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1 The Hills

The hills is madness. Just can't get enough. Weeknd rose to another level with this hit. Take a bow the weeknd. - Ark-M

This song made me a weeknd fan to be honest. Really chill song

First Weeknd song I heard that made me fall in love. It is amazing and I memorized all the words about the third time I listened to it. Really makes other artists sound like crap.

Best by far. The song is probably my favorite song ever.

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2 Wicked Games

This deserves to be number one. The Weeknd's new stuff is great and all, but none of it can compare to Wicked Games. Where do I start? The production is spacious, atmospheric, and almost somber. The lyrics are about regretting your past and looking for love at the lowest point of your life. The multitracking on the vocals in the chorus are outstanding, and the guitar in the background is beautiful. An overall amazing song, and definitely The Weeknd's best song.

Needs to be #1. enough said. Many fans can relate the dark and sinister passion you can hear in the song. Bandwagons just put "The Hills" at #1 because its his "best yet"...No were near this song

Wicked Games always catches me in my feelings, I love the song so much, I am huge fan of The Weeknd and I can relate to Wicked Games. It deserves the number one spot.

Girl let me see that ASS

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3 Starboy

This is some good stuff! Sure, it's not as good as In the Night, but damn is it great. Let's hope the rest of the album is as good as this is! - Spark_Of_Life

Really awesome song can't stop listening to it.

Dude, this is easily his best song. The beat is phenomenal, the flow is amazing, and is extremely catchy. This is the only one of his songs that never seems to get old.

HA HA HA HA HA - That part is the reason why I'm here.

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4 Can't Feel My Face

Awesome song this song made weeknd recognize all around the world

Easily the Best song by The Weeknd till date.

This is such an amazing song, by the way why is #23. It should be #1.

First of first should ahve been.

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5 I Feel It Coming

How is this 17! This is his best song, he will never top this. This is number 1 on my list.

There's been comparisons to the Weeknd and Michael Jackson. I think this song is the closest one you can make.

This song gives you vibes its for sure bound to be a hit.

I'm so surprised that this is not #1. It sounds so much like Michael Jackson.

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6 In the Night

So...where to begin?

The production is absolutely fantastic. The synth, while smoggy, is heavily atmospheric and actually sounds like it's part of the powerful bass. The percussion is absolutely fantastic and matches the song perfectly. The Weeknd's performance is a lot less annoying than usual (cough cough The Hills).

But what makes this song truly a masterpiece are the lyrics. They tell of a stripper who was abused when she was younger and the trauma it caused her. This is an absolutely cold story with a lot of offer. The thing is only Abel could pull something like this off. The vocal melody is absolutely fantastic, the framing is fantastic, the progression is fantastic...this is literally perfect. Plus the ability to lip sync to it is fantastic. This is an obvious 5/5. - WonkeyDude98

Once this is released as a single, people will know just how great this song is. As with every song by The Weeknd, the lyrics are beautiful, but his voice is absolutely incredible in this piece.

I agree with the person who said it's not the best. I don't like hearing "She was young but she was forced to be a woman all the time" on my way to play rehearsals.

The only decent song by the weekend and he portrayed the story of the abused stripper so well. - Emofag

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7 House of Balloons / Glass Table Girls

It's dark, violent, sexual, trippy, and most of all, it's The Weeknd. What more could you ask for?

This is an amazing song that is underappreciated. I'm gonna leave it at that

Love it when the beat transitions into Glass Table Girls. It sounds so dark and creepy with Abel's deeper vocals and lyrics.

Mesmerizing and caliginous

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8 High for This

An interesting song with a fantastic bass session

One of the best from his house of balloons album - Ajkloth

Incredibly catchy. - PhenomentalOne

Greatest opener to an album/mixtape ever. Not only is it relevant to the storyline and incredibly immersive, but listeners feel that Abel is singing to them about his music and his music career as well. As of 2018, we still can't expect what is in store music wise from him. - jaspyboy

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9 The Morning

The production values are outstanding out of all of his songs, with jaw-dropping vocals and a beautiful guitar strum is played in the back. What could be better?

One of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard. The gorgeous guitar instrumental along with Abel's incredible vocals and phenomenal bass lines comes together to create a wonderfully serene production.

The beat is so smooth and the guitar in the background adds so much. My favorite hands down.

Why tf is house of balloons not his top ten?

