Top 10 Best War Movies

The top movies depicting elements of real wars throughout human history, ranging from antiquity to modern conflicts. War brings out the worst and the best of humanity. These movies work to capture one or both or these extremes.
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1 Saving Private Ryan Saving Private Ryan Product Image

Best war and WWII movie ever. First war movie to have a REALISTIC boot camp for the actors. Ed Burns said he thought about quitting after day two. lol.

Troy ahead of Full Metal Jacket and Return of the King? Really?
Shouldn't there be a war in the movie if it's on this list? IE - Top Gun and A Few Good Men.

Pearl Harbor at #12? Really? Did anyone else find the movie laughable and really just a teenage love story stuck in a bad war film?
Overloaded with factual and historical inaccuracies. - I love the scene when a diving Japanese Zero which could dive at over 400 MPH, dropped a bomb and the bomb slowed down in mid air and dropped straight down. How does something that is traveling through the air at 400 MPH suddenely go straight down? Way to think it through Michael Bay!

I watched it the other week and it is now my 3rd favourite film. It is realistic, emotional and you tend to reflect back on how great it is.

Have you ever walked out of a movie and saw 80 year old men in tears? This movie really struck a cord with the men that lived it. The story may be fictional, but soldiers dying for their brothers is not. And the technical effects were realistic beyond compare. Truly deserves being #1.

My favorite scene was when the last remaining soldiers of Cpt. Miller's squad and Private Ryan were in the Alamo. It was really sad when Horvath died. He got shot three times trying to shoot his bazooka at a Tiger Tank.

Cpt. Miller: You okay Mike.
Mike Horvath: Yeah fine, just got the wind knocked out of me.

2 Apocalypse Now Apocalypse Now Product Image

Because this is very real with the funny crazy of real combat. The extended version is even better. 300 is just a CGI/bluescreen... not a MOVIE... this is one of the best movies EVER.

Following the words of Coppola himself, Apocalypse Now is not a film about Nam. It is the Vietnam War.

This is the greatest war movie, long, interesting, great storyline

How can Troy, 300, and Saving Private Ryan be ahead of this?

3 Full Metal Jacket Full Metal Jacket Product Image

When he explodes the booby trap I had told my wife it was coming. Saw too many taken by such things, if it looks strange or out of place you run!

It is filled with entertainment. From the 40 minute training at the beginning to the scenes of Vietnam

Easily the best war movie I've seen. Apocalypse Now was good but this was just far more watchable.

Yeah it goes into depth about training something Saving Private Ryan doesn't do

4 Platoon Platoon Product Image

This movie is better than saving private Ryan, simply because it doesn't glorify war, there are no "heros" in wars, only soldiers, it also show the trial and tribulation of a squad and their decent into madness.

Way better than FMJ. Came before, had a lower budget, made more money and it stars a young Charlie Sheen! FMJ's first half was good, but after the boot camp the movie went downhill. Platoon was solid throughout.

The best in my opinion.. Charlie Sheen at his best.. Followed closely by Saving Private Ryan (Omaha Beach scene is the BEST scene of any war movie)

Better than Full Metal Jacket to be quite honest. FMJ falls apart at the half way point but Platoon soldiers on through and through. It shows you why war is so terrible.

5 Black Hawk Down Black Hawk Down Product Image

My favorite movie ever. I really connected with the characters and what the soldier says at the end of the movie really touched me. I love this movie.

It is certainly one of the few great movies on this list! It ranks among such films as Saving Private Ryan and Troy when it comes to action!

Brutal, tons of action, and is based of a true event in Somalia. I find this movie enjoyable, it was too ahead of its time, effects was good, great SFX and actors.

A great movie. In fact one of the few movies of the 2000's which was actually ahead of it's time

6 Schindler's List Schindler's List Product Image

Great deal I see no one writeen for the Schindlers's list I think it's the lack of understanding but I am sure the creater of the list knows the importance of the movie.
"For the movie, just see it you'll get to know the meaning of the humanity"

I think as a Jew it would actually make my dead great grandmother who escaped aushwitz and moved to. Italy so that she would not remember the disappearance of her family who died in aushwitz I cry and smile as this is one of the reason why isreal is a country

The Brilliant Masterpiece of this kind of concepts

This one and Platoon are simply the best ever

7 Braveheart Braveheart Product Image

Such a great state of freedom and courage! The revenge scene is awesome and Mel Gibson is best actor of all times!

