Top 10 Cover Songs by Extreme Metal Bands

Original songs can be metal or non-metal songs, extreme or non-extreme metal songs. But the band making the cover must be extreme.

Extreme metal bands are mostly thrash, death metal, black metal and some other smaller extreme metal subgenres.

Sometimes extreme bands change the original genre which often leads to debates.
The Top Ten
1 Painkiller - Death
2 Aces High - Children of Bodom

Bruce Dickinson sings this song very aggressively and screams the vocals almost all the time so Alexi Laiho just developed this vocal style a bit further. Instrumental part is great.

I don't like the growls Cradle of Filth added to Hallowed Be Thy Name because Hallowed Be Thy Name is mainly an introspective song. However, Aces High isn't introspective and growls don't sound bad, in my opinion.

3 Alison Hell - Cradle of Filth

A very good Annihilator cover. This is coming from a massive Annihilator fan.

This time they made a cover without changing the original. It's almost note for note, unlike the HBTN cover where they got "creative" and the result wasn't very good.

4 Black Metal - Vader
5 Children of the Grave - Havok

Excellent cover, one of the best I have heard. Double bass matters (to me).

6 Speed King - Venom
7 Am I Evil? - Metallica

Yes, Metallica is definitely extreme metal.

8 I Want You (She's So Heavy) - Coroner

My favorite The Beatles cover. Coroner are a thrash band.

9 Highway Star - Metal Church

I really like this Deep Purple cover.

10 Balls to the Wall - Amon Amarth

Death metal cover of Accept. I like it. I think growls don't ruin it.

The Contenders
11 Cold Sweat - Megadeth
12 Saturday Night's Alright - Flotsam & Jetsam

Elton John went thrash thanks to Flotsam & Jetsam.

13 Would? - Opeth
14 Space Truckin' - Overkill

Pretty good Deep Purple cover.

15 Valhalla - Heaven Shall Burn

Death metal cover of Blind Guardian classic with additional vocals by Hansi Kursch.

I am very curious what cjWriter1997 thinks about this cover because Valhalla is his favorite Blind Guardian song.

I like this cover very much. It was a great idea to invite Hansi because his voice adds epicness to the cover.

I only wish they kept the brutality of the original riff. It's odd but the riff on the extreme version sounds less brutal. On the re-recorded Blind Guardian version of 2011-2012, the riff sounds even more brutal than their original.

16 Whiskey in the Jar - Metallica
17 Neon Knights - Anthrax

One of my favorite covers of Dio songs.

18 Oops!...I Did It Again - Children of Bodom

Britney Spears went death metal.

19 Fight Fire with Fire - Vader
20 Black Night - Deicide

Deep Purple cover - I actually like it very much.

21 Powerslave - Anaal Nathrakh

Iron Maiden cover. It's a controversial cover but I included it to see what you think. I know some people may not like it.

22 Cold Sweat - Kalmah

Another Thin Lizzy cover, it's more extreme than the Megadeth version (this is death metal).

23 Smoke on the Water - Six Feet Under

Another controversial cover by Deep Purple, with growls by Chris Barnes (ex-Cannibal Corpse).

24 Angel of Death - Vader

A Thin Lizzy cover, not Slayer. It's a death metal version. I like this cover but prefer the version by Gamma Ray because Gamma Ray emphasized the great riff of the original song while Vader somewhat buried the riff under other things.

25 Children of the Grave - Amon Amarth
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