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10 Reminder

An incredible vibe. An amazing voice. Original. Darkness. Catchy. Perfect.

Every time you try to forget who I am, I'll be there to remind you again, that you know verse

My current favorite from him. This should zoom up this list in no time. What a song!

My favourite song of his. such a vibe this is. fits into every mood playlist

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? Lost in the Fire

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11 Earned It

After listening this I just fall for this singer.. The most seductive song ever! Event the lyrics are justifiable and beautiful...

Number 14?... Really guys?...this is undeniably his best song... I think it should be #1

Remind me of fifty shades of grey

Probably because it was on the fifty shades of gray soundtrack... - Maxo

The Weeknd actually turned a 50 Shades song into something as catchy as hell with stellar production, well whaddya know. 5/5 - StarlightSpanks

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12 XO / The Host

The background music sets a tone that becomes complete with his almost skeptical yet compelling vocals which persuade you to want to join his lifestyle and experience the story he paints in the song

His flow, voice, and lyrics just bang! Simple.

Amazing. It's dark, it almost makes me want to experience his lifestyle. Should totally be number 1 on this list.

God damm this is so good, they both amazing

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13 Often

This should be placed much higher.

One of his more famous works, with a catchy chorus and innovative lyrics

This shows how good of a songwriter the weekend was - Ajkloth

This is my ABSOLUTE favorite song in the world;like no other

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14 Tears In the Rain

Tears in the rain is a beautiful song from Abel. It should get more attention. Listen to the lyrics and I promise you will love it. If you're an XO fan like me, you should already love every song by Abel.

Didn't know that Abel self-realizing could be so beautiful - PhenomentalOne

This is by far one of the best songs I have ever heard...from any artist. Enough said

Never get tired of this beautiful song

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15 D.D

In this track, The Weeknd beautifully covers and adapts "Dirty Diana" by Michael Jackson.

16 The Zone

My favorite song, calming and good to fall asleep to

Its just good honestly plus drake kills it

Amazing song, most relaxing thing to hear


17 Twenty Eight

He pours his heart out in this, amazing song. My favourite by him, he's an amazing singer

Favorite song from him behind Wicked Games. Beautiful chorus and vocals, and the production is outstanding.

Definitely my favourite, amazing vocals and production, and he puts so much passion and emotion into it

His voice is the best in this song!

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18 Montreal

One of his best songs, yet extremely underrated. His strained yet beautiful vocals tie into the amazing lyrics which give you an emotional and beautiful look into his life. This is definitely one of his more vulnerable songs where he expresses his sorrow and flaws

I can't pick which one is the best, but He speaks French in this song

"Baby I'm a pro at letting go, I love it when they come and go." - Ajkloth

His french is definitely a plus

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19 Acquainted

People seriously this is the best one off of beauty behind madness. Abel we need a music video to get this to the top. So hurry

If you liked this song listen to girls born in the 90's by the weeknd. It is the original version and much better.

The best song off Beauty Behind The Madness, I love it!

What abel is all about. Production out of this world

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20 Call Out My Name

Best The Weeknd song by far

21 Sidewalks

27 is about 30 spots too low for this song

This needs to be in the top 20

22 Echoes of Silence

The raw emotion and feeling extracted from the vocals all comes together at the bridge where you put yourself in his position and feel what he's feeling. Amazing song

I love this song

The most amazing song from the lyrics,to the ending where the no's fade to represent him leaving. this song is a work of art

23 Tell Your Friends
24 Next

You can hear the deep emotion in his voice and meaning behind the lyrics which create a beautiful masterpiece

This song seems so relatable for me I don't know why - Ajkloth

Incredible song

awful song

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25 Pray for Me

Great song. Kendrick's part is good as well.

The best of all

One of the best songs in 2018.β˜ΊπŸ™ƒ

26 Low Life

This song is incredible, especially with Future and his silly vocals, which really compliments Abel's soft tone in this song, as well as the amazing beats.

I love this song, it's the first time I understood what Future was saying

Definitely not number 1. The hills is better but definitely top 10

This must be higher than 16 its such a good song

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27 Elastic Heart

This is sia.

28 What You Need

This embodies everything The Weeknd was from the beginning of his career. You can feel the passion in the production and his lyrics.

You can feel his sinister intentions looming through the track...

