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1 Africa

This song is my go to song it is amazing. The vocals, instrumental and the live performance are just wow... there amazing. This is Toto best song and it will never leave my top ten favorite songs list.

Not just Best Toto Song. It's one of the best songs ever made. Amazing vocals, instrumental and live performance.

Best song from Toto! Love the lyrics.
It never gets old! It's hard to believe it is almost 35 years ago! It just has the same feel today!

2 Hold the Line

Africa may be a brilliant masterpiece, but Hold The Line just became forgotten by the majority of the Internet. It's my favorite Toto song, period. Just listening to that iconic guitar riff is enough to send you the thought that you are in a rough town with bikers.

Truly magnificent track. Great combination of guitar and timing with Bobby at his very best. Africa is an iconic song, but 'Hold the line' has more elements, more build up and rhythm.

My God... This isn't the most knowing song but... Why this masterpiece isn't on the top ten!? Listen the guitar riff and you must know what I mean...

3 Rosanna

This song should be number two in my opinion. The piano and guitar are just awesome. The first time I heard it I fell in love with it. This song never gets old. The lyrics are so meaningful and amazing.

Best song ever
I find it by listen some garage band in a park
My skin and the heart from all my body change when I listened it.
The only bad thing is that is so long

Such a fun song that is instrumentally incredible. Great groove and the piano/guitar solo jam at the end is next level.

4 Stop Loving You

I think after the commercial failure of "Fahrenheit", Toto decided to go back to their roots with their next studio album and it's basically what people like to call a sequel to Toto IV or what some people call a clone of that album. I have to agree with the former because it does sound like an original project and this song does it perfectly with it keeping up with the Casio synth sounds of the late 80s. I think it's probably my fourth favorite Toto album and it's kind of sad that this is their last classic Columbia release.

By far the best "pop rock" song Toto has...great song to hear live. Joseph Williams vocals are amazing.

Bought it when it came out, still listening to it today. No more needs to be said...

5 I Won't Hold You Back

This is the best soft rock ballad coming from the band, in my opinion. It actually takes itself seriously, and the band's harmonies on the chorus and at the end just make the whole thing better. And this album came out the same year as "Chicago 16", where another power ballad, "Hard To Say I'm Sorry" became popular on the charts. This song is not my favorite Toto song of all time, but it's up there.

Greatest ballad of all time. Luke's vocals and songwriting at their best. Always was ironic to have one of rock's greatest Axe Men singing a live song like this one.

Absolutely a most beautiful love song! So deeply passionate and genuine! Voice and music a perfect10!

6 Georgy Porgy

What to say, an excellent song, putting the emphasis on the wonderful rhythm section that characterized Toto from its inception. Possibly the funkiest, smoothest hit by the band.

A song that is very smooth and flowing. A song to defidently remember.

The more funky side of toto!

7 Make Believe

Takes me back to being a teenager. This band has it all the best vocals, the best musicians. They just don't make music like this anymore.

Always loved this song. Made me feel like anything was possible. Great band!

The heart of vice city: emotion 98.3

8 I'll Be Over You

And yes, this isn't my favorite song off Fahrenheit. No, that honor would have to go to "Can't Stand It Any Longer", which should be on here somewhere. For instance, you have Joseph Williams giving his all with the vocals, the percussion from Africa also making its presence and the modern-sounding synths, even for 80s Toto standards. And coming from the guy that would go on to provide the singing voice for adult Simba in The Lion King, that's saying something.

Even though Fahrenheit is one of Toto's least well-received albums, this song is just somber in a perfect way, almost sounding like a tribal funeral march in some parts, with the drums from Africa returning. I always think of this song when I get into a certain tear-jerking part of a video game...

This should be number two. Beautifully sad!

9 I'll Supply the Love

It has a nice pop and rock beat to it that makes it a very good song to listen to. Definitely Toto all over this song.

Should be number ONE. Excellent change-ups. And I don't have it on my Best Of CD. Move it up

The best toto song.

10 Stranger in Town

Really moody, atmospheric song. Unlike anything else they've done. Great clip with a pre-Chucky Brad Dourif too.

Loved the video. I had this on 45 and played it over and over.

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11 99

One of Toto's very best, it came on at the brink of the eighties to give Toto a leg up to "A" list status. The long version from the original album is the only one to listen to as the subtle nuances that made this song so great are all there.

This is top 10, no idea why "I will remember you" din't even make your list?

This should be much higher!

12 Love Has the Power
13 I Will Remember

This one should be in top ten, at least. Good text, great melody and arrangement, top production.

This should really by in the top 5. This and Lea should be pushed further up the ladder.

An underrated song that is my Dad's favourite Toto song.

14 Only the Children

This should've been the 1st single from the seventh one album, It shows what Toto sounds like live in concert, Plus it's got "Hit" written all over it! But the record company made them release "Pamala" which sounded too much like "Can't stop loving you", The band wanted to do more then ballads!

Actually a really great song. Why don't they play it on stage.

Nice song, nice beat.

15 Lovers In the Night
16 Pamela
17 Mushanga

When I close my eyes and listen to this song, I feel totally relaxed. In my eyes Totos best song.

18 Holyanna

What?!? This is number 1!

One of the best

19 Lea

Absolutely beautiful song. I love SL's guitar in Lea and really wish it were less produced and simpler bringing out the guitar more! But, IL this song!

The best song and my favorite song of Toto! This song is so perfect and lovely.

I think Lea is the best and number 1, Toto best song ever! Butz of Bayang, Lanao del Sur, Philippines.

20 On the Run

Best song of Toto in my opinion, because it gives you so much energy when you're listening to On The Run. Steve is on fire with his vocals and guitar skills, Jeff, Joe and Steve Porcaro give a dynamic boost to the song. You have to watch the video of this song so you can hear how good they can perform on stage.

This song is crazy good, It is a very difficult song to play on any instrument ( Believe me I would know). When I saw them live it was by far the best song that they played. Rock on Toto!

21 Could This Be Love

One of the best songs ever written. Perfect combination of vocals and music.

22 Don't Chain My Heart

It's just a good song, because steve is singing it.
It's his song.

23 Afraid of Love

This is a great rock song. I like everything about this, and the beginning is just amazing!

24 Child's Anthem

First song of the first album. This intro of I'll Supply the Love, has a perfection combination between piano and guitar.

25 Takin' It Back
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