Top Ten Best Characters from the "Cherub" Book Series

CHERUB is an exceptional book series, and the series tends to focus on character relationships.If you have no clue what CHERUB is, it is a fictional organisation in which orphaned kids are trained to be agents, as kids are less suspectable than adults, plus they can make friends with the enemy`s kids, and infiltrate their home.I find it quite a fascinating concept, and there is a lot more to CHERUB than just training.Today i will be counting down the top 10 CHERUB characters we have known to love.The character can be anyone, even if they appear in only one book.
The Top Ten
1 Kyle Blueman

Kyle is really funny. He was the first CHERUB we met in the book and has since shown lots of humor.

Kyle is straight-up funny and well developed. I don't know what CHERUB would be without him.

2 Dana Smith

I always seem to like tomboys in media. I don't know. Dana is basically Kyle but an Aussie and weirder. But not the quirky weird, the proper weird. I always find her parts entertaining to watch. The only downside is that she is only a major character in Divine Madness. Also, she first appears in the fourth book, so you'll have to get through a lot to actually see her.

3 Lauren Adams

She's cool. I preferred her in the earlier books when her ego wasn't so big, though. I also thought she was a little mean and unfair to Siobhan.

I can't really say much here since Lauren is also a tomboy, but she is a much more developed character who has a little more humor to her. Except Dana is funnier than her, and I don't find Lauren funny. Anyway, she is a fun character to watch, but she does get a little annoying in the earlier books.

4 Mr.Large

Man, I miss Large. Hands down the most entertaining character in literature. He may not be well developed, but he is just a living and breathing stereotype of an angry military figure. Except he shouts at kids and is quite gay.

He's mean, picks on young kids, and shouts a lot. What more could you want? He's so easy to hate that it's nearly impossible not to like him. Makes me laugh.

5 Kerry Chang

Really difficult. She's nice (mostly), but especially in the early days, James was the one who wanted to be with her, but she preferred watching TV, which is stupid. The first breakup was 100% on her.

I don't especially care for Kerry, but she is one of the most popular characters in the series. She is well developed and kind. I admire her for being sensible and disliking Dave Moss (who is probably the biggest scumbag on campus). But other than that, she can be a little sensitive.

Kerry seems hot. She is well developed and has been since the first book. I was really annoyed when James cheated on her.

6 James Adams

James is without a doubt a bad person, but that's what makes him so good. Far more realistic than the morally driven supporting characters, he is likewise much more relatable. Arrogant, morally incorrect, and stupid in some areas, he isn't some spotless goody-two-shoes like Kerry (one of my least favorites). Instead, he is a badass anti-hero who can be entertaining while still being good. He is also the most developed character in terms of personality, which is always a plus. He isn't bad, he's normal and awesome.

7 Bruce Norris

Bruce starts off as an insane fighter but later on becomes a bit more like a three-year-old. Although he is a badass.

Bruce Lee or Chuck Norris?
Neither. Let's get Bruce Norris.
He is funny and a badass.

8 Rat

I can't say much about Rat. He is proper weird, and I think he is planning a mass murder. I find him rather entertaining as he tries to work out what the world is, similar to Tarzan or something. But with clothes and just as much scruffiness.

Generally a good guy, and so is Lauren. He's not constantly harassing Lauren like James is to Kerry, and he's smart.

Very intelligent, didn't fall for the stupid cult. Although pretty weird, he's really nice to Lauren, even after leaving CHERUB.

9 Zara Asker

Probably one of the few generally nice people at CHERUB.

Great chairwoman, very nice and understanding, especially regarding James and Lauren.

10 Andy Lagan

I feel pretty bad for him, but nonetheless, I really like him despite how ignored he is in the books.

The Contenders
11 Junior Moore

He just seemed like a really spoiled kid at the start of Class A, but he developed really well as the book went on. That is until book 8 when the author thought, Hey, I know, let's throw all the character development away and turn him into a cocaine-addicted, stroppy brat.

Junior is like James, funny (sometimes), and is a good boxer, which I like.

12 Amy Collins

Best girl. Literally carried the first book and is always sweet.

13 Ryan Sharma
14 Meryl Spencer

Sometimes strong punishments, but mostly really fair and a great handler.

15 Kazakov
16 Gabrielle

Gabrielle seems very attractive and very loyal. Like when James cheated on Kerry, she was there for her.

17 Sasha Thompson
18 Fu Ning
19 Bethany
20 Jake McEwen
21 Lois Thompson
22 Jake Parker
23 Nicole Eddison
24 April Moore
25 Dave Moss
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