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1 Saving Private Ryan

Best war and WWII movie ever. First war movie to have a REALISTIC boot camp for the actors. Ed Burns said he thought about quitting after day two. lol.

Troy ahead of Full Metal Jacket and Return of the King? Really?
Shouldn't there be a war in the movie if it's on this list? IE - Top Gun and A Few Good Men.

Pearl Harbor at #12? Really? Did anyone else find the movie laughable and really just a teenage love story stuck in a bad war film?
Overloaded with factual and historical inaccuracies. - I love the scene when a diving Japanese Zero which could dive at over 400 MPH, dropped a bomb and the bomb slowed down in mid air and dropped straight down. How does something that is traveling through the air at 400 MPH suddenely go straight down? Way to think it through Michael Bay! - corebare32

Fasten you seatbelts! The opening scene is the most intense thing ever. It puts you square in the middle of the action and doesn't allow you to escape the horror of what was WW2. - ClubberLang

Steven Spielberg's historical tale of honor, courage, heroism, dignity and hope. Truly the best of it's kind. - aeromaxx777

Not just the Omaha beach scene, the whole movie was awesome Tom Hanks was brilliant

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2 Apocalypse Now

Because this is very real with the funny crazy of real combat. The extended version is even better. 300 is just a CGI/bluescreen... not a MOVIE... this is one of the best movies EVER. - jaxworld

A great story about the Vietnam War, not about the action but the traumatizing effects it has on Americans - robertoantonioortuso

This is the greatest war movie, long, interesting, great storyline - roblist

A farce made by overbudget stoned lefty D bags!

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3 Full Metal Jacket

A great and traumatising movie which gives a look at the brutal base training at the beginning and the combat in Vietnam

Boy's Listen Up, This one Sure Got Under Rated, Should be way up there

It is filled with entertainment. From the 40 minute training at the beginning to the scenes of Vietnam


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4 Schindler's List

Better than Saving Private Ryan... The Best

Great movie. Very strong and visual.

This isn't even a war movie

This one and Platoon are simply the best ever

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5 Platoon

This movie is better than saving private Ryan, simply because it doesn't glorify war, there are no "heros" in wars, only soldiers, it also show the trial and tribulation of a squad and their decent into madness.

The best in my opinion.. Charlie Sheen at his best.. Followed closely by Saving Private Ryan (Omaha Beach scene is the BEST scene of any war movie)

This was awesome, by the way great soundtrack

Great film.

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6 Black Hawk Down

It is certainly one of the few great movies on this list! It ranks among such films as Saving Private Ryan and Troy when it comes to action!

A great movie. In fact one of the few movies of the 2000's which was actually ahead of it's time

wonderful movie. gives you the experience as if you were present there.

My favorite movie ever. I really connected with the characters and what the soldier says at the end of the movie really touched me. I love this movie.

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7 Braveheart

Such a great state of freedom and courage! The revenge scene is awesome and Mel Gibson is best actor of all times!

I am Scottish and I loved the movie only complaint is the historical accuracy

Mel Gibson movies are always good!

Mel Gibson!

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8 All Quiet on the Western Front

Sometimes classics are the best... It is an extremely realistic and sophisticated look at the human psyce and fear in warfare. I wrote a research paper on it and got an A!

9 Band of Brothers

not exactly a movie... but still absolutely incredible - whufc

Band of Brothers isn't a movie, but it is a work of art. Fantastic. I watched it 4 times.

Personal Favorite of mine. Very Personal actually, you have no idea.

10 thumbs up...great series

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10 Inglourious Basterds

Funny and has great action/war scenes but not so much to the point it's just uninteresting

"It seems all rotten eggs are in 1 basket... So our objective... BLOW UP THE BASKET

Unbelievable film... Quentin is a genius

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11 Gladiator

It is the top rated movie. It should be in the top ten.. I ever seen this kind of movie in my life. It went down as a legend for me.. Action of the hero is really outstanding..

This movie is a masterpiece. 300 sucks!

Inaccurate the legions would never have broken phalanx when the Gaul's charged it was an entertaining remake of "The Fall of The Roman Empire

Really good. Russel Crowe’s best

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12 300

300 is really one of the greatest action movies ever made, it's the setting wich I have liked all my life, the struggle of that tiny army against the gargantuan forces of xerxes, in this movie is all very well made, the direction is very good and the visual style is simply awesome.

In my opinion, it should be 300 1, and Saving Private Ryan 2, the rest of the list I don't care about. The battle scenes are intense, and the actors really pulled it off, One of the greatest movies ever, Watch it before you vote for saving private ryan

This movie is a disgrace. I bet the directors try to make it as bloody and violent as possible. Shouldn't be here.

This is my favorite movie! But how come my second favorite war movie ( the last of the Mohicans ) didn't even make the list?

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13 The Bridge on the River Kwai

So good - DatRabidSlushie

14 The Deer Hunter

Whack! Deniro and Walken at they're best. This movie is so deep and moving no way its not top 10.

Underrated. Very good movie! - Strobo

15 Patton

The new generation needs to watch this movie, then they'll understand, and yes it's better than American Sniper.

16 Gone With the Wind

It showed how bad the war between the states was, the confederates should always be rememberd in history they went out with a fight.

