a man made robot who can surely kick ass, and shes super cute and attractive

She is half robot and half human amazing!

Alisa Rocks, she has such unique and graceful fighting style! One of my favorites! Literally the best! Pretty, Gentle, Kind, Unique, Strong and Fast! How come she isn't in the top 10? She REALLY deserves to be in the top 10!

18 Anna Williams Anna Williams

Anna is pretty much the only character that people are jealous of and hate because she is sexually attractive from bottom to top. Any guy would do her if they had a chance.

SO underestimated. People focus on her seductive being and it's regrettable. She is quite difficult to play but with experience she is as legal as her sister. the williams are the best female characters.

Talk about the real femme fetal, Anna Williams has it all from looks to skill look out people looks do kill but above all she has killer combos and stances and a must try character for all.

Her awesome mix-ups, super fast moves and the interesting personality make her the perfect character.

19 Jaycee Jaycee

Jaycee looks ok for me, I really like her mask. That fat guy in tekken fancy jaycee/julia, I got feeling that julia don't love him because he is way too fat

Jaycee is my favourite charcter in all the tekken games she is strong and preety and she's amazing charcter she is so so hot loking I love her aoutfite and I love her skills she is the best girll ever in this game

I used Jaycee once and she impressed me like a lot her moves are unique she is Killer mastermind! 🙏

20 Doctor Bosconovitch Doctor Bosconovitch

It's cool to play as him, the most original fighter in Tekken.

This Dr. , if used correctly and strategically, IS the best fighter in the series.

21 Armor King Armor King

Ok... This isn't his place. He needs to be WAY higher! Top 10 at the very least. He is my favorite character (King {i voted for him last time} is my best character but Armor King is my personal favorite). I've been him my whole life and its a shame that they took him out for 3 games (after Tekken 3 and Tag he didn't return to the games until Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection, which is better version of 5. ) Heres why I think he needs a better spot:

He trained King 1 who got third in the first Tekken (king could a won if the mishimas had normal blood) and he trained King 2 (another prodigy fighter)

There are TWO of him (Armor King 1 (older brother) Armor King 2 (younger brother).

His combos are similar to Kings in tekken 1, 2, 3, and Tag, but packed more power. Ever since Tekken DR, he became a VERY ruthless and even more powerful fighter. In Tekken 6, they give him the ability to stomp on a players nutsack and face... Who tf does that?!

His grabs are actually ...more

Someone needs to give me a dam reason. WHY DOES NO ONE LIKE ARMOR KING. Armor King is strong he has an interesting story and he's awesome. And the fact between King and Armor King is that King is the bad guy because he's friends with Marduk the guy that killed Armor King's brother. And more people like King better than Armor King. King is good, but Armor King is better

Armor King is so stronger than King. Seriously did you see Armor King's ending in Tekken 5 dark resurection. This is what happened. Armor King was walking and King came behind him. Next thing you see Armor King kicks King's stomach so hard, picks up King, turns him around, jumps very high, and Armor King smashes King's head on the ground.

The only reason they might not add AK in Tekken 7 is because of variety. I'd honestly hate to see lei or a capo to come back. Since they have 2 ninjas now, I don't see why they can't have 2 wrestlers. King & Armor King are about just as different as Raven & Yoshi in my opinion. Besides, who the hell doesn't like ninjas & wrestlers. They still haven't ended his story yet either, oh & one more thing. How is king learning armor king moves if ak isn't teaching him?

22 Michelle Chang Michelle Chang Michelle Chang is a fictional character in the Tekken series of fighting games by Namco, where she was introduced in the original Tekken in 1994. A young woman of Chinese and Native American descents, Michelle possesses a mysterious pendant allegedly capable of controlling evil and powerful spirits.

Michelle Chang is my favorite Tekken character I love her so much and I can't wait to finally play as her again in Tekken tag tournament 2! Michelle = Strong, Sexy, Kind, Smart And Fierce!

Best Tekken Character Of All Time! Michelle Is My #1 Strong, Sexy, Smart And Caring

Michelle Chang Is The Best Tekken Character Ever!
So Glad That She Is Back For T2!
She Was Always 10 Times Better Than Julia!
Michelle Fighting!

