Best Vocaloid Voices

Generally the people like just the CHARACTER but not his voice at all. Could you vote just thinking about the vocaloid voice? There are VOCALOIDs who are a lot better than Hatsune Miku! Let's show that the character design isn't the most important! Let's show that VOCALOID is about SONG, not just cute designs!

The Top Ten

1 Megpoid (GUMI)

One of the most realistic Vocaloid voices. Very beautiful, powerful, and awesome. She has the silly songs, sweet love songs, and beautiful moving songs. She's my favourite!

Gumi has a cute voice!

In my opinion, GUMI has the most beautiful and most realistic voice out of any Vocaloid. She's also really cute and makes catchy songs with a nice tune. I also really love her English songs, such as Wildfire and Echo, thinking she is also best in this area. GUMI is my favorite Vocaloid, and I really enjoy her and her songs!

Thank you for reading!

Okay okay everyone chose Rin as best voice for vocaloid because everyone likes her. My favorite vocaloid is Luka but imma give my honest opinion. Gumi has the most realistic voice and also she can sing almost any type of music like rock and pop and sad and happy and horror. But Rin have you listened to daughter of evil her voice gets squeky like and when Gumi sings other songs like Route Sphere or my crush is a monster boy her voice is like amazing I mean I am really shocked that Rin has the best voice because of a few songs like Melt down well yeah I agree that she has an amazing voice but GUMI's voice is different from all vocaloids and REALISTIC by the way this message isn't from a hater or anything its from a huge vocaloid fan who loves miku luka and IA and most of this IS. A FACT because 70 or 80% of the people who voted for Rin loves her cause this isn't about loving a vocaloid its about the VOICE

2 Kagamine Rin Kagamine Rin Kagamine Rin & Len are humanoid personas voiced by a singing synthesizer application developed by Crypton Future Media, headquartered in Sapporo, Japan.

In Kokoro, she sounds like a robotic angel. In Paper Planes, she sounds like a young human girl. In Daughter of Evil, she sounds like an evil princess. Rin can have a human's voice, a robot's voice, or an angel's voice. And those are just the ones we have heard! Her and Len's songs can make a grown man cry when they die. Their voices can portray so many emotions, they don't sound like angles; they ARE angels. Anyone who disagrees, well, they are crazed. Rin is the best vocaloid that will ever exist!

Kagamine Rin have a sweet voice with her appearance. Rin is the cutest character in Vocaloid. So.. Please vote for her and please LISTEN TO HER MUSIC!

I'll vote for BOTH OF THE KAGAMINE TWINS! Both of them are great when they sing a duet like kokoro kiseki, karakuri burst, romeo and cinderella etc. Rin's high pith voice and len's cute low voice is real PERFECT MATCH! GO ORANGE AND BANANA! (could you vote for the kagamine twins at the "music artist you like to perform at the 2012 London olympic games opening ceremony" please? They're at the 20th place! )


3 Megurine Luka Megurine Luka Megurine Luka is a humanoid persona voiced by a singing synthesizer application developed by Crypton Future Media, headquartered in Sapporo, Japan.

Sorry for English. Miku cannot be Luka. Luka is more Miku. Miku popular for her cute. Not Luka. Luka is popular for the voice. If you thinking VOCALOID, you thinking Miku. But should be for Luka and VOCALOID. Not Miku. Miku is popular. Why can't VOCALOID be too? If Miku is popular, then what is other VOCALOID? Popular? No. Other VOCALOID is not popular then Miku. Other VOCALOID popular. But no popular then Miku. Other VOCALOID can be popular. People do not make other VOCALOID popular. They only give Miku popular. No fair to the other VOCALOID. Luka. Rin/Len twin. MEIKO. KAITO. GUMI. IA. Yuki. Iroha. Other VOCALOID good then Miku. But Miku popular. Other VOCALOID are not popular. Miku is why other VOCALOID are not popular. No fair for other VOCALOID. They sing with good voice. Why they not popular? When people find Miku they like Miku. Then when they find other VOCALOID? They like Miku. Not other VOCALOID. They find Miku first. That is why. They like Miku much. They like Miku much then ...more

The most realistic and mature sounding of all the Vocaloids by far. Her voice is so natural and pretty, and her songs are so amazing. You can definitely see her passion in her singing. She doesn't sing all about fun songs, but all kinds of songs. Sad songs, happy songs, silly songs, love songs, songs about singing, songs about almost anything! The fact that she is the first Vocaloid to have an English and Japanese voice bank just adds to her awesomeness. In my opinion, I do not vote for her popularity, but the fact that she has a cool and mysterious yet sweet and fun voice. I really do hope she, as well as the other Vocaloids, get a chance in the spotlight, as well as more concerts, so people can see that Miku isn't the only Vocaloid. Go Luka! :D

Her voice is flexible with wide vocal range

The best voice that has been developed so far. The flexibility of Luka's voice is quite impressive. The emotion that her voice potrays in every song proves her to be one of the greatest VOCALOID.

