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1 Brown Rang

Because Honey Singh is the best singer... His rap is different no one copy it and I think he is the best singer of punjabi language no one singer of punjabi like it... He has speechless singer

Never heard of Honey Singh before.. Some punjabi guy sang this in an event, instant like! Downloaded the song.. And here I am playing it in a loop!

It's the best song of yo yo honey singh! I love this song so much it's music is fantastic and it was the #1 video of 2012 in YouTube come on it should be placed at the highest rank

Love the video- epic song! Its really good in terms of the rap, as well as the tune and the music and the beats. Really worth listening to!

2 Breakup Party

The song is outstanding

I think no one should love on the breakup every body should enjoy the breakup party life is only for enjoy ment no one should spoil their life trusting in love... Only should enjoy the life... I am a girl and having complete fun of my life I am complete girl and don't take any buddy better then me... Because I am the best...

I like this song. This song is awesome... I am your big fan HONEY SINGH. You are mast... Every person should listen your songs.

I love this song, very very enjoyable...

Best thing is that we can listen this song in any mood...

Yo Yo Honey Singh...

3 Angreji Beat

Mast song of all time

Angreji beat is really perfect song for we and all youth guys..

Very mast & cool song... And what a music. I like music most..

Honey singh is m favourite and good and best song.

4 Haye Mera Dil

He is the best... I love each and every one of his songs, but he should have kept a light hand in the choot volume one song :D

Amazing heat touchable song by honey singh I have heard ever..

This is most nice song by honey singh I love this song yo yo honey singh rocks!

Honey singh is my favourite singer I love you Honey singh!

5 High Heels

Both are best in this song.. If any one know the name of that HOT girls with honey sing in the last, wearing yellow dress, please inform.. She is really HOT..

Fantastic and fabulous Mr Yo Yo please tell me how these songs come to your mind?

I like this song I want to meet honey singh I am big fan of you... yo.. Yo..

I just love all d songs of honey singh... Yo dude! Keep going...

6 Choot (Volume 1)

Best dirty rap song by honey singh
Every girl should listen this song.

Honey singh made the song perfect... Other singer was good too..

Really, a good abusing song and in this era it's really needed fact for girl..

Very nice songs, o honey you are great.

7 Blue Eyes

How can this be on no.10? This should be in no.2 because I don't mind brown rang on number 1... This is very bad man. Do you know how awesome this song is? Its very popular. Just look at his dance moves and the rap? Forget it... He is a versatile singer and will bring coolness to India and the world... His future seems bright

Best song ever I love his rap he is the best Punjabi rapper.I love tis song so well. Hats off to yo yo honey singh for the super duper hit song. I am his biggest fan

This is the best song of honey singh that would I ever heard in my life... in this song honey singh's dance was fabulous... that is also a reason.. of liking this song.. his way of singing if honey singh in this song such a different then the other one's... and 1 more thing of my liking this song is that... I love Hollywood songs.. and this song was 80% like it so that's also a reason... and those people who haven't listen thid song.. so please listen this song... it is awesome..

I am his biggest fan from Lahore, Pakistan. I want to be next honey singh and I learn his all raps. Yo Yo please just one time come at Lahore.

8 Dope Shope

Very good song I have never heard this much powerful song in my life because I am only 11 years old

My friend honey singh you are the best singer. You are the big fan of my family. I love your songs very much like dope shope etc. BYE

Very interesting and amazing song.Honey Singh is my favorite popular singer.

Just a superb Party song song..

9 Siftaan

It also must be in Top ten..!

I love this song

10 Get Up Jawani

Honey is the best

I love honey singh a lot

Very good honey singh

I love his all song

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11 This Party Gettin Hot

Just awesome! Honey singh's one of the best... Music is crackling...

It will be change our next generation music and songs and I am also a singer... !

Awesome song. Yo yo rocks

Very good and nice songs

12 Bring Me Back

Good song I like this

Best song best girl

I like this song

13 Head Banger

Honey singh I love your songs please reply...

Honey sing is made best songs I like it...

I love this song and honey too...

It's my favorite singer

14 Kudi Saturday Saturday

I also like this song very much. Because I like honey very mush.

I rely love this song

15 Yaar Bathere

This is Honey Singh in real... & people think he only sings Vulgarity

My rock song and yo yo F. Khan

Best song ever I love honey singh rap in this song I want it in no1

16 Chamak Challo

I. Love this song

17 Condom

Best yo yo honey singh

18 Sunny Leone Pink Nipple

This song is good but I don't like sunny but I like very much yo yo honey.

A very pop song

Dirty sunny leone hate u

Nice song sunny Leone

19 Glassi

This song is very dirty

I love this very much

20 47 Weight Kudi Da

Dangerous song and best

This is a very nice song

This is very Nice song...

Honey singh is great

21 Main Sharabi

Awesome party song... This song will make you dance...

Lovable song! Loved honey's voice!

It's so nice song ever

22 Lungi Dance

Wow it is superb song of Honey Singh in a film... and should be in top ten hit list of yo yo songs

One of the best songs of Honey Singh. Not all Honey Singh songs are bad.

A very good song with superb music.

I love this song this is my favourite song but I hate honey singh

23 Kukkad

What a song is this. The entry for sid in this song is just fab.

It is very nice song. I like honey singh

Wow love you honey singh and sid to..

24 Sunny Sunny

Honey singh rocked the song with his vocals & music..

Best song by honey singh. It should be at top 5

Awesome... Best song of honey Singh

This is a great song. Just love it

25 Achko Machko

This song is really nice and its meaning is also interesting!

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