10,000 Days (Wings Pt 2)


This is tools most invoking and emotional song by far. If your a true TOOL fan this must be at least in your top 5 favorites. Such an orchestral piece and it holds its meaning throughout the song. Truly invokes the message its trying to portray. A friend of mine first time ever messing w/ hallucinogens and not knowing the subject of the song had visions of his mother in an angelic form comforting him and finally allowing him piece over her death when he was 7. Definitely my favorite song of all time

Listening to all of Tool's songs randomly among the rest of my playlist, every single of the songs in there giving me a good time with no exceptions, I love this song the most. It must be the most opinion-dividing song I've ever shared with my friends. I don't give much about the lyrics, but god does it sound good! At first I wasn't sure if it was vicarious or 10,000 days, but now I've got to admit: There's no match for this song.

One of the most powerful and emotionaly evoking song I have ever heard. Such a brilliant peice of art with fantastic musicianship. How it all expands on one of the greatest bass lines from the band. Including some of Maynards most beautiful melodies that transides in to a powerful and agitating break down. The way that the guitar and the bass compliment each other throughout the first half of the song, and the way that the bass and the drums work together to give the song a certain "swing" that eventually leads in to a smooth transition for the breakdown are some of the technical aspects that make this song incredible. Not to mention Maynards lyrics are among some of the most deep and poetically intelligent he has ever writen.

I don't know what the hell has happened to people. This is truly with no doubt one of their best songs. The creativity, maturity and genius of this song far exceeds the human imagination. Tool really knows how to blend emotion into their songs and this song is just a perfect example of their highly genius and mature musicianship. Maynard's vocals throughout the song is so beautiful.

This song is really a masterpiece. Most of their songs have deep meanings, are serious and not for anyone to understand. Yet, this is the only song of Tool that is representing pure sadness, the feeling of loss, the feeling of eternal mark of sorrow unto your brain and thinking. Epic, sad, touching. I understand this song. I'm proud of it.

Man can't believe this song is not hailed as the number one Tool song. I ask why so... The song in its entirety is pure perfection...vocals. Drums. The guitar parts. Nuthin, nuthin can beat this song man...it's so full of emotion...and the composition...just perfection.

PERFECTION. Best Tool song ever...the heartbroken stoner's song. Best ever

The Best song by Tool, it should be no way other than Number 1, Loved it and listen to it at least once a day, it is meaningful and the depth of the lyrics can be describe by the quality of voice which Maynard has, the music itself will touch your heart, last but not the least the best part of the song was "10 thousand days in the fire, you are going home" loved that part, so for me it is number one and always will be, "give me my wings". Thank You. DHK

It is so hard to choose a best Tool song because they are so intellectually deep and meaningful. This one is my favorite because of the emotion Maynard put into this. I get chills overtime I hear "You were my witness, my eyes, my evidence, Judith Marie, unconditional one"

The quintessential Tool song, and my favorite song ever. Has everything the band is known for, an incredible meaning, great lyrics, an incredibly good buildup to the incredible conclusion, and more. Just because it isn't a single doesn't mean it shouldn't be first.

Schism should be first, then 10000 days. This song has it all people. I really recommend turning it on your headphones, and put it on nice and loud, and listen to every genious part of the song. Especially the vocals in the beginning and at the end

Amazing and meaningful song. A beautiful tribute to his mother and all people who suffer while retaining their divinity. To me it is a scathing rebuke of organized religion while uplifting the individual caught in it.

The only song that deserves to be in that top 5 is Lateralus, I bet if TooL seen this list they would be a little bit angry that all their "radio" songs are toward the top while their Materpieces are ignored.

I think this song should be around number 7 on the list, but why? Why is this song not combined with Wings For Marie Pt 1? I do think this part is better, but those songs just aren't one without each other.

Spectacular. Absolutely spectacular. Hypnotizing and captivating. I've been listening to this song on repeat for hours. I don't think it deserves any worse than top 5.

Like Parabola, I like this song when it's played with it's Pt 1 counterpart. The lyrics, the bass, the up-and-down rhythm... Everything about his song is just... Breathtaking.

Agree with previous poster, the best tool songs are the ones that didn't make the radio. Wings for Marie pt 2 is unbelievable, but the songs that didn't make this list is kinda depressing...

, this song is so moving. It's powerful, yet vulnerable. It felt like Maynard's mom passed as I was listening to it. Just captivating. Deserves to be number 1 (even though I love Vicarious).

Easily their greatest song in my book. The lyrics tell it all - lifting the pain in a life to another Level. The music is mesmerizing. A song that will stand the test of time.

11?! Needs to be in the top 5 at least!
With such beautiful, mournful lyrics and about Maynard's mother and connected through Justin Chancellor's hypnotizing bass all carefully threaded together with Adams extraordinary guitar prowess and Danny's fantastic drum work, how could you go wrong?!

Makes me scream and sing along the song. Easily the best of tool. No song of tool feels like this when played on full volume. Specially great during travel and rains!

This song made me want to cry when I first heard it. It's a beautiful composition, and I don't think it runs a second too long. Perfect Tool right here.

This is what progressive metal should be defined as; perfect structure and melodies that flow, sway, climax and fade... Such is life in Moscow

One of those Tool songs that don't have hostile, but sad atmosphere, one of Maynard's most emotional moments for sure. Extremely enjoyable.

Anyone else get chills when they hear "10,000 days in the fire is long enough, you're going home"?

The music of Tool will stand when we have passed. I love Lateralus and Parabola, but this piece is the essence.