4 IA IA IA is a humanoid persona voiced by a singing synthesizer application developed by 1st Place Co., Ltd., headquartered in Meguro, Japan. They use Yamaha Corporation's Vocaloid 3 singing synthesizer technology. Her voice is sampled by Lia.

In my opinion, a lot of the votes for Hatsune Miku simply stem from the fact that she is the most recognizable Vocaloid. But, based on realism as well as the sheer quality of the voice, IA is undoubtedly the best Vocaloid in this regard. The timbre, tone and resonance of her voice emulates her voice provider so well that it's a wonder that she isn't given the recognition that she deserves. If you haven't done so already, listen to IA's cover of Tori no Uta or My Soul Your Beats, they'll blow your mind!

IA might not make a lot of edm songs as I'd hoped but her voice is undeniably angelic and out of this world

IA is my only favorite vocaloid because she has the most unique and realistic voice... And also her image is very different and catchy... (look at her innocent face! ) she is so cute and her dress? It is so futuristic! And look at her silver rapunzel hair... She is the only vocaloid with the galaxy eyes! Her movement is so smooth if you compared her to others.. They look like a robot when they dance... She is extraordinary, she deserve to be on top ten.. She is just new but she is already popular meaning there are many people that loves her voice very much! IA is awesome... When I listen to her voice, I feel like I am floating because of her powerful voice...

IA is one of the newest vocaloids; therefore she has one of the most updated voices. Her voice is incredibly realistic, especially in Tori no Uta, which is originally sung by the person who donated her voice bank, Lia. People always compare her to Luka, but their only similarity is their hair color!

5 Hatsune Miku Hatsune Miku Hatsune Miku, sometimes referred to as Miku Hatsune, is a humanoid persona voiced by a singing synthesizer application developed by Crypton Future Media.

She is my favourite vocaloid of all time. Her voice may sound high pitched and loud but in most songs she can sound beautiful, she is good at hitting high notes, low notes and soft notes and her voice suites any genre of music she has sung cute songs, creepy songs, catchy songs and sad songs. I believe that she deserves her popularity.

Unlike most of the other Vocaloids such as GUMI, Miku can sing any type of music genre. She does tragedy PERFECTLY. Romeo and Cinderella, Rolling Girl, The Disappearance of Hatsune Miku, Ivean Polkka is covered just so amazing. She may not hit the high notes like they should sound, but the soft sounds, in songs like Hazy Moon, and Romeo and Cinderella, she sings so gorgeously. Love Miku

I hope she becomes the most popular vocaloid in the world!

A lot of people dislike Miku, but yeah, they just can't see the positive sides of her. Don't tell that her voice is too high pitched, because her voice can be sweet and gentle in a lot of songs. And she absolutely deserves her popularity. Maybe she is not the best, but she has brought many fans to the Vocaloid world, she and many other Vocaloids have proved that Vocaloid is growing up every day and one day Vocaloid can take over the music area on this world

6 Kagamine Len Kagamine Len Kagamine Len is a Japanese male Vocaloid2 developed by Crypton Future Media and voiced by Shimoda Asami. He was originally released along with Kagamine Rin on December 27, 2007 as Kagamine Rin/Len (CV02), but had the updates of Kagamine Rin/Len (CV02) Act 2 (on July 18, 2008), Kagamine Rin/Len Append more.

Although Len's voice is very high pitched and sharp, that is mostly because his voice and Rin's voice too, is very hard to control. If you listen some of his songs that are tuned perfectly and also those with Rin, you you would hear that their voices sound perfect.

It is always Len's songs that inspired me because it is very emotional and touches the heart.

I'm surprised len is still so low QmQ he's always so popular and has an amazing voice... It's so cute and soulful, its just amazing...

He is very cute and always a shota! I love his cute and handsome voice! He is VERY Kawaii! I love him so... Much! ! I hope Len and the others go to Philippines to do a concert! He is the cutest guy I have EVER seen!

His voice is so emotional and expressive. He may not be real, but I can feel real emotions when he sings because of the great power he has. When you add his serious and cold appends to the mix, you get a soft and, yet again, emotional voice. Len has everything. He can sing happy electro pop songs, blow you away with his power in rock songs, or make you cry and soothe your soul with his serious append.

7 Gackpoid (Kamui Gakupo)

Hatsune Miku is the first Vocaloid that I've heard, but she isn't the one who temped me to enter the world of Vocaloid fandom.

Until this Vocaloid exists in my life.

