The Lion King Remake Will Suck

MegaSoulhero The Lion King remake has got to be the most unnecessary remake that Disney is making! Are they just gonna remake everything? What's the point? Lion King is one of the best Disney movies ever made! What's there to improve on? I felt the same way about Beauty and the Beast! There were a few things that they improved on, but for the most part, it was pretty much the same movie but with pointless added scenes. Anyway, I was at the live action films panel at D23. They showed a clip from the live action Lion King movie. Or in this case, the photo realistic animated Lion King movie. And honestly, I wasn't impressed.

Everyone I talked to regarding the clip they showed really loved it. But the clip shows some of my worries for the film! They showed the Circle of Life scene and it looked EXACTLY like the scene in the original movie! Literally shot for shot! If you play both version of the scene side by side, you'll see that they are exactly the same! Of course, you can't do that right now because the clip wasn't released to the public. This is what worries! What if the whole movie is practically a shot for shot remake? I know it's supposed to be a remake, but remakes shouldn't be EXACTLY like the original source material! Look at the live action Cinderella! It was pretty similar to the original Cinderella, but there were so many different things about that made it feel like it's own movie! It failed, but at least it tried to be different! When a remake tries to be nearly an exact copy of its original source material, that pretty much proves that the original is too good to mess with! Jungle Book wasn't exactly a very popular film, but the remake turned out to be amazing! Remakes should be done for bad films or films that weren't that great! You're probably gonna tell me that I shouldn't judge the movie based on one clip, but I'm still convinced that there won't be that many differences!

One thing I'll give this movie is that the CGI looks amazing! Considering this is from the director of the live action Jungle Book movie, that should be expected. But this also leads to a problem. I felt like the characters in the original movie were easier to care about because of their designs and that they actually look like characters. In this cash grab, we're just gonna be seeing these realistic looking animals talking to each other which won't have the same charm that the original had. It's practically gonna feel like a documentary or something! I know I praised the live action Jungle Book, but that's because there's one human character played by a real kid who interacts with the animals as if they're really there. It looks like he's really interacting with them! Which makes it more believable! In Lion King, EVERY character is an animal! There are no humans! So it's just gonna be a movie with nothing but CG realistic looking animals running around and stuff! It's basically another animated film! Which, again, makes me wonder why remaking the Lion King is a good idea!

The Lion King remake is just gonna be a movie that was made just so they could make billions of dollars! Just like Beauty and the Beast! Out of all Disney, why would they remake this one? It's unbelievable that that they're making this! I'm still deciding if I'm gonna see it or not. If you want to see it, I won't stop you. I'm just glad the Avengers: Infinity War trailer was shown. That looks awesome!


It's bad enough Pixar is planning a lot of pointless sequels, but now Disney is making pointless remakes. What happened to the days when making a movie was about creating something inventive and original, not making a quick buck? - Elric-san

Hollywood just LOVES making cash grab live-action remakes that pale in comparison to their respective source material.That fourth wall break Amy made in Sonic Boom about The Jungle Book and how Hollywood should start making more original movies instead of remaking past movies pretty much sums up my thoughts on it. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

They should do a hunchback or huanted mansion one. - visitor

The haunted mansion was already live action - Trollsfan536

Yeah but I want to see it revamped - visitor

It's gonna be worse than Aladdin (and that's featuring Will Smith as the genie) - visitor

Wow, I agree. Completely unnecessary. - visitor

So pointless. Disney should stop remaking classics and make original ideas (or ones based on fairytales) that are animated! I know it's not that easy but can they try? They did Zootopia and that was incredible! - visitor