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1 Ray

He's probably one of the most tragic among the three of them. He obviously doesn't smile and feel as happy as Emma and Norman, because he never really had time to experience childhood innocence as he knew about the farm and demons from a young age.

Every part of his character kind of fits. His weakness of giving up too easily? His resolve is probably worn off from years of keeping secrets and planning. This is also because of how he presents himself as stoic and apathetic, and as a result, normally keeps to himself. His breaking point in episode 11 was inevitable. This boy really went through a lot and is really one of the best written characters in the show.

His story is so tragic. In the extra chapter you get to see how much he loved all of his siblings and how much it hurt him to see them get shipped off. It was why he was so closed off from everyone else because he didn't want to get attached to anymore people that were just going to die.

Easily the best by far. Suffered alone for years and years and yet the only thing he cared about his friends.

Ah. The Emo Child who tries to light himself on fire! Best character in the whole intire thing! He might act a bit like a phsychopath SOMETIMES, but I like him.

2 Norman

Such a good boy but so alone, kept in a lab for years until his mind and health was damaged, almost to the point of beyond repair. There's no other character in any series that provokes a strong parental instinct in me as Norman does.

Norman is my favorite character. I just love him. He's kind, smart, and even though he is cocky in some ways, cares for his family.

He is so nice and he is always willing to help someone, he is also the smartest kid at Grace field.

I have always had a thing for white haired people and Norman is just adorable.

3 Emma

If in the anime she's just a cheerful , in the manga she's much different. She's a badass girl
Yes, even though she knew it might be impossible, she never gave up. But he was naive. She did it without planning first. But he made it possible. For example, Ray

She may have been (in Norman's words) reckless, but she always inspires everyone and was the reason they were able to save everyone, even when it seemed impossible. She is so upbeat and the kindest. She had some great ideas and was crucial in putting the plan together. Not to mention she's also the reason Norman gave Ray a second chance.

Emma is sort of like Naruto and Hinata (Shoyo). An energetic main character that you just have to eventually love.

Emmas green eyes are beautiful green eyes is the prettiest eye color to me. She is a very strong girl as well.

4 Isabella

The best of the anime
She is a mother who gives love to her children with a sincere heart. Became a mother to survive. She also lives like the children she cares for. Lives in an orphanage to be eaten by demos

Sure she's killing all the kids and stuff, but who can blame her. She was just another orphan that had two choices: Die or Kill. I mean, if she had another choice to not be so brutal to live, she probably would've chosen that choice.

I feel like her character is written very well, I mean eventhough she feeds little kids to demons. She still wanted to like and be free. Plus its realistic, would you rather die or send some kids to their death. It shows that everyone is (a bit) egoistic

Sure, she was the antagonist and worked to kill a bunch of children. But she barely had a choice, and I'm pretty sure that all she wanted was to be free like every other human in the show.

5 Yuugo

Manga spoilers! This guy is so underrated. He had to watch all of his friends die and then live by himself for years until Emma and her group came along and then they just reminded him of his friends that he used to have.

Why so low? I love yuugo man

6 Lucas

Lucas is awesome along with Yuugo. If you haven't read the manga, check it out.

7 Phil

This child makes me smile so much. I love him to death.

Our one true lord and savior.

Phil is love. Phil is life.

We shall praise Phil. Phil is da universe. Phil is everything we love.

8 Gilda
9 Oliver
10 Archduke Lewis
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11 Sister Krone
12 Don
13 Gillian
14 Conny

When Conny died I cried, I cry every time I think about it. I have a sister who reminds me of Conny and It breaks my heart to think about her. Conny is adorable as well.

15 Anna

The best girl!

16 Musica
17 William Minerva
18 Ayshe
19 Leslie
20 Nigel
21 Sung-Joo
22 Lani
23 Carol
24 Monica
25 Adam
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