17 The Last Samurai

Great movie! Love the final battle, so epic!

18 Lawrence of Arabia

All time favorite our leaders should read Lawrence's seven pillars.

Wonderful scenery and excellent acting.
Lawrence wrote the book on guerrilla warfare.
Well portrayed.

19 Come and See
20 The Patriot

A great story about a man trying to hold onto his family when his country needs him the most I thought it was one of his best movies

Best american revolution movie ever. No doubt about it. Who ever doesn't like it can bug off. Thanks bye.

My favorite movie ever! So well made and accurate. Mel Gibson is just amazing andtough as nails.

Great movie. - CRK10

21 The Great Escape

Master cast and crew plus the first motorcycle chase -

22 The Hurt Locker

I legitimately started crying seeing that this is at #27. This is the best war movie of all time!

Very Tense and at some times sad and it tottaly disserved to win Best Picture

23 Paths of Glory

Stanley Kubrick movie, need I say more

24 Hacksaw Ridge

This is one of the best I've ever seen it deserves WAY more recognition.

This should be a lot higher up! Mel Gibson is such a great director. - Camsmith

Should be in the top five

Wow best war film behind spr

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25 Enemy at the Gates

This is just EPIC, how many movies have you seen about Snipers pitting their live like a game of cat and mouse?

Ridiculous Snipin Action, Jude Law's best movie -

26 The Thin Red Line

Really underrated, should be top ten

This movie is like the Saving Private Ryan of Pacific Theater.

27 We Were Soldiers

Having served in the army for over 20 years, and having a pretty good understanding of military life. I think this movie hits a home run for it's realism.

So compeling brings me to tears everytime - Aziel

Another Mel Gibson masterpiece -

So realistic, amazing action and a nice ending.

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28 A Few Good Men

Not a war movie!

29 Casablanca

One of the greatest films of the twentieth century. But this is not a war film.

30 The Pianist
31 Dr. Strangelove (Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb)

"Survival kit contents check. In them you'll find:

- One forty-five caliber automatic
- Two boxes of ammunition
- Four days' concentrated emergency rations
- One drug issue containing antibiotics, morphine,
vitamin pills, pep pills, sleeping pills, tranquilizer pills
- One miniature combination Russian phrase book and Bible
- One hundred dollars in rubles
- One hundred dollars in gold
- Nine packs of chewing gum
- One issue of prophylactics
- Three lipsticks
- Three pair of nylon stockings.

Shoot, a fella' could have a pretty good weekend in Vegas with all that stuff." - stinkyjaden

Gentlemen, there's no fighting here, this is the War Room!

32 Lone Survivor

I recently started reading the book this movie is based off of! These men that serve are incredibly honorable. Their self-discipline, duty, and willingness to sacrifice themselves for a greater good is awe-inspiring. In particular, the Navy SEALs are the cream of the crop: almost superhuman.

Good movie. - NovaSupreme

This movie is 'D' best!

I watched this last night on blue ray. I was MACVSOG. This was a tear jerker. For all of you wannabe soldiers, this was the sh*t! No cavalry coming over the hill, just you and your brothers dying on some mountain in the middle of nowhere! Is it worth it Hell yes!

33 Glory

Tie with Saving Private Ryan, this movie is easy top ten and one of my all time favorites. Have shown it to years worth of American History classes and have yet to have even 1 kid not love the movie and find it inspiring.

This is my fav movie period, it is highly detailed, plus it won a lot of awards

Best Movie about the American Civil Liberties War the ending is so sad.

34 Troy

The finest acting yet! This movie is excellent and long. This is the best movie I have seen in my life and will go down as a legend!

BraD Pitt is a acting king and this movie is one of his perfect examples!

The most fantastic and diverse movie of all time! Brad Pitt plays a brilliant role and this movie is so much better than 300!


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35 The Human Condition III: a Soldier’s Prayer
36 Grave of the Fireflies
37 A Bridge Too Far

Top 10 material. My Remembrance day go to for years.

A good example of the fog of war

38 Apocalypse Now Redux

Redux more like reduh!

39 Tora! Tora! Tora!

A well-made film that is both thrilling and informative. - DamnFineCupOfCoffee

40 Top Gun
41 Das Boot

A shame that it's placed under "The Patriot".

42 Gettysburg
43 First Blood
44 The Longest Day

Best War movie of all time. A long list of the some of the greatest actors of the of all time. True to the events of D Day. Shows both sides the the English channel on an historic day.

One of the finest war movies ever. An "A" list of Hollywood best at the time.

45 Black Book

Absolute masterpiece! Paul Verhoevn is genius

46 Ran

Again I find a grossly overlooked film on the Top Tens. Ran is w/o a doubt one of the greatest war films of all time, and certainly one of Akira Kirosawa's best. Its intricate and elaborate battle scenes are unequaled in the history of film. That it has English sub titles for English speaking audiences is probably the biggest stumbling block, its obvious from reading most of the comments on any given Top Ten list that the English language is not the strong suit of many commenters, including Americans. Not many here could be expected to read a sub text and enjoy a film simultaneously. My advice is that you don't watch Ran, it's genius would be lost on you. - Ned964

47 Pan's Labyrinth
48 Windtalkers

Entertaining, but not that great.

49 Midway
50 The Human Condition I: No Greater Love
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