Top 10 Best Broadway Musical Soundtracks

I recently bought tickets to see Hamilton at the Pantages theatre this December. So because of that, here are some Broadway musicals with amazing soundtracks!

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Only 7 more months! Only 7 more months! Only 7 more months until I finally get to see this show! I have been wanting to see this for a long time! I've listened to the music a bunch of times! It is so good! I love how they incorporate hip hop music into a story that takes place in the 1700s! It surprisingly fits perfectly! The songs such as Yorktown, Non-Stop, and My Shot are very fun to listen to! There's a lot of rapping an since I'm a fan of rap, I really love it! Lin-Manuel Miranda is a great song-writer! I wouldn't say he's the best song-writer out there like everyone else says. Seriously. What is with the Lin obsession? But he still wrote some pretty awesome songs for this show! I can't wait to see it in December at the Pantages!

BEST MUSICAL EVER. never seen it but know all the words so listen to the instrumentals and just sing it around my room :) Has so much meaning and so interesting as I live in NZ so don't know anything about US history. All of Lin's work is amazing. Can't wait to see the musical one day

Agreed. It is the best show in the world and it is so heartwarming and everyone should love it. It is actuate and amazing way to get an education. Thank you toptez for this superise. I never expected to be first place. You made my dream come true. I saw it on broadway and it is the best!

I honestly don't like Hamilton :/ it's not a bad musical it's just not my cup of tea and I believe there are much better musicals out there. I'm my opinion it's very overrated and should be a lot lower on the list

Wicked Wicked Product Image

Wicked is literally the best thing to ever exist. A true masterpiece. This show is the definition of perfect! Every single song is just great! The cast do such an amazing job! Kristen Chenoweth has such a beautiful voice! I especially love Idina Menzel who you may know as Elsa from Frozen. Elphaba and Elsa even seem to share some similarities. The music in this Broadway musical gives me chills every time I hear it! This soundtrack even has my favorite song of all time! Defying Gravity! An absolutely brilliantly written song! I've only been able to see Wicked once but I really want to see it again! I listen to the songs all the time! They are just so powerful!

I love this musical and Hamilton.

The Phantom of the Opera

I haven't seen the Broadway play, but I watched the movie. It was pretty bad. But from what I've heard, the play is a lot better. I love literally every song in this soundtrack! They are all performed very well and sound very emotional! The instrumentals of the songs are really awesome! I especially love the music that plays whenever the Phantom appears. Which is why his song that he sings with Christine is one of my favorites. Speaking of Christine, her actress from the original Broadway cast can totally sing! She is such a great opera singer! And this is coming from a guy who hates opera! The movie sucks, but I'm glad to know that the play is definitely a classic!

The movie sucked hard, but this soundtrack is really good. I actually saw the Royal Albert Hall performance on DVD, and the performance and music in that was astounding. If you don't have the money for the play, watch this performance, it is worth it.

The Lion King

The Lion King musical is based on the very popular Disney film. I thought that Lion King having a show on Broadway wouldn't work. But I ended up really loving it! It's one of my favorites! The movie already had pretty good music, but I feel like some of the music in The Lion King is better. It has the same songs that were in the movie but it also has some new songs. There's a song that the hyenas sing about eating Simba and Nala, there's a song about Scar wanting to rape Nala or something, but my favorite song would have to be Endless Night. A song Simba sings to his ancestors. They also include the song He Lives in You from the Lion King sequel. The songs that they kept in from the original movie sound a lot better in the play. Especially, Be Prepared! I've seen this show three times. So good!

Newsies Newsies Product Image

In February, they showed this musical in theaters for a limited time. It was a 4 day event. So I went to a movie theater to see it and I was honestly really surprised by how much I liked it! I thought I was going to hate it! But it turned out to be really great! Even the songs were surprisingly good! If I had to choose a favorite song, it would probably have to be The World Will Know. I just really love the tone of the song. Sounds very strong. But if I had to choose an overall favorite musical number, it would have to be Seize the Day. Not only is the song so energetic, it has some of the best choreography I've seen in a show! All of the songs in the show are really great, but most of them are better if you actually see them being performed rather than just listening to them. The actors put a lot of effort into their performances. It's a good thing the musical will be available to download digitally. I kind of regret never seeing this show in person. I didn't think it would be so ...more

YES YES YES YES YES A THOUSAND TIMES YES! I listen to these songs on a loop every singles day and I know every word. I never get tired of them. I think it's physically impossible. I cry EVERY SINGLE TIME I listen to any version of Santa Fe or Letter From The Refuge. I dance EVERY SINGLE TIME I hear Seize the Day, Brooklyn's Here, or The world Will Know. I sing EVERY SINGLE TIME I hear Watch What Happens or King of New York. You can't get any better than Newises.

YES. I love Newsies SO much.

Les Misérables

I only know these songs because my choir had to perform a medley of them in high school. I haven't seen the movie or the play. Don't even know what it's about. But to its credit, the songs are absolutely great! My favorite one is I Dreamed a Dream. The first time I heard that song, I literally cried. It's just so beautiful! Every actor and actress does an amazing job at singing loud while also sounding like a professional singer. The songs can get pretty emotional. The song that seems to be the least emotional is Do You Hear the People Sing. Another very memorable song. Even though I haven't seen the Broadway musical or the movie, I still love the songs.

Master in the house is good to me


Dear Evan Hansen Dear Evan Hansen Product Image

I love the music, though I have yet to watch the musical. My depressed and suicidal best friend texted me a link to You Will Be Found after I told her about my social anxiety, and honestly, I cry every time I hear the song now, without fail. I don't think I will ever listen to that song with a dry eye in my life.

Dear Evan Hansen is full of meaning and relativity, as well as raising awareness for people going through problems. I absolutely love it. It's so beautiful, I can't stress it enough.