He's very difficult to tune to be honest, makes his songs sound choppy and muffled and everything else, but from his voice, I can hear the quality and somewhat the unique and manly that not most of other male Vocaloids can do. Well what can you expect less from GACKT?

I see most love KAITO and Len than every other male Vocaloids including Gaku, because of the marketing thanks to Crypton, and the design themselves are way cooler than Gaku.

But, in my opinion, their voice quality cannot beat Gakupo. Overall, yes, Gakupo can be beated by the character design, but its undeniable that he have the best voice quality of all male Vocaloids. - KaguraGakuko

Hey guys, you all should watch the song Le Rouge Est Amour. Its also from SCL project. The drawing is just awesome. The song too. Its using vocaloid3 Gackpod/ Gakupo whisper and power. Please vote for Gakupo. And by the way what do you like from Momo, Teto? Their just Utauloid their fake I hate them. Ok then please vote for Gakupo

Every body please vote for Gakupo V3 he is awesome he sounds good you guys should all hear his song it's awesome please vote for Gakupo I know one day Gakupo will beat Miku please fore all Gakupo's lover

Gakupo sound very much better in the Vocaloid 3. He actually has a better voice then Kaito. You must vote Gakupo more. HIS THE BEST VOCALOID EVER. Why do you guys like Miku? Vote more for the male Vocaloid. HE IS the BEST VOCALOID EVER IN THE WHOLE HISTORY

KAITO is the Vocaloid male with the best and awesome voice, not Gakupo

8 Meiko Meiko MEIKO is a humanoid persona voiced by a singing synthesizer application called Vocaloid developed by Yamaha Corporation.

Meiko may be hard to use but people who really know how to use her will make her sound absolutely stunning! Her singing can convey so much emotions that it sometimes feels human.

I love her voice! Meiko and Luka have the most natural and expressive voices! She's hard to use but when done right it's amazing, like in The Snow White Princess Is...

I feel like the reason she gets so much hate is because people try to force her into covers made for squeakers like Miku and Rin but that's not where you want to use her... she does best in powerful songs

Miku and Rin's voices honestly grind my gears because they're so squeaky every time I listen to them my ears feel like they're going to bleed

Meiko has the best voice of all the Japanese vocaloids, she can sing in many styles of music, she is hard to use but if used properly can sound very realistic more than vocaloid2 voices

Meiko's voice is amazing! I can't believe that she's so low here!

9 Yuzuki Yukari Yuzuki Yukari

Yukari's voice is really realistic and some people say that her breathy voice is horrible, but honestly I can see her breathy voice as a strength because when it fades out it adds some sort of emotional effect and gives you the chills.

I absolutely love Yuzuki-san, especially when she sings with Luka in Resurrection Trip, or MAYU in Hurting for a Very Hurtful Pain. Whatever the song I love her vocal range and style. I can't believe some people say her breathy and raspy-like voice is horrible, they're just too busy obsessing over Miku-chan and Luka-san. OPEN YOUR EYES. There are many more Vocaloids with unique voices and designs. You've just got to take the time and patience to listen to them.

If GUMI hadn't been on the list, I would've voted for Yukari. Her voice is lovely and mature, and even though it's a little breathy, I really like that. It gives me chills, and you can hear the emotion

THE MOST UNDERRATED VOCALOID. Yukari has the most realistic voice, it is an amazing mix of IA and Luka, so soulful and beautiful. She has a haunting voice that just sends chills down my spine.

10 KAITO KAITO KAITO is a humanoid persona voiced by a singing synthesizer application developed by Yamaha Corporation using their new Vocaloid singing synthesizer technology under the codename of "Taro".

KAITO has an awesome voice. It's very unique and beautiful. His voice is perfect for ballads, rock, and anything inbetween. I've even made a screamo cover with him. He does amazing duets but he can sometimes be difficult to tune. KAITO has a soft voicebank and a whisper voicebank, which both do the same thing. I feel as though KAITO should have a power voicebank, and then his voice would be more appreciated. Thank you for reading!

Being an older vocaloid, his vocals still can compete with todays V2/V3 vocaloids. His voice is clear and with the right producer sounds better than the others. Just check out his vocals in "Last Night, Good Night" if you don't believe me.

no. - KaguraGakuko

KAITO NEEDS MORE LOVE! Kaito has a beautiful voice and is beautiful just in general. Who wouldn't love this guy?


The Contenders


My sweet boi needs to be higher

Hear it

Oliver is my favourite male Vocaloid, simply because of his unique voice quality.

Having been voiced by an English choir boy, he has an incredible range that older voices simply cannot achieve and so he gives writers a rare opportunity to work with a pure and angelic sounding voice.

