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MegaSoulhero Star vs the Forces of Evil is the most popular show that is currently airing on Disney. And since it has a huge fanbase, you know that it's also going to have people who ship two characters and want them to become a couple. In this case, the two main characters. Star and Marco. Also known as Starco. And I'm just gonna say right off the bat, I DO NOT SHIP STARCO!!!

What is wrong with fanbases? Why are they always so obsessed with shipping two characters? Whenever there is a show or a movie that involve a boy and a girl (unrelated to each other of course), people want them to end up together in a romantic relationship! So just because Star and Marco are the main characters who we get to know the most about throughout the series, people are shipping them! In fact, in the more recent episodes, it actually seems like Starco is going to happen! I'm not sure if this was Daron's original plan or if she's just trying to please the fans, but either way it's ridiculous! If Star and Marco end up getting together, it would be VERY cliché! And anyone who says otherwise is an idiot! I remember watching the very first episode of the show on the first day that it aired, and in the very first scene that you see the two characters together, I was thinking "These two are going to develop feelings for each other, aren't they? People are definitely going to ship them." And I was totally right! That just shows how predictable this is! When you first see the characters, you instantly know they will become a thing! Of course the fans are going to ship the characters. That's what fans do. But don't actually include it as a plot point in the show! Come on! Bon Bon the Birthday Clown is one of my least favorite episodes because of this! It's basically just fanservice!

Star and Marco's relationship works better as a bother and sister kind of relationship. Throughout the series, Marco tries to help Star adapt to living on Earth while Star teaches Marco about what living on Mewni is like. That doesn't really prove that they're meant to be a couple. It just shows that they're good friends who help each other out. Can't it just stay that way? The first episode where it was revealed that Star had a crush on Marco was Sleepover. Although, I wouldn't say it was revealed, but hinted at. It was flat out revealed in Bon Bon the Birthday Clown! And again, that's one of the reasons why I dislike that episode! It just comes right out of nowhere! This show is trying its hardest to force these two together! Like in the episode, Face the Music, the song at the end has Ruberiot singing about Star being in love with her best friend! How did he know about that if Star never told him about it? It just felt very forced to me. Marco and Jackie make a much better couple! They've known each other since kindergarten! Star and Marco have only known each other for, I don't know, a little over a year maybe? Yes they live in the same house and yes they see each other everyday, but again, think about it as if they were brother and sister! The show, in my opinion, seems to be going downhill because of this whole plot point with Star liking Marco! I'm not saying season 2 was bad, but it focuses too much on shipping to the point where it becomes distracting. It seems like it's becoming the main focus! It's almost as if that's the only reason why people watch the show now! It's just so stupid!

I really hope Starco doesn't become a thing! I will be very angry if they go that route! This show is better than that! What I'm hoping will happen is that Star and Marco both realize that they both have feelings for each other, but they decide to remain as just friends. I still really like this show and I consider it to be one of my favorite modern cartoons, but Star and Marco becoming a couple is a bad idea. This has been bothering me for a while now and I just needed to get this off my chest. I hate Starco! Please don't make it happen, Daron! COME ON!!!


I don't support Starco either, because I don't like the cliche of a boy-girl friendship becoming a romance. - visitor

Me neither! I hate that cliche as well! - visitor

"If Star and Marco end up getting together, it would be VERY cliché! And anyone who says otherwise is an idiot! " It's an opinion. - visitor

Agreed. Overall, shipping is dumb (unless of course it is the amazingness that is Yumikuri from the Attack on Titan fandom) but things like Starco just strike me as bizarre. I like the show, but I've always seen Star and Marco as brother and sister and honestly I like Marco and Jackie together and would actually like it if Star ended up not dating anyone by the end of the series. It'd be an interesting twist, also is it just me or does Starco sound like exchange student incest to you? - Anonymousxcxc

"Whenever there is a show or a movie that involve a boy and a girl (unrelated to each other of course), people want them to end up together in a romantic relationship! "

Not just boyXgirl. Literally ANY two characters will be shipped together regardless of gender, sexual orientation, age, and/or relation.
These days even incest doesn't stop fandom from shipping two characters together. Case in point: Pinecest. - visitor

There are lots of shows that have the main male and female leads not ending up as a couple like Ben 10, Naruto and Mighty Magiswords (Well... in the last one they are siblings so) but I think that just because Marco's the main male protagonist that doesn't mean he should be shipped with Star - TwilightKitsune

Rly - visitor

I really love the show, but they do not belong together and romances are not the best thing in the show or what really matters most. I really enjoy the character of Star but she does not belong with Marco. - iliekpiez