The guy who said Michelle is the best tekken character ever yes it's your opinion but so many tekken fans would thinks that is insane.

23 Dragunov Dragunov

Dragunov never runs out of options. He can compete with all the characters in Tekken, you just have to pick the right move on right time.


Oh come on! Dragunov is a killer, he has a move that is simple, but effective, that move got me past Jack-5 in tekken 6

Dragunov, SAMBO SERIOUSLY He is a RussiaN SPETSNAZ his style is fast and powerful, deadly in real life and easy to get down and make something useful with.

24 Lili Rochefort Lili Rochefort

Lili your my angel

If I was girl I would I want be Lili she has it all great fighting style and she loves fight it's like high for her and most of all she rich what can get better than that the blonde hair white dress and cocky attitude and money and limo If there was top ten list rich video games girls with crazy fighting style she would win and she has heart my fights are for my father u surely don't believe u can beat me can't see her in tekken 7

She is like the best tekken character. plus I love her kicking skill. yeah she is kinda slow but she is powerful

Very strong girl and I love her looks

25 Kuma Kuma

A lot of players would find this bear a waste, I actually find him worthwhile. His hunting position is great for an ambush attack. Plus, he's moves are effective.

I love to play as Kuma all the time! I love they created a Bear in Tekken as a playable character

I don't know why many people would underestimate Kuma but in all the characters there is an equal amount of fighting skill including Kuma ( and PANDA )
Anyway he is : quite effective, maybe not THAT fast but fast enough, and last he is STRONG

Powerful, one needs to know the moves to take advantage to the max

26 Jack-5 Jack-5

Jack 5 is way better than the other tekken characters

Jack 5 is my favourite

Jack-5 should be at no 5. Oh yeah!

High devastating machine with gun-hand and made easy to win jinpachi mishima in tekken 5

27 Raven Raven

I voted for Kazuya but he is my second favorite character! Its TRUE that he is the hardest character to master, but once you do that, you are like Tekken God! His transmissions, counters and death combos are un lockable! Love his moves!

We're running out of raven players, pretty hard to use but when you master him. WOW, I rank 66 with raven in tag 2 and in tekken 6 I rank 15

What do ya mean putting Raven at number 29. He has to be number 2. A kick punch punch punch has my opponent down in a matter of time.

I used Raven as my main for a while. It was hard at first, but once I got the hang of it I kicked so much ass dude. Deserves top 10 - N4XUS

28 Devil Jin Devil Jin

To be realistic :Jin beats the god of battle ancient ogre and also the monstrous true ogre so what if devil jin fought instead? if devil jin would have fought them it would not have been a fight anymore at all he has a move which is called obliteration and I think that's exactly what this character does together with angel (even though shes not as strong in game) and devil kazuya maybe angel or devil kazuya could beat devil jin but I prefer devil jin as he's my favourite character since tekken 3 and I was so damn hyped that he became a playable character since tekken 5

It's Jin with the ability to fly and shoot lazers. Not really original if you ask me, still he's lazer attacks are what make him deadly. Plus that eerie voice is enough to send chills down your spines.

Devil jin is one of my favourite characters in the tekken series I am a tekken god with him on my psp version and I am also a tekken god with jin kazuya and heihachi to me I think devil jin is superior on and of the battlefield

He's on my top 5 favourite list. He has powerful punches and can SHOOT LASERS in his eyes. Please vote for Devil Jin.

29 Forrest Law Forrest Law

Forrest Law is the best player

Brandon Lee! Buff said

Come on. I thought Forrest would make it to the first 20. He's got style. He kinda reminds me of Bruce Lee. His punches are fast. His kicks are straight and precise. I love him, Jin and Paul.

You have ranked 1st in my list

30 Gon

One of the worst tekken character of all time,its really boaring to use and he is slow too. - theadmirableonce

Never really used him

Gon was a very good character. really sad that he wasn't included in the tekken seires. little dinosaur but kicks ass

31 Leo Kliesen Leo Kliesen

I don't even know if she's female any more when I play tekken 7 - WWEWBMortalKombatFan

Leo is a Female that's Slams others like a man! And shes adorable.

