Mega Rants - Comic-Con

MegaSoulhero What the heck, Comic-Con!? Why would you do this!? This is just so... UGH!!! They just can't let us have nice things! Last weekend at the D23 Expo, they showed a trailer for Avengers: Infinity War. And then this weekend at Comic-Con, they decided to show the EXACT same trailer at the Marvel panel!

I think it's great that the people at Comic-Con got to see the trailer, but the problem is, IT'S GOING TO GET LEAKED!!!! Every time SDCC releases a trailer that they don't plan on releasing to the public, it get leaked! Because their security sucks! At D23, they make people put their phones and cameras in sealed bags. They also have security walking around in every aisle. So it's practically impossible for anything in those panels to get leaked. But as for Comic-Con, they don't make you put your phones in sealed bags and their security is crap! It seems like they don't even care! Marvel has no plans on releasing the Infinity War trailer yet! And when they do, it's not gonna be that exact same trailer! So they should really have more security make sure that no one is recording the trailer!

Seriously! What is the point of showing an exclusive trailer if they're just not gonna care if people are recording? It ruins the experience for the people at the panels because it's not exclusive when everyone on the internet gets to see it! I'm glad I got to see the trailer at D23! It was great getting to see footage that the public doesn't get to see! But if it gets leaked, that excitement is gonna be dead! People paid a lot of money for these conventions and waited hours for these panels! They deserve to see something that no one else gets to see! People have been doing this for years! There is always someone who feels the need to show the world something that wasn't supposed to be shown to other people! I don't know if the trailer has gotten leaked as I'm making this rant, but I feel like it will!

I love Comic-Con, but they need better security! Don't show exclusive footage of a movie if you're not gonna make sure that it stays exclusive! Because what would be the point? D23 does a great job at this! Comic-Con does a terrible job at this! I'm hoping that the trailer doesn't get leaked. That would be bad.

Update: IT GOT LEAKED!!!!