Interestingly, the 'angelic' connotations of his choir boy voice actually give Oliver the ability to fit into both innocent and soft music as well as dark and haunting music. The only way I can think of to describe how it can work is by using the example of nursery rhymes, which sound cheerful when you sing them like you did on the playground but sound terrifying once you slow them down or learn about their origins. (Just look at Ring-a-ring-a-roses! )

But I digress...

I also find Oliver easy to work with but that is probably in large part to do with the fact that he is from my country and speaks my language so I found him easier to work with than say Megpoid, well until she had ...more

I love his voice so much, it's soprano and soft it fits the music I like to listen also the British accent! <3 (don't forget puppycat and his design! )

12 VY1

Everyone should listen to her more though... then you guys can judge who has the best voice... I vote her as my number 2 best female vocaloid voice. - KaguraGakuko

She just doesn't seem to have enough fans, sadly, for people to realize just how good VY1's voice is. For all you Hatsune Miku Fans: VY1 is higher-quality without the earsplitting pitches. Her songs sound purely human, which is a huge step in Vocaloid technology. It's easy to make out her words, and so far I haven't found a single Vocaloid she doesn't sound good with. Go Mizki!

Did you hear her v4 voice?
It's brilliant. VY1 has one of the most amazing voices in vocaloid. I love how her voice is so mature like others such as GUMI, or IA, or Yuzuki Yukari, and others. She is just so great at singing and it's so sad how she is not recognized by the fandom as much as other vocaloids have (I'm not saying that the others are worse or bad, I'm just putting the fact out there that there are many unrecognized vocaloids that sing just as well or even better than the main and more popular vocaloids.).

VY1 is just an amazing vocaloid with an amazing voice. If you haven't yet listened to her voice, you should. It is worth the time. If you already have, keep at the good work and spread the love for all the less popular vocaloids!

It's really unfair that she is not used often for songs, Miku this, Rin that! WHAT ABOUT THE OTHER VOCALOIDS, YA TWITS!? Her voice sounds like a 16-year old, Miku, who is OFFICIALLY 16, doesn't even sound 16. VY1 should more popularity, not only Miku or Luka or Len or Rin or GUMI (but gotta admit that GUMI's voice is the most realistic), her voice can calm, robotic, or intense! She is so incredible!

13 SeeU

I don't really like Vocaloids to begin with and I don't have any of the actual software, however I do like SeeU a lot. Her voice is beautiful and rather calm unlike Miku who tends to make my ears bleed (NO ONE can sing that high pitched in real life) I also like her design. She is very cute and has actually normal colored hair unlike most of them. Miku should really just be taken down so some of the less popular Vocaloids can have a chance at being a pop star like Miku. She also is not completely self absorbed like Miku and Katio.

I love Gumi, and I love IA, but I also love SeeU, and seeing her all the way down at 24 isn't fair at all. She can sing in Korean OR Japanese, which is great for Kpop and Jpop fans alike! I think people just like Miku simply because she's the most known and Vocaloid 3 isn't as popular as Vocaloid 2.
I've had I=Fantasy in my head all day.


Her voice and style seem very lovely. She has different tones to her voice, moreover, it is lingering and mature. Although I am not much of a vocaloid fan (heck, I barely know ten of them), she is the one I like. As many before said, Miku's voice is very simple. I still enjoy quite a few of her songs.

SeeU is ONE OF MY BABYS. She can sing beautifully, in japanese or korean. VOTE FOR SEEU MORE! DOWN WITH MIKU! - SeeU

14 Iroha Nekomura

I like I hate sailor uniforms - Mocchiko

Her voice is like the all the most beautiful voices mixed together! So amazingly realistic. Her low vocal range can still remain young and still sound mature. It's such a pleasure to hear her sing, I always forget that she's a vocaloid. Usually I end up going for the Nico Nico chorus of other vocaloids, but I always listen to the original of Iroha's because she just that awesome.

Iroha is so REALISTIC sounding, she deserves to be more popular! She's so adorable! And her voice is can be really mature! Iroha and luka and meiko are my favorite vocaloids!

I think Iroha Nekomura deserves to be more popular. Okay she has a low voice, but listen to her voice carefully and you'll discover that it actually sounds more mature and realistic than most. At first I listened to her songs I was in love! She won me over with her mature and steady voice.

15 Lily Lily

25 ;_; poor my girl - KaguraGakuko

When used right, Lily is just AMAZING. Sadly her demo song did not show her full potential. I love Sky is the Limit, Reminiscence of Garnet, Niki songs, and so many more. She sounds very realistic, and she speaks well in English as well.

Lily is so realistic! I love her voice. She sounds like a real Japanese girl singing, but faster! She performs well.

Lily's voice is very unique. It's very low and more human. Despite her accent, it is very easy to understand her English. I love her in fact she was the first Vocaloid I ever had. My favorite song from her is Lilyzm Gold but there is also a Version of Blood Teller that everyone should look into!

