Best Bronski Beat Songs

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1 Hit That Perfect Beat Hit That Perfect Beat Cover Art

Good song, I like the Synth wave influence and the dance influential beat too. damn this song should be one of the bests ever

This song was the light of my young day's
i just love it, is so perfectly good.

This one is right on no. #1 - LilytARG

2 I Feel Love I Feel Love Cover Art

I instantly fell in love with this ..
Thanks sample! Thanks sample.

best synth song ever

3 Junk Junk Cover Art

This song ghotta be the number 1 song of the list. I can't believe it is ranked low at number 7, damn..! this is very good song come on vote it people, it needs more votes since it's too good man.

This song just junks the way on

This has to be first people

One of the simplest but still good tracks of all time.

4 Smalltown Boy Smalltown Boy Cover Art

I tought this track would be number #1. since it was their greatest hit on the Rock Pop radios back in the old times. - Q-ube

This song for the win!

Grand theft auto 5

Still a dumb but a clear song too.

5 Need a Man Blues Need a Man Blues Cover Art
6 C'mon! C'mon! C'mon! C'mon! Cover Art
7 Why ? Why ? Cover Art
8 Run from Love Run from Love Cover Art
9 Heatwave Heatwave Cover Art

Sappire this song could be 1st, what a movement againts this!

10 Hard Rain Hard Rain Cover Art

I can't belive this beauty got out of the top 5

this is one of my favorite songs back on eighties!

thah beat is pure music

Is the best

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