Top 10 Worst Deeds Done by Warrior Cats

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1 Mapleshade: starting the Evil Chain

It was not a smart act but she is pretty cool as a villain and without her starting it we would never have Tigerstar plus a lot of other bad guys, and therefore the warriors books would never be this wonderful to read!

I don't like Mapleshade. She acts like her forbidden romance is OK even though it is against the code, I don't like Appledusk either, basically all of the characters (but Birchface) are complete idiots in this book.

I mean seriously! You could of just fought with riverclan and it wouldn't be as bad. Made thistleclaw evil who kills cats who makes tigerstar/claw/paw evil who kills so many cats who turns darkstripe and hawkyfrost evil darkstripe kills 1-2 cats, tries to kill sorreltail ( kit at the moment ) well planned evil chain... Well planned... Your still worse than tigerstar! You made him this way!

Gahh! Mapleshade just made things what? 97% worse! Bad! Like, should- not-have-even-existed bad! If Mapleshade didn't exist:

1. Crookedstar and his family would still be alive
2. Leopardstar would never have been leader and let Tigerstar take over Riverclan.
3. Then Stonefur would be alive, and Tigerstar would have never been exiled and for that matter, would still be Tigerclaw.
4. And Tigerclaw wouldn't have been that evil and have met Scourge, or Bloodclan, off that matter.
5. Spottedflower, Runningwind, Firestar, Brindleface and etc. etc. Would all still be alive and we all would've avoided a big war so yeah, if only if Mapleshade would've just stayed out of it and stop bugging some cats, maybe SOME CATS WOULD STILL BE ALIVE!

2 Dark Forest cats: training lake cats to kill the four clans

This battle caused the deaths of Spottedleaf, Ferncloud, Mousefur, Hollyleaf, and FIRESTAR! He was the best cat ever! Can't believe he died!

They are vengeful! I hate Tigerstar for leading them and killing Firestar and all other stuff he did!

They caused the death of Firestar! He was the best cat!

All the victims of the Dark Forest are such wonderful cats.The Dark Forest made everyone miserable.

3 Tigerstar: killing Redtail

Tigerstar killed Redtail just because he really wanted to be Deputy. It was so vicious and cruel!

Redtail is my #1 favorite cat. If you read Redtails debt, you'd understand.

He should have been leader instead of Firestar. Firestar was trash.

4 Darkstripe: feeding Sorrelkit deathberries

That is the most evil thing you can do to an innocent kit. The reason Darkstripe did it was evil to. It was so little Sorrelkit could not say Darkstripe was a traitor talking to Blackfoot then he became Blackstar.

Darkstripe your mean! Yay Graystripe kill him! Yay! Darkstripe's dead because of Graystripe! Darkstripe was cruel to feed Sorrelkit deathberries. She almost died, but she survived. If she had died, Briarlight might be dead.

What is wrong with you Darkstripe? Trying to kill an innocent kit? You deserve to rot in the dark forest.

I made a list on why this is bad. 1, THIS IS A KIT 2, it is against the warrior code, 3, it is just plain mean

5 Tigerstar: leading the dogs into the forest

Most hated part! This piece of fox dung and his flea pelted dogs killed my favourite character, Bluestar! I hope the falling cat is Tigerstar, not Bluestar!

This was the worst battle besides the dark forest battle! I miss all the cats killed...

Why does Tigerstar has to do so many evil things?! Look through this oage and you realize that a lot has Tigerstar involved in it...

Why did this happen? Tigerstar has anger issues. He always causes trouble, but he's an OK leader

6 Tigerstar: leading Bloodclan to the forest

He made the biggest mistake with this of his life. I wonder if he recognized Scourge from when they were younger.

Well it was a good bad thing it killed lots of cats but you met Scourge the most awesome cat besides Firestar. Scourge is a good bad cat because the only really bad thing he did was kill Tigerstar but that would have happend any way

In The Darkest Hour Tigerstar led BloodClan to the forest, casing his an Whitestorm's death.

Everything turned out in the end! Now leading DOGS into the forest is a different story.

7 Tigerstar: telling Stonefur to kill Graystripe's kits

I HATE TIGERSTAR FOR THIS! This was my least favorite part of the Darkest Hour. I loved Stonefur, then Tigerstar had Blackstar and Darkstripe kill him. And Leopardstar was watching?! Then chose his sister to be the new deputy?! I hate Tigerstar and Darkstripe, but I also hate Blackstar and Leopardstar too. They shouldn't be leaders if you ask me. Sorry if you like them.