I am Scottish and I loved the movie only complaint is the historical accuracy

Mel Gibson movies are always good!

Greatest movie ever!

8 All Quiet on the Western Front All Quiet on the Western Front Product Image

Sometimes classics are the best... It is an extremely realistic and sophisticated look at the human psyce and fear in warfare. I wrote a research paper on it and got an A!

9 The Bridge on the River Kwai The Bridge on the River Kwai Product Image
10 Hacksaw Ridge Hacksaw Ridge Product Image

This is one of the best I've ever seen it deserves WAY more recognition.

This should be a lot higher up! Mel Gibson is such a great director.

Should be in the top five

Needs to be way higher up

The Contenders
11 Dunkirk Dunkirk Product Image

Best WW2 movie in my opinion. A number of actors were good-looking and I loved the soundtrack and cinematography. This movie is about heroism and about persevering on even when circumstances seem to be against you. This movie isn't only about WW2, but it has a good lesson as well.

SPR is better, but this needs to be MUCH higher than 79th

An amazing movie why is it at 71?

12 300 300 Product Image

300 is really one of the greatest action movies ever made, it's the setting wich I have liked all my life, the struggle of that tiny army against the gargantuan forces of xerxes, in this movie is all very well made, the direction is very good and the visual style is simply awesome.

In my opinion, it should be 300 1, and Saving Private Ryan 2, the rest of the list I don't care about. The battle scenes are intense, and the actors really pulled it off, One of the greatest movies ever, Watch it before you vote for saving private ryan

This is the best movie from all the movie I have seen not any movie is better than 300. It is better 100 times better than troy or any movie

Best movie. Killing hundreds of soldiers with just 300 men. That is simply awesome. Hope god of war kratos was there to save the king.

13 Inglourious Basterds Inglourious Basterds Product Image

Funny and has great action/war scenes but not so much to the point it's just uninteresting

Unbelievable film... Quentin is a genius

"It seems all rotten eggs are in 1 basket... So our objective... BLOW UP THE BASKET

14 The Thin Red Line The Thin Red Line Product Image

This movie is like the Saving Private Ryan of Pacific Theater.

Really underrated, should be top ten

15 The Hurt Locker The Hurt Locker Product Image

I legitimately started crying seeing that this is at #27. This is the best war movie of all time!

Very Tense and at some times sad and it tottaly disserved to win Best Picture

16 Gladiator Gladiator Product Image

It is the top rated movie. It should be in the top ten.. I ever seen this kind of movie in my life. It went down as a legend for me.. Action of the hero is really outstanding..

It is the top rated movie. It should be in top ten.. It is one of the legend movie.. Hero's action really mindbllwing.. I ever seen this kind of movie in my life...

This movie is a masterpiece. 300 sucks!

A great flick!

17 Enemy at the Gates Enemy at the Gates Product Image

This is just EPIC, how many movies have you seen about Snipers pitting their live like a game of cat and mouse?

This movie has a bit of everything we love about movies!

Ridiculous Snipin Action, Jude Law's best movie

18 The Deer Hunter The Deer Hunter Product Image

Whack! Deniro and Walken at they're best. This movie is so deep and moving no way its not top 10.

Underrated. Very good movie!

19 Lawrence of Arabia Lawrence of Arabia Product Image

Wonderful scenery and excellent acting.
Lawrence wrote the book on guerrilla warfare.
Well portrayed.

All time favorite our leaders should read Lawrence's seven pillars.

20 The Patriot The Patriot Product Image

A great story about a man trying to hold onto his family when his country needs him the most I thought it was one of his best movies

Best american revolution movie ever. No doubt about it. Who ever doesn't like it can bug off. Thanks bye.

My favorite movie ever! So well made and accurate. Mel Gibson is just amazing andtough as nails.

Great movie.

21 The Last Samurai The Last Samurai Product Image

Great movie! Love the final battle, so epic!

22 Come and See Come and See Product Image
23 Paths of Glory Paths of Glory Product Image

Stanley Kubrick movie, need I say more

24 1917 1917 Product Image

It's a stunning and engaging war movie from start to finish, and these long shots do serve a purpose for having a subjective experience.

25 The Great Escape The Great Escape Product Image

Master cast and crew plus the first motorcycle chase

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