My main Character... Vote for leo.. Come on

Leo is fast, strong, and versatile. She has a lot of high, mid, and low attacks and her juggle combos and wall combos are awesome. Vote for Leo people

32 Kunimitsu Kunimitsu

She's my main character on tekken tag tournament 2 and easy to use

In tekken 1, kunimitsu was a man. It wasn't until tekken 2 that her gender was changed by namco to female.

She is very strong and fun to be and she's got hot looks and I love her

While she may not be the best character, once you learn all of her moves she dominates.

33 Craig Marduk Craig Marduk

Don't get why he's so low, he's got one of the best story arcs in Tekken, and just look at him, he's a monster

I miss Marduk after playing Tekken 7 - WWEWBMortalKombatFan

Why is he so low on the list. He may be big and easy to hit, but really he has a good move set, and is King's best friend.

Amazing guy, my favorite since tekken 5 should be at the top

34 Steve Fox Steve Fox

He's a boxer, what's not to like

You wanna try me, guv?

Steve is the character I have been playing since tekken 6 and he is so swift and agile and start his rocket combo of punches with key mashing

Dang! How come I didn't see Steve Fox's name when I looked at this list? Y'all are probably the type of dudes who think he sucks just because he mostly be throwing punches. Well do y'all know why he fights like that? The reason why is because THAT'S ALL THAT HE NEEDS FOR FIGHTING ARE HIS FISTS! Because that's how great a fighter he is! - guyonawebsite94

35 Ogre

His abilities are greater than every other character I can't understand how jin can beat him

Ogre in his final form unleashes he's true ultimate power

Ogre is the best boss ever

Azazel sucks, Ogre is the best boss ever. - N4XUS

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36 Zafina Zafina

Do you know all why zafina is least liked by tekken players? That because she just hard to learn and slow, but if you trained her seriously, she will confuse your enemy when she slow, cause she have many low poke. I better choose a challenges to play the most challenging character or most difficult cause it worth if you mastered it. I think zafina has unique fighting skill. She is like a SNAKE, SLOW but really really really DANGEROUS and TRICKY. One you get BIT, the POISON will make you SUFFERING, not die fast but SUFFERING slowly...

Zafina has four stances; the mantis, tarantula, scarecrow and her regular fighting stance. With her unpredictable moves, her diverse move set, if you came across an expert user of Zafina, you'd find it incredibly hard to get past her.

Zafina is fast and skilled. Her fighting style is very unique and if you get good at her you can get really powerful. I can't even tell you how many perfects I've gotten with her. She is a strong character and I love her as my main character

With high and low mix ups abd continuous combos with zafina, she is one of the best in my opinion and should at least be in top 10

37 Julia Chang Julia Chang

This character is the most strongest and is good against all fighters because of very strong combat

Julia is The best she can get you a perfect without you even trying hard and she just so you know, MADE MY A - LIST. She needs to be in the top 10!

Imagine hwoarang fall in love with her or maybe he doesn't need a girlfriend, I got a feeling that hwoarang don't like Indian people. I hate Indian people is well, they bunch of idiots ha ha ha ha

I'm surprised to see Julia 23rd on this list. I've only played Tekken 5 and 6, but I just love her fighting style! How could you not like a young, smart, hot, researcher like her, that fights to protect the enviroment?

38 Miharu Hirano Miharu Hirano

Miharu does have same moves as XiaoYu but don't you think that if you master one of them, it means you mastered BOTH of them, to me : AN ADVANTAGE!

Miharu has same moves as Ling

Another pointless clone character. She's also even more annoying than Xiao which is a feat to admire.

39 Baek Doo San Baek Doo San

Just badass in my humble opinion. Strong, authoritative type. Not as flashy style as Hwoarang, but awesome nonetheless. Great and fun for playing if mastered, although compared to hwoarang, limited moves list. I like him better than Hwoarang. Has high and low kicks, medium strength. Very high potential for tricking opponent, because he can do almost any move from FLA stance, and can make small pauses in combos.

His very annoying when my friend uses him especially when my friend keeps using his punches to stop me from attacking him.The only way l know of defeating Baek is using lei just basically fall to the ground and keep attacking him if you can. That is one of my best options on how to defeat him.