That was so sad, stormfur was so brave and did not deserve to die... At least now he can be with his mother, bluestar, in starclan

8 All ancient clans: driving SkyClan out

This one is complicated. None of the clans were able to give away territory, (there was very little prey that leaf-bare) and Skyclan wouldn't be able to hunt on most of their territories. The only clan that was a possibility at the time was Thunderclan, but they wouldn't be able to give up as much territory as Skyclan needed to survive, without being killed themselves. So, I think it was necessary for Skyclan to leave, but the consequences of that were not very good.

And guess what, we wouldn't of had these 3 books of arguing about SkyClan's territory if the leaders would've just shared their territory.

SkyClan is my favorite clan too, and what the other clans did was ridiculous and inhumane. I'm even more disappointed because StarClan didn't have the sense to step in. They're the ones who are supposed to know better.

Not an actual thumbs up. I was just saying, why didn't Skyclan see that they couldn't? I mean, they can't chase rabbits, they can't fish, shadowclan doesn't have enough prey. I'm sad to say this. But Thunderclan is the only clan that could've. But they didn't.

9 Tigerstar: plotting to kill Ravenpaw

Ugh Ravenpaw should have lived to fight for the clans in the Great Battle. If I could I would make one of these top tens and write: Saberfang rekts Tigerstar in front of all the clans (just for fun XD).
- Saberfang (an ancient Clouded Leopard who join Leopard Clan out of thankfulness)

Tigerstar is a noob

10 Thistleclaw: telling Tigerpaw to kill Tiny

HORRIBLE. Tiny doesn't deserve it because he was exploring, running away and because he was a kittpet. He didn't want to get thrown in the river, (which was told by his sister, Ruby) so he ran away! But then Tigerpaw/claw/star and ThistleClaw had to ruin it. If only they listened to Bluefur/star "There is no need for this! " Since Thistleclaw told young Tigerpaw/claw/star to kill small little tiny/scourge, tiny wants to get revenge and turns into the most evillest cat in the books. Oh, god.. :( At least Scourge killed TigerStar..

Thistleclaw never directly told Tigerpaw to kill Tiny. Thistleclaw asked Tigerpaw what they should do, and Tigerpaw said that they had to teach Tiny a lesson. Sure, Thistleclaw never told Tigerpaw to stop attacking Tiny, but Thistleclaw NEVER told Tigerpaw to attack Tiny, and he certainly did NOT tell Tigerpaw to kill Tiny.

I'm not sure if many people know this but this started the ENTIRE book series in a way. Just a heads up there are spoilers in the following message.
If thisleclaw didn't tell tigerpaw to hurt let alone try and kill this poor kit, sourge would've never had wanted to have revenge or want to be in the forest to begin with. Heck, he might have even joined them if Tigerpaw had not attacked him.

Well that's not bad. If Tiny would have been killed then think of all those cats who died in his battle. Sure Tigerstar would still be living. But all those lives would have been spared.

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11 Hawkfrost: leading Firestar into a fox trap

(Spoiler) Actually, Hawkfrost set up the plan, and Ashfur led Firestar into the fox trap. But I still hate Hawkfrost for setting it up and trying to make Brambleclaw kill him. (I'm happy Brambleclaw killed Hawkfrost instead :))

I mean, it did make Brambleclaw realize that he was loyal to his leader more than his father, but still!

But I thought (spoiler alert)Ashfur led him into the fox trap... Hawkfrost just created the plan... I could be wrong though...

Turned out just like Tigerstar. What a shame.

12 Clawface: killing Spottedleaf

I kinda like clawface apart from killing my favorite cat... That was a terrible thing he did, but at least spottedleaf was happy in starclan until mapleshade had to ruin it all

Spottedleaf was an amazing medicine cat not to mention perfect for firestar! (even if they didn't have a future) Stupid Clawface deserves to rot in The Dark Forest

I mean COME ON then everyone who loved her had to say goodbye forever clawface should be killed ten times for his wrong doing!

JUST WHY? I wonder if she didn't die.. What woul have happened between her and Firestar. But anyway, I am so happy that Clawface finally got what he deserved- DEATH.