16 VY2

At first I thought VY2 sounded derpy. But after being in Japan for a month and listening to the voices of young males I can conclude that VY2 is the most natural sounding Vocaloid.

His voice is so unique from the other male vocaloids and yes even though there are a few problems with his voicebank it still is one of the better ones in my opinion. His range is better then most other males, seeing as he was created to be gender neutral, but sounds better with lower vocals.

He had a really great range and most of his songs and covers sound amazing because of it (I personally like the cover of Madara Cult and the original song Jet Black by Camilla) his voice also sounds so soothing and realistic. HE NEEDS MORE SONGS AND COVERS (and more love)

VY2's voice sounds so realistic, soothing, young and sweet. It's easy to recognize his voice. His high notes don't break my ear. I love most of his songs and I just wish he has more songs of his own other than the covers.

17 Aoki Lapis

If everyone likes Miku, Rin, and Luka, why don't they love Lapis? She has a Rin-like brightness with Miku's sweetness and Luka's consonants and amazing realness. And she's a V3, which makes her quality extraordinary! I love how she covers most songs, and for me, she just needs more attention.

... Lapis doesn't seem to be very popular with the fans (at least the ones I've seen), which I guess is fair, considering that she's a newer Vocaloid.
Since she's newer and a Vocaloid 3 she gets some of those perks, like more realistic voice.

She doesn't seem to be the best for songs like, say, iNSaNiTY. (But personally I like her cover of Love is War more then the original. )

A lot of Vocaloids like Miku and Rin are overrated because of their designs, and not their voices. Lapis has an extraordinary voice..,. Soft, but you can still understand her, sweet, smooth, and overall beautiful.

Lapis voice is very cute!

18 Utatane Piko Utatane Piko Utatane Piko is a Japanese speaking Vocaloid by Sony Entertainment for Vocaloid 2. He is based on the Japanese singer Piko.

I love him. That's all.

I feel so trolled by Piko... Why? That awkward moment when a boy sings better as a female than you. I just can't stop laughing when people mention the "Boku no Piko" joke! Whoo! Utatane Piko your voice is amazing, even if you share voices with the Nico Nico Singer Piko. I look at Piko as more of a shota than Len and Oliver. But when he sings "Spice", Piko is bringing sexy back

Piko has one of the most amazing voice ranges of all vocaloids. He can sing both high and low ranges fairly realistically, and his voice actor is also a professional singer. If he is used well, he can sound amazing.

His voice is so unique in many ways, I promise. The way he can sound girly and mature, it's Just amazing. I'm pretty impressed about how high can he sing, since I have a low Voice for a girl, :3. Just one thing to say: I love you PIKO!

19 v flower

I personally just like her voice and people like Niru Kajitsu make amazing songs with her.

HER VOICE IS JUST AMAZING AND 100% BEAUTIFUL AND UNIQUE! I love her and I so wish that she wasn't so low in the bottoms :c my favorite vocaloid for a long time has been Luka but she just blew me away with her songs Close to You and ERROR, I just wish that instead of doing so many cover songs, that more of her original songs or something would be created just like the other vocaloids because her voice has just as much potential as Hatsune Miku's and the softness in her voice combined with deep emotion that you can actually feel when she sings makes her almost 3 times better than her. Maybe she could one day surpass Miku (like Luka supposenly did in her song Track) and maybe, just maybe, become the new idol for the vocaloid world...

Despite being a Kuudere Flower can have a lot of emotion in her voice and I love how her japanese accent really shines through in her english songs

She is a new vocaloid released, and she is really great! Her voice is powerful and her "thing" is rock, Who wouldn't love her?!

20 Kaai Yuki Kaai Yuki Kaai Yuki is a child vocaloid character produced by AH-Software Co. Ltd and released originally for Vocaloid 2.

Why does everyone use her for their creepy songs - Mocchiko

Yuki is one of the few vocaloids that have a good english pronunciation (counting the fact that she is a japanease VB), unlike VBs like Miku or IA, who have more difficulties for that language.

Her voice fits her design, she has a cute and great voice! I'm not a fan of her and I only listened to a few songs of her and I already like her!

I love Kaai yuki she reminds me of my childhood and I love her cute voice =D

21 Luo Tianyi

Luo Tianyi's voice is literally amazing! People should chose wisely and not just chose the popular ones! Oh right.. It's all Hatsune Miku now...

A very realistic Chinese vocaloid. V3.

Some very good songs. Unfortunately the Chinese vocaloids aren't as well known as Japan's.

Tianyi has a very cute voice that can easily be tuned to sound dark and mysterious. She's my favourite Chinese Vocaloid. :3

22 Mayu Mayu MAYU is a female Vocaloid created by EXIT TUNES Co., Ltd. She generally has mixed reception. She is voiced by Mayumi Morinaga.

