Top 10 Warrior Cats that Most Need a Super Edition

Warrior Cats is a wildly popular series of books written by Erin Hunter. The saga takes us into the lives of feral cats living in clans. It's full of adventures, battles, and life lessons, making it a truly captivating read. But as any dedicated fan would tell you, one of the highlights of this epic series is its characters - or rather, its cats.

The world of Warrior Cats is vast and filled with numerous complex characters, each with their own unique personalities and stories. Each character is a warrior in their own right, battling through the trials and tribulations of their clan life. Some characters are so well-loved, so well-explored that their narratives are extended into super editions.

Super editions, for the uninitiated, are standalone books that focus on one character, delving deeper into their lives, their trials, and their triumphs. They add more depth and context to the character's story, creating a more enriched experience for the readers. It's like getting an exclusive, behind-the-scenes tour of your favorite character's life.

Now, here's where things get interesting. Not all warrior cats have a super edition dedicated to them. This brings us to a burning question among the fans: which warrior cats most need a super edition?

As you can imagine, opinions differ wildly. Everyone has their favorite warrior cat, the one they're itching to know more about. You might want to dive deeper into the story of a noble ThunderClan leader, or maybe you're curious about the life of a rebellious ShadowClan warrior.

That's why we're turning this decision into a democratic process. Instead of debating this in the comments or the forums, why not put it to a vote? You - yes, you - have the power to vote for the warrior cat you believe deserves a super edition.
The Top Ten
1 Cinderpelt A Medicine Cat from the book series Warriors by Erin Hunter, she is a small, fluffy, sleek, and soft-furred she-cat with a smoky dark gray coat and wide blue eyes. Initially, she started out as a Warrior apprentice but was forced to train as a Medicine Cat after a monster broke her leg on the Thunderpath... read more

Cinderpelts determination- her determination never wavers, or her bravery, courage, kindness, good spirt! And her accident was so sad, i would like to know it from Cinderpelts view, all she ever wanted was to be a warrior. How did she feel when Brightheart had Cloudtail and then kits? Happy, sad? Or when Brackenfur had Sorreltail? Was that why she leaped in the way to save Sorreltail? And we could also add Cinderheart in there.
-Sparkwind of ThunderClan

She Definitely deserves one, It could be called Cinderpelt's accident or a don't know it sounds bad but... She needs to have one! Erin Hunter we need a one for Cinderpelt!

2 Sol

Sol's predation- how he felt when his mother abounded him, why he stole Leafstar's kits and his time in SkyClan, and most of all did he learn the Eclipse from Midnight or was it just a lucky guess? And where did Sol even go? He just vanished, his he dead?
-Sparkwind of ThunderClan

Book name suggestion: Sol's Eclipse. I think we should see more of Sol, such as life as a kitten and how his mother abandons them in sentences rather than pictures of a graphic novel.
- Spiritstar Of LightningClan

Sol and Darktail are the only ones that need Super Editions. The rest need Novellas.

3 Ashfur Ashfur is a character created by Erin Hunter for the book series named Warrior Cats. Ashfur is a muscular pale gray tom with darker flecks and dark blue eyes. He has short, thick fur, and a torn ear.

Ashfur rage- his desperation to have Squirrelflight as his mate then his anger when she rejected him. The fire, and how he slipped into Bramblestars body? His rage and hatred to Bramblestar.
Sparkwind of ThunderClan

Book name suggestion: Ashfur's Anger. A book with Ashfur's point of view is just what we need. I believe we need to see more of what happened with him and Squirrelflight. Lets just ignore all the plenty we know already, and skip to the More Information.
- Spiritstar Of LightningClan

4 Mapleshade Mapleshade is a character in the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. Mapleshade is a large, tortoiseshell-and-white she-cat, with a scarred white muzzle, and white patches throughout her pelt. She is thick-furred, and her pelt is ragged, patched, and scarred. Her fur is thick around her neck, like a mane,... read more

Book name suggestion: Mapleshade's Agony. I understand Mapleshade has a novella, but she needs a super edition. We need to know more of when she was an apprentice, her encounters with the moonstone and the rumours of her being deputy and then leader, and also how she met Appledusk. I love Mapleshade so much. She is my favourite and I love anything to do with her. If she is to have a book called Mapleshade's Agony, it should be of her days in the dark forest, of like, more of when she trains Tigerstar, Thistleclaw, etc.
- Spiritstar Of LightningClan

5 Graystripe Graystripe is a cat in a series Warrior Cats. He is named after the grey stripe that goes down his back. In the second book he falls in love with a cat named Silverstream. He is also friends with his childhood friend Firestar. He became mates with Millie who gave birth to their kits Blossomfall, Bumblestripe... read more

He's getting a super edition soon! Yay!

6 Needletail

Needletail's choices - I added s on choices on purpose, she faced many choices in her life. Her mane one saving Violetshine, she had a choice and she hose to join Darktail's kin.
Sparkwind of ThunderClan

7 Snowtuft

Snowtuft's Spirit- We all know about the theory that Snowtuft is Snowkit's spirit, so why leave us hanging? Snowtuft could tell us the truth, and we could learn more about him. I mean, there's never a time during any of the books where he's living, so I want to know more about him! -FeirceheartOfThunderClan

8 Brackenfur

Yes he does he should have been made deputy.and he needs one right now he should have one he is amazing! Maybe called Brackenfurs task.

Brackenfur is amazing! His life is so sad, we really need to hear more from him!