13 Hawkheart: killing Moonflower

This isn't the worst deed in the world, he should not have done it but there are so much other things that are lower than this that are much, much worse, this is kind of ridiculous.

I understand that sometimes Warriors kill other Warriors in battle by accident, but you should never kill a warrior purposely. It's even worse if you're a medicine cat. I know there will be people out there who have their reasons for still liking Hawkheart and I respect that but I could never like him. He didn't even seem to feel bad about it. But you don't kill Warriors in battle. Lionblaze killed Russetfur by accident. And Firestar killed Scourge because he needed to and Scourge wasn't a warrior. You only kill in defense. The Windclan WARRIORS could have chased Moonflower away. The Windclan medicine cat a former Warrior had no right to do that. Chase them away don't kill! Don't be fox hearts!

- Wolfspirit

Hawkheart is my third favourite cat in all the Warriors books. I love him so much! Yea, he killed Moonflower. But when you think about it, Moonflower would have caused the deaths of WindClan warriors, kits and elders if Hawkheart didn't do something. Yea, he broke the Warrior/Med. Cat Code by killing a cat in battle. But remember, Firestar killed Scourge in battle and everyone loves him. Many other amazing warriors, such as Lionblaze, killed cats in battle as well. What makes Hawkheart so different?

I agree! Hawkheart killed moonflower just because she was following orders! And her excuse was " she was trying to steal my herbs " and hawkheart broke the medicine cat code by killing moonflower

14 Tigerstar: murdering Brindleface

I feel so bad for cloudtail because brindleface was his adoptive mother and he actually thought that was his mother till firestar told him it wasent.

Brindleface was my favorite character before she was killed by Tigerstar to give the pack a taste for cat blood.

What did brindleface ever do to you tigerstar? You are just killing innocent cats

Brindleface didn't deserve to die! I kinda liked her.

15 Tigerstar: killing Gorsepaw

Totally Horrible! I felt so bad for Gorsepaw, who didn't even do anything wrong! It's all Tigerstar's fault.

One of the most horrifying Warriors moments of all time!

He didn't do a thing.

16 Rainflower: treating Crookedstar so badly

Crookedstar was a kind-hearted leader, his whole dream of being Stormstar was ruined and she did not forgive him! The fox-heart mouse brain!

why is this not further up the list?! Rainflower was just horrible to poor Crookedstar, her own son, just because he broke his jaw!

Rainflower was not evil, just overcome by grief. But still, most mother cats support their kits to recover from an injury, but Rainflower didn't.

I Hate rainflower! She changed Stormkits name to crookedkit, left him alone in the nursery, and called him an ugly mess!

17 Brokenstar: killing kits

How is this not one?! Like seriously little innocent kits being killed by this tyrant?! Worst Shadowclan leader unless you count Tigerstar.

Why is this not number 1? He killed innocent kits, and them he threw the blame on Yellowfang, and exiled her! That is just lower than low.

How is this lower than Sedgekit talking about tunnels and Leopardfoot giving birth! Many, many kits died, and the blood is on his paws.

Brokenstar killed too many kits. He should have died more painfully.
- Saberfang (an ancient Clouded Leopard who join Leopard Clan out of thankfulness)

18 Appledusk: making Mapleshade evil, thus making her start the Evil Chain

Mapleshade was fine at the start, but then APPLEDUSK made her angry, saying it was HER fault thus making the whole evil thing come alive in Mapleshade!

I mean, heck, Mapleshade was admired by her Clanmates, who said she could become a leader. Then Appledusk came along, got Mapleshade preggers, which banished her from ThunderClan, then banished her from RiverClan, which made her evil. Just because she couldn't swim well enough to save her Kits. She's a THUNDERCLAN cat, for Tribe of Endless Hunting's sake, do you expect her to be better than the fish you catch at swimming? Then Maple started killing cats, one act of which was because of Appledusk. This act was her killing three cats, one for each of her drowned kits. I think her drowned kits stated a bad Creepypasta somewhere, and if there's not then I'll probably write one.

Just think, Thistleclaw and Tigerstar could've turned into fine warriors, deputies, or even leaders, if Appledusk just never existed.

