Top 10 Best Invader Zim Comic Issues

The Top Ten
1 Issue 12
2 Issue 3

Love the satire behind this one. Art being used as a vehicle for propaganda and brainwashing the stupid masses and such. Reason thrown out the window. Dissenters being labeled "haters" and getting locked up for exercising their right to free speech. Yes, I LOVE deconstructing.

And anyway, that hipster!

3 Issue 16
4 Issue 2

Zim royally screws Dib over. Royally.

5 Issue 1

Zim returns! Dib gets grounded. And Gaz gets a new outfit. Yay.

6 Issue 9

A clever issue that shows how much everyone hates Dib. It also captures the nature of YouTube comments amazingly.

Dib disguises himself as an alien and pretends to be Zim's intern. Definitely his greatest plan yet. And screw that Agent Batflaps.

7 Issue 5

So funny, with references to video games done in a funny way, with parodies of Minecraft, Binding of Isaac. And the greatest scene ever, Gir becoming a Let's Player and controlling Dib. Highlight of the issue:

Dib: Why am I just standing here? Run, RUN! Wait? Why am I dropping a fusion grenade down my pants?

Gir: EEHEEHEE! His pants exploding.

8 Issue 20

Who can hate him making fun of little kids' shows?

Why is it so entertaining to watch Zim react to the most mundane things? I love this issue. But wait... if Irkens love snacks and destruction, then Zim would pick the hotdog, right?

9 Issue 17
10 Issue 4

Such a funny issue. In fact, I find a lot of the comics to be better written than the show, which is saying a lot. This would definitely benefit from animation, just to see some of the stupidity that happens in this one.

The Contenders
11 Issue 21

Everything you'd want in a Zim comic. Ah! It ended too soon. I wanted to see more body swap mayhem.

Also, I felt really sorry for Dib in this issue for some reason. Still hilarious watching him go crazy, though.

12 Issue 10
13 Issue 15

An interesting break away from the normal setup of the normal Zim plot. It's funny that despite the fact that this was probably the least eventful plot in Zim, because it was just theorizing, Dib still manages to get screwed over.

Crazy theories about Miss Bitters' origin. With *spoiler* another clever Zim screw-over at the end.

14 Issue 6

I have given birth! That was the problem all along!

15 Issue 14

The Dib and Gaz stories in Invader Zim are always a fun change from the norm. It was funny to see Gaz being nice to Dib and then ending the issue with her slamming his face into pizza. Zim's brief appearance in this issue was priceless as well.

16 Issue 13

Some fans are too stupid to see that this issue is making fun of them. There, I said it. It's amazing and so ironic that they think this issue makes ZaDF canon, when it is, in fact, satirizing how a lot of fans dream up crap that isn't even in the show, and they totally miss the point. I mean, I like the idea of ZaDF, but I know it's not canon.

And this issue hammers that home. Those aliens have got to be the most blob-faced, boring, unoriginal character designs I've seen in Zim so far. Not to mention stupid. A coincidence? I think not. Brutal. I love it.

17 Issue 42
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