Best Breakdown of Sanity Songs

The Top Ten

1 Chapters
2 Infest

Nothing compares to the intensity, brutality and vibe to this song, best by far! - DC93

3 When Silence Breaks
4 Deadline

For me it's their best song! - Flav

5 The Storm
6 Hero
7 Here Comes the Pain
8 Broken Wings

Are you kidding? This should be at least in top 3! This IS the best song from Breakdown of Sanity! I mean that melody,that solo.... gives me chills every time! It's magical! - ninnilist

9 Story of a Stranger
10 Blind

The Contenders

11 Too Bad
12 Break
13 The Writer
14 Invisible Scars
15 Paralyzed
16 Scissorhands
17 Crumble
18 View Through Blind Eyes
19 The Chosen Ones
20 December
21 We Are the Wall
22 Stronger
23 From the Depths
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