This guy is a beast, I always beat my friends with him and hwoarang on tekken tag 2, his kicks are both fast and strong

Hard to block all those multilevel kick combos

40 Devil Kazuya

Devil kazuya is the strongest character I had ever seen. He defeat Devil Jin also. When Someone challenge him for fight he never lose with ease and his devil smile I just love devil kazuya

Devil Kazuya the greatest boss in tekken and is more stronger then Devil Jin.

Devil Kazuya the stuff of nightmares!

Devil Kazuya is a badass. What else is there to say...

Kazuya mishima turn into devil kazuya

41 Slim Bob Slim Bob

Sick combos easy 2 use. Triangle and square + dpad and square and x with dpad =))

42 Miguel Caballero Rojo Miguel Caballero Rojo

Hot as hell why is he so low

A very well-balanced character who has a good pressure game and a very entertaining and fun to learn way of fighting, street fighting to be exact. As one of my four mains (third in my rank) he is still one of the most satisfying and fun characters to use with a variety of moves that can confuse and pressure enemies if mastered and a good juggle and wall carry ability. A very fun character to use and who doesn't love his one hit death attack!?

Amazing, simply one of the best characters in tekken. Not only is his offensive style incredibly powerful, its also really fun to play with.

What?! This guy is a powerhouse! What is he doing so low?!

43 Christie Monteiro Christie Monteiro

I have perfected a lot of fights against azazel using Christie with her graceful and fast moves especially her kicks.. So strong and fast. She also has a pretty good story. She's beautiful and looks like J.lo. :D but I think she should be dressed better...

I love Christie is so unique, you'll never know what is she going to do next. She also has a lot of interesting attacks and combos. Button-mashing can be used but is easy to see if the player knows what is he doing.

I'm sure I'm not gone love tekken7 so this katarina lady replaceing my christie we all know christie the best I seen the way this katarina lady looks and I don't like her I have feelings this game is gone be repeat of soul cailbur 5 Namco is supposed to be the number one fighting games Company And I'm not impressed They really fix need soul cailbur5 and tekken7 once they do that then I can say yep I am impressed

Favorite character I hope she is in Tekken 7. But chloe jacked a bunch of moves from her, and Katarina is from South America. I'm legitimately worried.

44 Bruce Irvin Bruce Irvin

Got that mma in tekken 5 that got that mma outfit

The best character in tekken

Muay Thai. enough said

He's a BEAST. I do great damage with this dude.

45 Panda Panda

Underrated and unique. If you plan on getting good with Panda/Kuma, expect to lose a lot at first. Once you master her, she's great fun to play, and very hard to predict

Panda is so cute she should be in the top 20 at least

That panda is so cute

Nobody gives a jack about Panda. Just a pointless Kuma clone.

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46 Jinpachi Mishima Jinpachi Mishima

Jinpachi is half demon half human legendary fighter who rose from the dead. What can make him even better?

Arguably the strongest tekken character of all time, with insane power & such devastating combos that even some of the toughest characters can't match against. A debate between Azazel & ogre left to question, but in this case Jinpachi easily comes in at number one simply because he is just unstoppable.

He is the legend and he is to special like the powerful move that comes out from his stomach it's so hard to evade and you are only allowed to use him via cheats but now that tekken lets us use him in the tekken tag tournament but he can kick anyone's candy ass in Tekken go go go jinpachi

He is the best because hallo he has a mouth for a tummy

47 Sebastian Sebastian

Every rich person should have a butler who can fight. Just ask Rachel Alucard.

Well, he is simply "one HELL of a butler".

Oh god the reference

Fave character of all time!

48 Robert Richards

Known as Bob for short - WWEWBMortalKombatFan

He is the best man! He is very quick agile.Has strong launchers and far knockback

49 Bob Richards Bob Richards

I couldn't beat Azazel any other way.

God, how can you forget him on the list! A combo of Y and X together is just amazing! (Triangle and X for PlayStation)

50 Claudio Claudio

I really like saint/holy characters. Tekken need at least one considering that devil were included

His looks and power reminds me of Bleach Quincy. - Tia-Harribel

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