. Definitely one of the best musicals of the year. It got best musical at the Tony Awards for a reason.

There's so much meaning in every line. It's beautiful


This musical is everywhere! The mags and newspapers rave about it, I know someone who played the lead role in 6th grade and now my brother's school is doing it this year! I hope one day I can see it

I haven't seen this show yet, but I might when it goes on tour. As you may know, Aladdin is one of my favorite Disney movies. And one of the best things about it is the music! I listened to the soundtrack for the Broadway show and it definitely sounds amazing! There are songs from the movie and there are new songs as well. The new songs are pretty good but the most memorable one, in my opinion, is Proud of Your Boy. It's a song that Aladdin sings and it is very emotional. The songs that they used from the movie were definitely great. The actors are really great singers! A Whole New World sounds really nice. The best one, however, is Friend Like Me! Wow! James is such a great Genie! He certainly did Robin Williams justice! The soundtrack is really great and it makes me want to see the show!

Loved the music


The movie is terrible, but I've heard that the play is good. The songs in this musical are very upbeat! La Vie Boheme is a perfect example! I also really like Take Me or Leave Me. Idina Menzel, as usual, is a great singer and actress! And she's kind of hot! But I think we all know what the best song in the movie is. Seasons of Love! This is a song that you will most likely hear a ton of choirs singing. Even my college choir is performing this song! The actors are expert singers and when they all sing as a group, they sound very awesome! Pretty great soundtrack!

You're right, my friend. The musical was,! I was originally planning to get the movie until I found out that they took out most major scenes, especially "Halloween" and "Goodbye Love" (two songs that are important to the musical and as a result of their absence in the movie, we don't get to see a further depth of Mark's and Benny's characters (you'll see why if you saw the musical yourself)), so I might as well get the 2008 DVD of the musical filmed live. I loved the musical so much! I know Les Miserables is very good and the best, but something attracted me to Rent more. It's my current favorite musical!

Seasons of Love is the song that's usually played in a LOT of high school choirs and chorus classes

Heathers: The Musical

I LOVE Heathers! One of my favorite soundtracks featuring my favorite cast Ryan McCartan, Barrett Wilbert Weed, and several others. When I first listen to I knew that this could be beautiful!

I love Heathers! The soundtrack is everything for me! Great musical to get into!

My favourite! Love it

"Heather! Heather! Heather! "

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The Book of Mormon The Book of Mormon Product Image

The Book of Mormon is a musical written by Trey Parker and Matt Stone. Best known for creating South Park. One of my favorite cartoons. Which means this is a pretty adult musical. The songs are written by Robert Lopez. Best known for writing the songs from Frozen with his wife, Kristen-Anderson Lopez. Speaking of Frozen, Josh Gad was in the original Broadway cast for Book of Mormon. So every time I hear him sing, all I hear is Olaf. But you know what, I really like the songs in this musical! The very first song in the entire show is a really great way to start the show! I also found some of the songs to be pretty funny! There's this one song that's sung by Africans which I won't say the name of because even though the title is written in a different language, it's still very disrespectful. But I laughed really hard at that song! And wow is it vulgar! I haven't seen this show. Hopefully it gets adapted into a movie. From what I've heard, it sounds pretty good!

The music is amazing, most people are offended by this musical, but as a mormon I can say it is downright hilarious. A lot of it is incorrect, but the humor and musical numbers very well make up for it.

West Side Story West Side Story Product Image
Beetlejuice: The Musical

How is this not higher up?

I couldn’t find any songs that I disliked on here

Beauty and the Beast

Why couldn't they just show this in movie theaters instead of creating a cash in on people's nostalgia with awful CGI and one of the worst actresses ever as the main character? Beauty and the Beast is one of my favorite Disney movies. But the play is nowhere near as good as the animated movie. It has a pretty great soundtrack though. The songs that were used in the movie sound really great! Be Our Guest is the ultimate show stealer! All of the actors are excellent singers! There are also new songs that were written for the play. I barely remember them though. The most memorable one is definitely If I Can't Love Her which is sung by the Beast. It's a great song but I started hating it ever since I and a few other boys had to sing it in choir in high school and we forgot the words! So embarrassing! Evermore is a much better song! Although, something that both songs have in common is that they are horribly placed! Beast sings If I Can't Love Her while Belle runs away after going in the ...more

Amazing preformance

Jesus Christ Superstar Jesus Christ Superstar Product Image

Ok. This is easily the best musical of all time, and this is coming from an atheist. The soundtrack recording is raw and powerful, featuring striking vocals and moving instrumentals. The story is fantastic, giving a glimpse into Judas and his motives for turning in Jesus, all the while humanizing the classic bible story most are familiar with. The songs have contrast but an overall unity; songs like "heaven on their minds", with amazing vocals and brutal honesty, a dark and powerful composition which contrasts "king herods song", which has an upbeat jovial quality. I could listen to this musical daily, blasphemous and charming.

Jesus Christ! Superstar! who are you, what have you Sacrificed!

In the Heights In the Heights Product Image

In The Heights is surprisingly underrated, considering it won a few Tonys, a Grammy, and a Pulitzer Prize AND has music written and a character played by Lin-Manuel Miranda. It is about life in Washington Heights, which is a predominately Latino neighborhood that Lin-Manuel actually grew up in. It made me laugh, cry, and sing. Definitely a must-listen.

School of Rock School of Rock Product Image

I highly recommend the show. Not as good as the movie but it's funny

My Fair Lady My Fair Lady Product Image

Yes I like it it fells heart singing
will done I feel like daching

Spring Awakening Spring Awakening Product Image

Just the best.

The Greatest Showman

Best movie ever

Miss Saigon Miss Saigon Product Image
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Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street Product Image
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