The Third Annual Christmas Countdown

Friends, TopTenners, internet people, lend me your ears!

Today is the 16th of November. That means it's only two weeks until December, which in turn means it's only two weeks until we who frequent TheTopTens begin the annual tradition of counting down the days.

It all started in 2013, when I messaged twelve users with a proposal. On each of the twelve days leading up to Christmas (December 13th-24th), a different user would publish a Christmas-related list. The end result was twelve lists by twelve different users. That year's contributors included both seasoned TTT veterans such as MatrixGuy, EvilAngel, and BKAllmighty as well as newbies like Britgirl, PositronWildhawk, and me.

Last year, the Christmas Countdown expanded to include twenty-four members and twenty-four lists (published daily from December 1st through Christmas Eve). And it will be expanding again this year! The number of contributors will remain the same, but, to reflect a growing trend on TheTopTens, blogs will be accepted as well as lists.

How to get involved:

First, you must demonstrate your contribution will be a quality read. To qualify, you must either have participated in a previous Countdown or have two of the following accomplishments:
  • 10 lists
  • 50 remixes
  • 5 HQ blogs
Besides that, all you need is an idea and a date. Message me the title of your list or blog along with two dates from December 1st-23rd* when you would like to publish it. I'll check to make sure your idea is original and assign you a date to publish it.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments below. However, if you'd like to reserve a slot, please message me directly. And don't delay--this is first-come first-served, and it always fills up quickly.

Happy Christmas!

*As creator of the Countdown, I have traditionally published the Christmas Eve list. I reserve the right to do so again this year. - PS


Apparently, my thug life rap is, inexplicably, not "high quality" enough for admin. As well as another. Leaving me with only 4 HQ blogs (according to admin and my personal knowledge, that is). Can I request a pass or should I get to working on another blog? - keycha1n

"To qualify, you must... have two of the following accomplishments..."

You're well over 10 lists, 50 remixes, and 100 comments (that still burns, by the way), which means you have three. You're fine, keys. - PetSounds

In that case, awesome.

though I must raise my eyebrow at admin. Hurrumph. - keycha1n

I think that over multiple blogs. - PositronWildhawk

Wow has it really been two years since then already. How time flies mate, it's scary.
Of course I'd love to contribute. Just give me few days to think of ideas :D - EvilAngel

Can I join? - RiverClanRocks

Message moi. - PetSounds

Can I join?
I have over 10 lists, over 100 comments (wow I talk so much) and over 100 remixes. - Martinglez

Message me. - PetSounds

Wait, what's the purpose? - Therandom

Celebration. - PetSounds

Is it a contest? - Therandom

Nope. - PetSounds

I guess I will. - visitor

Me! Pick me sir, pick me! I'd love to do it again! I'm quite sure I have two of the listed qualifications... - Wolftail

Picckk me! - JaysTop10List