I don't care what you pieces of Foxdung think, Appledusk, go die in a whole. *picks up Mapleshade and carries her to StarClan, tossing Appledusk into the oblivion that ...more

I sincerely hate Appledusk (Love his name tho) He was the worst! I mean, who does that? Just doesn't care about anyone, even his own kits. Mapleshade basically got punished for crying over her kits. Appledusk is a two-timing, heartless, hating, pure evil, I can't think of a bad enough word to describe him. he deserves to go to the Dark Forest, not Mapleshade. He deserved to die. #MapleshadeRevenge

19 Hawkfrost: killing Hollyleaf

How was Hollyleaf stupid? In my opinion Dovewing is more stupid than her

Ardu is right, she'd have a dream about flying and then walk off a cliff screaming "I TOLD YOU GUYS! "

She deserves it.

20 Sedgekit: boasting about the tunnels

He is just a innocent kit! He has no idea of the damage he caused! It's not his fault, he is being a kit for goodness sakes! There are so much worse deeds lower than this!

In Dark River Sedgekit an his siblings got lost in the underground tunnels and five apprentices had to rescue them. Then in Eclipse he bragged to the WindClan leaders about going in the tunnels which caused the battle in TunderClan territory, where all for clans were involved.

Ha! Now Lionblaze blames heathertail and dreams of killing her. And now heathertail even has a chance of being killed by Lionblaze, all thanks to Sedgekit.

The poor thing is an innocent kit...

21 Ashfur: threatening to burn Squirrelflight in the forest fire

Squirrlflight was who made him evil. She didn't want to be with him which broke his heart. She is a fox dung mouse brain to do it so harshly. Ashfur already suffered a lot so how do you know he wouldn't be a good mate squirrelflight HUH?!?!

So what if he was dumped, get a life Ashfur! Stop trying to kill Squirrelflight's loved ones and stop being a jerk! Holly is epic, I'm glad she killed him. I laughed at his death

He was a adorable apprentice, but it's such a shame he was corrupted by jealousy. I want him to pay for his crimes, but at the same time going to Starclan.. ( which he did )

Yellowfang defended him and got him into StarClan. And his only fault was that he loved to much.

22 Leapardfoot: giving birth to Tigerkit

Moonlight: Seriously guys, she can't help who her son is! But there was a cat who could stop Tigerkit, Pinestar he could have done what Starclan told him to!
Cedarfang: But Moonlight, tell me would you kill your own kit?
Moonlight: *sighs* No. But he could have helped that he ran away from the ran away from the clans forever.
Maplestar: okay then, now you don't have to argue about it. Pinestar ran away because Starclan was becoming to much, Sunstar did a bad job with choosing a mentor and Mapleshade should have just kept away.

Ok. This is not right. She could't help it. You blaming her is like saying that you are giving birth. Two of your kids die and the last one becomes a killer. That's just not cool. She doesn't deserve haters. Her mate left her. Both of her other kits died. She has no family left. And then one of her kits kills everyone. I feel bad for her.

She couldn't help it! She didn't know he was gonna be evil! And besides, the reason Tigerstar became evil was because his father left to be a kittypet, he was mentored by Thistleclaw, and his sisters died as kits! This shouldn't even be on here!

She technically killed firestar. If tigerstar was never born then firestar wouldn't have been in a position to be smudged by a tree.

23 Tigerstar: killing Runningwind

In Rising Storm when Tigerstar is a rogue, he attacked a border patrol and killed Runningwind, and told Fireheart he would pick off ThunderClan warriors, one by one.

Oh, well. He lives in the paws of star clan. But he was very young!

Too many people hate tigerstar.

24 Mapleshade: tricking Crookedstar

Whoever has read Crookedstars promise will know how that evil Mapleshade destroyed his life by making him promise to put his clan in front of him always. Maple shade made rue that every cat that mattered to him was killed.

She didn't kill his family. She just gave him an impossible promise and manipulated him so that Crookedstar and all of Riverclan and Thunderclan would suffer. She is insane. And Starclan are mouse-brains for not curing her!

Technically, she didn't make his family die- she tricked him using his own future. She knew his family would die, so she used that to trick him into training with her.

She made his life totally miserable and killed every last one of his family except Stormfur and Feathertail, who died anyway.

25 Tigerstar: killing Firestar

In the last hope firestar died trying to kill tigerstar! Bad kitty bad!

TigerCLAW doesn't deserve the name of a leader!

He died by the wounds inflicted from the fight...

I hate hate tigerstar!

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