Mayu has the most adorable voice, and can be used in lots of different types of songs! She sounds very realistic, in my opinion! It's really adorable, and she deserves more attention! Of course, only her demo songs are out now, but she sounds amazing in them.

More love for Mayu please! She is so adorable and her voice is so sweet. Her style is awesome too. Mayu, Luka and Miku are the cutest Vocaloids

Yandere is always my favorite type. And Mayu has that type. Maybe people just forget her. Why do people always pay their attentions in some Vocaloids like Miku, Rin/Len, Gumi... ? There are also some really good other Vocaloids. IA and Yukari have the most realistic voices, Luka has a soft and sweet voice, KAITO has a warm voice and Mayu has an adorable voice. They are amazing too, it's just they don't get much attentions from fans

Mayu has a really good and cute voice. I also love Luka's nice voice too. I love the song where they sing together: "Yume no Akuma"

23 Otomachi Una Otomachi Una

How can she be placed at 22 hm
her voice is unique and crisp... - KaguraGakuko

Her voice is good, she has an amazing talking voice, and probably the most creative design. I mean, who else has a jellyfish hat?

Ooh! Love her! Her voice is so cute! She is like a way more high quality miku who is way more adorable and better sounding! - Broken_luo

She sounds really clear and her cover of melt on youtube is amazing!

24 Eleanor Forte

Very new and technically not a "vocaloid" per say, but she is a singing synth voicebank so I say she counts. She has the best voice I have ever heard in a vocaloid, much less an English vocaloid. The software she is from, SynthesizerV, makes it easy to make Eleanor sing with real human emotion as well. I actually have to remind myself multiple times while listening to her that it is not an actual human singing. Eleanor Forte is the only English voicebank anyone needs anymore, and SynthV could potentially replace the Vocaloid software in a few years time! - Atham

25 Hiyama Kiyoteru Hiyama Kiyoteru Hiyama Kiyoteru is a masculine vocaloid character produced by AH-Software Co. Ltd and released originally for Vocaloid 2. His voice is provided by Japanese male singer Kiyoshi Hiyama.

His voice is just one of the best voices I've ever heard! I love how he sounds perfect! - odairedez

I think his voice is quite clear for the Japanese pronunciation I know he has plain design but his voice is great! Just, because the plain design makes him unpopular? Come on!

Kiyoteru is one of the best vocaloid and despite of his limited range, he has a wide variety of genres to be sing with aside from rock especially if you used him wisely. :3

Kiyoteru is amazing and just so underrated that it's annoying. He's almost totally perfect!


I love AVANNA, I think she is the most realistic English vocaloid out there (Besides the new one, Ruby). She has a nice deep voice but can also sing high notes well

AVANNA just sounds pleasing to the ear when she sings. It's really quite beautiful.

She is with no doubt the best vocaloid yet, her voice is amazing

Avanna is a great singer, yes she is a engloid but does that really matter she has an amazing voice and she is just to overlooked.

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27 Rana Rana

I love her, but she needs more original songs - Mocchiko


I love Rana so much! She's probably my third favorite vocaloid but she deserves so much love. Her voice is amazing and so strong to contrast her sweet loli design. I just can't say enough how much I love this smol rainbow girl and she is SO UNDERRATED, YALL LISTEN TO HER SONGS AND COVERS PLEASEEE

I like her tomboyish voice. It's different in a really good way! I listened to her Rolling Girl cover and that's all I need to say. Pure AWESOMENESS.

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28 Kizuna Akari Kizuna Akari

She has a nice voice and I like her

A voice similar to Yukari... - Frostrose

She is very cute.

29 Fukase Fukase Fukase, is a vocal developed and distributed by Yamaha Corporation for Vocaloid 4. He is voiced by Satoshi Fukase, the lead singer of the Japanese band, SEKAI NO OWARI.

I just love Fukase! Either appearance or voice, they're the BEST among the male vocaloids. He's new so people don't know him but I hope that people and vocaloid fans discover him. His voice is not too high and not too low. They're perfect! He also sang English more fluently than other vocaloids because his voice provider is none other than Fukase from Sekai No Owari. His appearance looks like a combination of reality and fantasy. He took the 1st place in my favorite male vocaloid.(He's the only vocaloid whose voice I like, no offense to Len, KAITO, Gackpoid, etc.)

He's one of the newer Vocaloids, but dude do he got a good voice! Not too dark and not too high pitched. His design is really good too and the fact that both his English and Japanese voicebank sounds good makes it all better. My favourite male vocaloid EASY!

His voice is good

He best boi! #heisbestboiandbestmemelord

30 Kasane Teto Kasane Teto Kasane Teto is a singing synthesizer and virtual star. She appeared as a prank "new vocaloid" companion to Hatsune Miku on April Fool's day 2008. Even though she wasn't a real Vocaloid, her character was so catchy her fans never forgot about her. So her prank creators gave her a complete voice, using more.


