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1 Hit That Perfect Beat Hit That Perfect Beat

This song was the light of my young day's
i just love it, is so perfectly good.

2 Smalltown Boy Smalltown Boy

Still a dumb but a clear song too.

I tought this track would be number #1. since it was their greatest hit on the Rock Pop radios back in the old times. - Q-ube

Turn Away! Turn Away!, Tuuurn Awayy!

3 I Feel Love I Feel Love
4 C'mon! C'mon!
5 Why ?
6 Junk

One of the simplest but still good tracks of all time.

This song just junks the way on

Thhis song is so much better than the other rest's

...i personally wonder myself why it so low...

7 Run from Love
8 Heatwave
9 Need a Man Blues
10 Hard Rain
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1. Smalltown Boy
2. Junk
3. Heatwave
1. Smalltown Boy
2. Junk
3. Hit That Perfect Beat
1. Hit That Perfect Beat
2. I Feel Love
3. C'mon! C'mon!

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