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1 Club Villain

Your Favorite Martian will return from retirement eventually. This is for everyone to know. Also, this song should not be top 1. Why? The poor designs. This song definitely needs a Cosmic Toast re-run.
Also, there could be "Club Arch-Rival".

This song definitely hit a mark in YFM and is my personal favorite. Funny how this song outweighs the actual real songs that come on the radio, these guys do it for fun

Club Villain could be played again this time, w/ a Cosmic Toast Studios re-run.

The YFM band could go back to Club Villain.

2 Orphan Tears

Wax is awesome in this song!

My bro said I should...

It has to be number because it introduced me (and many others) to Wax. - Lasvegasxavier

Introduced me to YFM, love the green, WAX is amazing

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3 The Stereotypes Song

The Your Favorite Martian band members could all have sisters!

Puff Puff's sister. - Rayne Wilma Johnson.

Dee Jay's sister/brother - We are still deciding.

Axel Chains's sister - Alex Chains.

Benatar's sister - Sueatar.

This song needs to be played again, this time with Cosmic Toast Studios re-runs instead of just Studio Ladybug.

The Stereotypes Song is so overrated on this list!

You just can't help yourself singing this song.

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4 Zombie Love Song

This song should be played with a Cosmic Toast Studios re-run as a video even going on VEVO.

Zombie Love Song won't just have a Studio Ladybug music video, but in another version of the music video, there will be full-time Cosmic Toast Studios re-run.

Also, Your Favorite Martian will come back in 2-D, 3-D & even 4-D.

5 Alien

Great song, and motivation for anyone who is being bullied.

Only rap song that has meaning - winfreyb

Alien is the most insperational song I've ever heard. Seiously I stood up to a bully and won because of it and the whole time I had Alien stuck in my head.


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6 Tig Ol' Bitties

This song shall be used again as a Cosmic Toast Studios re-run with actual crossovers.

It is so good it just blows them out of the water

Do Princess Peach of the Mushroom Kingdom & Princess Daisy of Sarasa Land (the more beautiful & able to prosper ruler) have tig ol' bitties (which look not that big on the girl named Tig Ol' Bitties) or what? Because I'm kinda dumb & think that the hourglass shape could have ANY bust size.

DJ was great, " We learned about the birds and the bees, the best kinda bees, BOOBES"

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7 My Balls

The best song so far! They should've stayed doin' this kind of music, I just love it!

This song could have another music video which is a Cosmic Toast Studios animation re-run version.

Why would you listen to this music?!

If only this song (in its original glory) was played with the Cosmic Toast animation rather than the Studio Ladybug animation nowadays.
I want YFM to come back in 3-D!

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8 Grandma Got a Facebook

I love the perverted grandmother.
Speaking of pervertedness, do you think Puff-Puff & Dee Jay were perverted?
I wish this song was used with 3-D & 2-D Cosmic Toast animation.

9 Bottles of Beer

Bottles of Beer should come back as a Cosmic Toast re-run.

10 Take Over the World

This is is quite inspiring and intresting to listen while most of the other songs are comedy. I'm not saying other songs are bad but this is still my favourite.

This song is overrated for a Your Favorite Martian song.

Wilton could have rivalries with Waluigi for Princess Daisy's heart.

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11 Friend Zone

Great all around song and one of the few songs that many people can connect to

I just love this song. It gets stuck in your head so easily, and I think its epic. Plus, it's mainly Benatar, which makes it all the better. Go Benatar! ^^ - FacePalm

Princess Daisy would be ridiculous as a DJ. She'd play a better role as a pianist.

Princess Daisy can be the other DJ of this band w/ Knuckles the Echidna being the other drummer, Miles Tails Prower being the keytar player, etc.

12 Robot Bar Fight

It's my favorite it sound awesome!

This song needs more attention! The instrumental is great, the lyrics are funny and the animation is great! I want to know why this song isn't that popular, it's great! - Antonio V. Casull

13 Mr. Douchebag

This song should be played again, this time, w/ Cosmic Toast Studios animation in the music video.

14 The Unofficial Smithers Love Song
15 White Boy Wasted

Puff Puff Humbert - 1st singer

Dee Jay - Original disc jockey

Axel Chains - Original drummer

Benatar - Keytarist

Princess Daisy - Leader of 2nd band/Booty shaker

Knuckles the Echidna - Secondary drummer

Jack Skellington - Second guitarist.

Miles "Tails" Prower - Disc jockey no. 2

Pac-Man - Secondary singer

How do you like that?

Looks like it's going to have to be played in 3D!
I want to make a terrible video game franchise called "White Tomboy Wasted".

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16 Jupiter

Only non-silly song. It has good lyrics and a nice video

Personally love it out of all of the YFM songs mainly because it was a project that was made by jesse cale a while ago and then was revisited and it really shows how much dedication he put into the song.

17 Complicated

I love this song so much and even though these guys aren't an official band it's my favourite song

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18 8-Bit World

8-Bit world is a great song and it took me back to when I used to play all those games. The rap is better than in most songs and Hoodie Allen is also an amazing artist. The fact that Mr. Douchebag is higher than this is surprising to me

Why was Princess Peach in this song instead of Princess Daisy & Rosalina?
Does the Your Favorite Martian band even know about these two? Also, Your Favorite Martian will also have tons of movies & video games other than music videos & VEVO.

"I drink until I feel like tyson punched me out"- me after every girlfriend

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19 Nerd Rage
20 Road Rage

Road Rage is one of the best songs I heard. I think it should be in top ten.

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