29 Kiss Land

This song is 7 minutes 36 seconds of pure pleasure. Back when Abel had full creative control over his work. This didn't sell well, but this was gold. The second part of the song takes the listener to a whole new world.

A beautiful story in a song. The mood he sets with the vocals and instrumental come together to paint a picture of his experiences in Asia that inspired this song and the whole album

Excellent song that splits into two completely different sounds

Kiss Land gave me the chills.But it was great song.😨☺

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30 The Party & The After Party

Seriously guys?! The Beach House sample and everything?!?!?! This song just might be perfect. There are so many new hits that aren't even that good that are way higher than this. Whatever dudes.


31 Might Not

Weeknd makes this song great. Amazing vocals by the Weeknd.

Song should belong to The Weeknd. Amazing tune.

Whole new level of rap - cheansay

32 Enemy


33 6 Inch
34 Dark Times

Easily the most underrated song on BBTM.

Ed Sheeran is BAE!

35 Adaptation

So underrated but what a song, and like someone said, along with tears in the rain, it's a hidden monster in the history of the weeknd - rui_29

Abel is basically pouring his heart out in this song, should be in the top 10!

My favorite song from Kiss Land and My 2nd favorite song by Abel.


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36 The Knowing

The story telling, the video, the passion, all amazing. If this was a later more known work of his, no doubt it would be higher. Definitely a pyre diamond buried under the sheer excellence of "House of Balloons".

We get an idea of the type of people who are voting if this is lower ranked than In The Night. - jaspyboy

No debate. Filled with unimaginable soul and crazy subtext behind the lyrics.

I would put this in his top 10 and the video is creative probably one of the best music videos I've seen.

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37 The Fall
38 I Was Never There
39 Outside
40 King Of The Fall

Should be much higher on the list. The deep bass knocks with the constant dark background melody combined with his smart yet sleek lyrics wrap around his incredible voice to create another masterpiece.

Trippy, Dark, Beautiful, undeniably a classic. Easily my favorite Weeknd song. The beat, his singing, just all around a masterpiece that sucks you in & keeps you

Should be much higher on the list. The singing mixed with a nice rapping flow is perfect and the beat is amazing.

sooo good

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41 The Birds Part Two

This is definitely Abel's best song. - GameRiderTom

His best song coming from his best album. Bet it would be higher on this list if it was a radio single. Song is epic and powerful

Hands down, the best song he's created. There will never be another song like it, ever.

My favr8 song by him... He is the best singer ever. - anubhavkanotra

42 Secrets

Secrets should be so much higher up the list. It's fun to sing along to and has some pretty unique sounds

It's so romantical

43 Die for You

The fact that he shows a different and more loving makes the song more unique and individual. I also appreciate the long notes in the chorus

This song is just filled with emotion and is an an amazing song to make love with your partner to.

So much emotion in one song


44 Till Dawn (Here Comes the Sun)

This song tells the story of his relationship with a woman in a destructive relationship.

Incredible song full of emotional pleading and loneliness told in an incredible way with killer vocals.

Really deep and underrated


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45 False Alarm

This should be in the top ten! Probably the best Experimental song in years! - Maxo

The drop is so crazy! Makes me want to break my legs every time I listen to it!

Should be in top 3 in my opinion.

Very Cool drop

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46 Six Feet Under
47 Love Me Harder

This is awesome and shouldn't be this low on the list

Probably the weeknd's worst preformance yet - Maxo

Classic,Hot,Sexy... Lyrics

Ariana is BAE!

48 Where You Belong

Without a doubt his most underrated song... It's shame Earned It was the hit from Fifty Shades of Grey, and not this. It's definitely one of his darkest songs.

49 Ordinary Life

People find it hard to digest that the song starts with an explicit sexual innuendo. But when you listen with empathy, you truly understand the choices and sacrifice for a high life. An amazingly smooth daily inspiration as an alarm tone.

If it isn't in the list, it's pretty underrated. - PhenomentalOne

Underrated, as well as 'A Lonely Night'

No Ordinary Song

50 Belong to the World

This is one of the Weeknd best songs but it is soon underrated because of its deep meaning and experimental song. It should at least be on the top ten.

What is this songs doing at 34? It should at least be top ten! This songs is so underrated.

The beginning is so great and hype

I'm surprised this song along with many others on his Kissland album didn't launch him into immense stardom sooner. The raw emotion and soul he poured into this song and many others makes it undoubtably one of his greatest.

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