Okay, who thought she needed to be low on the line? Yeah, it's hard to work with her voice, but if you know what your doing, she can work for innocent and haunting songs. Seriously, Look up her singing Demons And The Dead. It's just beautiful.
And I love her not just for her voice, but what she represents.
She was meant to be a joke, but now she can sing, and she's getting close to getting the recognition she needs, if that's not inspirational, I don't know what is.

Dude. Really? She's not even a vocaloid! - Broken_luo

Teto is an UTAUloid, but I agree. I'm hoping that she will either move up this ranking, or there's a "Best UTAUloid Voices" list that I missed somewhere and she's first there. GO TETO!

31 Haruno Sora
32 Mew Mew

Mew has such a gorgeous and realistic voice, it is no doubt one of my favorites. Too bad she's probably the least popular V3 out there... Still, she can do much more than Miku even if she can't speak English. I'm so shocked that a VOCALOID with such an amazing voice is so unnoticed in the fandom! Oh, I forgot, it's all about Miku these days...

Mew has the most beautiful female Vocaloid voices. Shame she's slowly fading away.

She's much better than Miku and other Crypton Vocaloids in my opinion. She sounds very realistic and pretty, and has a wonderful pitch, so I am very surprised why she is so unpopular.

I was confused for a moment. Whoops - SeeU

33 YOHIOloid YOHIOloid Yohioloid is an English Vocaloid developed by PowerFX who also has an additional Japanese voice bank. The vocalist sampled for his vocals was Swedish singer Yohio.

He has a very unique voice in many types of songs. For example, "The Chattering Lack of Common Sense" his voice is in middle ranged and in other songs he has either higher or lower. I like. If I had to pick a ship it be a strange but cute ship like my Yohioloid ship is Yohioloid x Len it sounds adorable and sweet. I think he deserves more love than Megurine Luka sometimes. No joke. I love Yohioloid so much he will always be my English baby boi! For the road, SHIP YOHIOLOID X LEN!

YOHIOloid is one of the first English Vocaloids that is hard to distinguish from a real person. Most other English Vocaloids sound robotic. This one sounds slightly robotic, but with the right tuning he sounds human.

His voice is one of the best! Great English and Japanese! Makes you fall in love with him

He is just amazing. His English voice has such a lovely accent. He is one of my favorites - Broken_luo


Cul's voice is so unique. She has such a mature sounding voice and one of the cutest looks of any vocaloid. I'm shocked that she isn't more popular!

CUL is a very underrated Vocaloid and really should be up there with Miku. A very unique voice and great vocals.

I wish she got more fame. She is absolutely adorable and has a very unique voice.

She has an amazing voice. She is so underrated too...

1 Comment
35 Akikoroid-chan

Yeah. Her voice is nice - Broken_luo

36 SF-A2 Miki

Miki is the first Vocaloid I have ever listened to and honestly, I think she is much better than Hatsune Miku and she needs more attention!

I feel so bad for Miki. She is really underrated and not well known. If we could start all Vocaloid engines over put Miki in the first engine so she gets noticed!

I feel she's hated only due to the fact Miki sounds like Miku, seriously people are you 5? Don't hate on her name! She sounds great!

Miki is so unpopular because her name sounds similar to Miku :(

37 Merli

It's not about the design or character, it's about the voice.

Unlike other power appends, Merli has a natural powerful voice aside from Iroha! I don't care about her design, it actually adds her uniqueness as a vocaloid! :D

Merli over Lapis any day.

Her voice is just BEAUTIFUL. I hope she gets v4. I would like hear a duo with merli mew and ia (or iroha), it will be awesome!

1 Comment
38 Macne Nana Macne Nana Macne Nana is a vocal developed for Mac computers for Reason and GarageBand. Her Garageband and Reason voicebanks were able to be ported over into UTAU, and later on, she was released for Vocaloid 3.

What about Macne Nana, everyone?

Her voice is pretty and cute, and, similar to Oliver's voice, can pull of any type of song (discluding heavy metal and similar genres). Her voice is great, and she needs a lot more recognition. People see Miku and Rin as the best ones, since they have adorable "moe" and "kawaii" designs, but Macne's is cuter than them both! She's a great Vocaloid, in my opinion.

They are better than big al you are all WRONG!

Yeah she's pretty kawaii, and she's in a bunch of song covers. Her voice is pretty beautiful

Yay! I love the fact that she is an utauloid and a vocaloid! Her voice is so cute! - Broken_luo

1 Comment

Man! I LOVE Maika, when she sang Spanish! Just! Cool~

She's meant to be a Spanish Vocaloid but she sings better in Japanese!
She needs more love!