9 Briarlight Briarlight was born to Graystripe and Millie alongside Blossomfall and Bumblestripe. When she was an apprentice, she tried to save Longtail from a falling tree and crushed her lower spine. After that, she had to do exercises to strengthen her backbone. She lived in the Med Cat den, until a case of greencough... read more

Brairlight's wish- her wish to be a warrior, and then... her hind quarters being paralyzed. Watching Bumblestripe and Blossomfall being made warriors how did she feel, happy? Sad?how she struggled through many difficulties! It's amazing!
Sparkwind of ThunderClan

What was it like loosing feeling in her legs? Did she like Jayfeather? How hard was it to get stronger?

10 Whitestorm Whitestorm is a fictional character in the Warriors novel series by Erin Hunter. He is a long-haired, sturdy, white tom with green eyes, and is known for his loyalty, wisdom, and calm demeanor. Whitestorm is a senior warrior of ThunderClan and has served as a mentor to many young apprentices. He is... read more

Book name suggestio: Whitestorm's Spirit. Whitestorm is certainly one of my absolute favourite warriors and grief struck me so hard I felt the agony when he died. I believe he deserved to be a leader. I think we should see a super edition on his kit hood, his apprenticeship, his relationships, etc.
- Spiritstar Of LightningClan

Yes he has to have one maybe when he was a apprentice that would be cool if we know him better and then...

Whitestorm needs more recognition. He was such a loyal cat. I think he should get a super edition! Yas!

The Contenders
11 Sharpclaw
12 Darktail

A lot was left in the blanks after Onewhisker/star reject him and his mom.

13 Fallen Leaves

What was his life like before the tunnels?

It would be great to see his life before getting killed in the tunnels

14 Swiftpaw

Swiftpaws attack- a short one, a novella,his attack on the dogs, his love to Brightheart, when his father Tigerstar was exiled. How he felt when, he wasn't made a warrior.
Sparkwind of ThunderClan

Book name Suggestion: Swiftpaw's Deflect. A novella would suit him better rather than a super edition. We should see some more of the fights with the dogs, the going behind Bluestars back for the plot to check out Snakes rocks and yeah.
- Spiritstar Of LightningClan

Yes he should it should be called Swiftpaw's attack he should have one it will tell us more about his... But yeah

15 Hawkfrost Hawkfrost is a villain character from the Warriors series. Hawkfrost is a dark brown tabby tom with a snow-white underbelly and ice-blue eyes. Hawkfrost was a former Riverclan warrior and member of the Dark Forest. Hawkfrost tried to kill Firestar with a fox trap but was killed by his brother Brambleclaw... read more

YES! He is my favorite tied with Ivypool

16 Barley

Book name suggestion: Barley's Life. If her were to have a book, I think it should be based on life with Scourge and his sister Violet, or life on the barn after Violet went to go I've with that kitty pet. Or perhaps his life with Ravenpaw?
- Spiritstar Of LightningClan

It should be when he was in Bloodclan and his escape it could be called Barley's Escape. It would be cool

17 Silverstream SIlverstream is a character created by Erin Hunter to the book series named Warrior Cats. Silverstream is a sleek, soft, and thick-furred, slender, silver -and-black tabby she-cat with a finely shaped head, and bright blue eyes. She's the daughter of Crookedstar and Willowbreeze, former mate of Graystripe... read more
18 Longtail

Longtail's Life- A book about how Longtail kept the secret of the dogs at Snakerocks from Fireheart for so long, and it can basically just explain his whole life, from the squirrel incident with Darkstripe to the tree killing him. -FeirceheartOfThunderClan

19 Feathertail Feathertail is a fictional character created by Erin Hunter for the book series called Warrior Cats. She's a slender, silver-tabby she-cat with sky-blue eyes and a plump tail. She is the daughter of Silverstream and Graystripe, Stormfur's sister and Crowfeather's first love interest. She used to be... read more

Feathertail's sacrifice- her sacrifice , and her time in riverClan. The journey to find Midnight, and how she felt with only Stormfur her only kin in FiverClan, and her love for Crowfeather.
Sparkwind of ThunderClan

My friend is writing a super edition on her I'm not sure what its called though

20 Brightheart Brightheart is a character from Warriors by Erin Hunter. She is a white she-cat with ginger patches. As an Apprentice she got attacked by dogs and got half of her face torn off. Her mate is Cloudtail and her kits are Whitewing, Ambermoon, Dewnose, and Snowbush.

Brightheart's courage- a story about how her courage lead to half of her face getting bitten of. Her sadness when she was given the name Lostface
Sparkwind of Thunderclan

21 Tawnypelt Tawnypelt is a fictional character created by Erin Hunter for the book series Warrior Cats. She is a pale, mottled tortoiseshell she-cat with green eyes. She is devoted, sassy, blunt and tough. She belongs in Shadowclan, and has recently stepped down of her position as Deputy to be a Warrior once again... read more

I would love to read about what Tawnypaw was thinking when she joined Shadowclan and trying to hit in.

22 Blackstar
23 Ravenpaw Ravenpaw is a fictional character created by Erin Hunter for the book series Warrior Cats. He's a skinny, jet-black tom with a small white dash on his chest, greens eyes and a long, thing white tipped tail. He is shy, jumpy and nervous... read more

It would be interesting to see what he was thinking with all those Tigerclaw stuff.

24 Thistleclaw Thistleclaw is a villain in the Warrior Cats series. Thistleclaw is a gray-and-white tabby tom with spiky fur and amber eyes
25 Sunstar

Sunstar's Choice - The struggle Sunstar makes as he must choose a deputy. Bluefur or Thistleclaw

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