40 Kokone Kokone

Come on People! She is not Miku, nor will she ever be. I believe that every vocaloid's voice is different and beautiful in their own way but Kokone has the voice of a nightingale. What annoys me is that people say she sounds like Gumi. Gumi and Kokone's voice are different and unique. She has the most realistic and beautiful voice in the universe. Sorry Miku, but it's true.

Her voice sounds realistic yet cute and calm. She has the best cover of "-ERROR".

Kokone's voice is so magical and beautiful, she needs more love.

I think she very cute and beautiful

41 galaco

Her voice is absolutely gorgeous in slow ballads. Listen to her cover of Tori No Uta. Her voice sounds absolutely perfect.

Why is Galaco all the way down at 55? I mean, who could dislike a Vocaloid with Nebulas all over them?

She sounds amazing - Broken_luo

Galaco best vocaloid next to v flower

42 Yowane Haku Yowane Haku

Why is she low on the line? Does anyone here like Haku! She just as mature as Luka. I would give 1st place if I could.

Haku has been slept on for way too long! Just listen to her cover of 'The Real Snow Princess Is' by Krystal - Petal on Youtube, I promise. Its absolutely perfect for a certain sliver-haired Vocaloid without a voice bank. ;^)

She isn't a real vocaloid - Broken_luo

Her voice look like Miku

You mean her voice sounds like Miku not look like. You can't look at a voice. - Ilovestephanie

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43 Tone Rion

All of you just pay attention to Hatsune Miku, there's more to Vocaloid than Miku. For example, Tone Rion. She's underrated like most of the Vocaloids. But what I like about her is her voice. Tone Rion's voice is very kawaii! I love her and hope that you will think about the other vocaloids besides Miku.

She is best girl and my favorite vocaloid

I don't know why she isn't popular! Her voice is unique, great and more important MOE!

Well! Go search "Blue Sanctuary" in YouTube and press the upper video.. She was like moe-kawaii-girl LIKE, IT'S THE BEST AND MY FAVORITE SONG FROM THE ENTIRE VOCALOID SONGS~

44 Gachapoid (Ryuto)

Why is he so unpopular? He's adorable and his voice is very unique. Unlike other vocaloids, there are no voices like his. I hope he gets more attention in the future...

Gacha's voice may seem annoying to some people, but for me, it is definitely adorable. His cover of
"Electric Angel" is just so irrisitably cute and the sweetness makes his voice perfect for children's songs.

45 Yuezheng Ling

Cute yet powerful and expressive voice! Why can't the chinaloids be more popular? She sounds amazing!

Yue Zheng Ling's voice is amazing! Although she is not really famous and popular at all,her demo songs will amazed you! Especially one of her Demo song "Scarlet Drop" when she sings the word"喧嚣"

46 Ruby

Oh yeah! She's awesome! Give her more votes! - Broken_luo

Why doesn't anyone give attention to the engloids? I mean no offense to anyone, but I am sick and tired of everyone saying, "Miku, Rin, and Len are the best Vocaloids out there! ". Anyways, Ruby has a one of a kind voice. Not used by the same voice provider (like Rin and Len and Rion and Nemu), and she has a really well made voice. If I was asked to get any vocaloid voice to use I would definitely say Ruby. - RubyAoT


Admittedly, her accent and the fact she was made for one genre can make her hard to work with, but in the right hands, she can sound amazing.

First Vocaloid to ever be made. She can still sound amazing if you can use her right.



It's sad that she is hated so much because of her hard to understand voice. She truly ha a beautiful voice Just listen to "Holy"!

MIRIAM's voice is a bit choppy but her voice and accent is very amazing when used correctly. She may be retired, but some still use her nowadays, trying to restore the V1s. Some even signed petitions to give MIRIAM, LOLA and LEON a V3 voicebank. She needs more love guys.

49 Anon and Kanon

Anon and Kanon have beautiful and mature voices that are very realistic. Their "Heart Chrome" is one of my favorite songs and their voices fit most genres. They deserve more fans.

They both sound so realistic! Kanon's voice is good for strong songs, whilst Anon's is good for softer songs. Look up Kanon's cover of Outer Science, epic singing right there!

I really like their voice.

50 Akita Neru Akita Neru

She's not a Vocaloid. She has no voice.

She isn't a real vocaloid - Broken_luo

Her voice is amazing. Being a lesser known vocaloid or 'Boukaloid' (similar to a vocaloid) j can't understand how she isn't more popular! She has an AMAZING rand in pitch and is also adorable she should get more credit for what she is getting!

Her voice in project diva! It's beautiful! NEVER GIVE MIKU THAT LOW BEAUTIFUL PITCH! EVER! KEEP IT WITH NERURU! - SeeU

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