Top Ten Coldplay Songs That Were Never Released as a Single

"High Speed"? "Amsterdam"? "White Shadows"? "Swallowed in the Sea"? "42"? There have been many-a-number of songs made by Coldplay that fans feel should have been on the top of the Hot 100-- question is, which is your favorite?

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1 Amsterdam - A Rush of Blood to the Head

Amsterdam is an awesome song. It builds slowly and then explodes suddenly. The piano is awesome, the lyrics are great. And yet, it isn't a single.

Amsterdam is truly unique. No other Coldplay song features such a great piano solo by Martin. The lyrics are lovely, and it perfectly captures a melancholic mood.
Most underrated Coldplay song, in my opinion. Under my top 5.

Amsterdam is such an underrated song, and it's a beauty. This song makes me cry when I listen to it, and it has a great build in emotion, and even though it isn't bombastic, it tells a great story, just like 'The Scientist' did. - ChristianDavid

My favorite Coldplay song, and my eighth favorite song of all time. The vocals are perfect and detailed. Great piano work. The song simmers for a while and then gets louder.

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2 Swallowed in the Sea - X & Y

Best ever! Nothing more to be said!

Swallowed in the Sea embodies everything that makes Coldplay Coldplay. It has a very moving melody with a heartfelt lyrical meaning. It has the atmospheric sound that Coldplay has come to patent over the years and is really an anytime song. Happy or sad, this is your tune.

Probably the best Coldplay song of all time and I mean it I know most people can't be bothered to listen to it but seriously this one is worth it

An undisputed favorite of listeners familiar with all albums. Listen to the words and the beauty of the song will reach out to you. It is very poetic and communicates strongly.

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3 A Rush of Blood to the Head - A Rush of Blood to the Head

An absolutely beautiful song. One of my favorites from Coldplay and a highlight of the album "a rush of blood to the head". Love it.

Really great song! I love the dramatic feeling of this song and I think more people should hear it.

I'm so glad I came to this page, this song is amazing!

It's title track one of best

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4 Politik - A Rush of Blood to the Head

This song is amazing! That is all I can say. The pure emotion of the song make my feet tingle. How can someone not like this song? Please listen to it! - alexismusa

Chris said it was one of the best works of Coldplay.

The song that got me into

I have no idea why this wasn't realeased as a single.

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5 White Shadows - X & Y

One of the most haunting, memorable choruses I've ever heard; can't seem to get it out of my head. Just when I thought the band couldn't get any better, I stumbled upon this absolute gem. Instantly became my favourite Coldplay song.

Awesome song. Really cool guitar riff. As much as I love this song, What If is better in my opinion. I think it amy have been released as a single in France though.

Fantastic chord progession, beautiful chorus, unfortunately, this should not be on the list, as it WAS released as a single, but that was only in Mexico, so it's OK

Between this and Strawberry Swing for me, but ended up siding with White Shadows. Amazing song nonetheless.

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6 Glass of Water - Prospekt's March EP

The third track on Prospekt's March EP. An excellent buildup leading to a chorus which seems to be overdone but at the same time seems perfectly in its place.

Thank you... Finally this awesome song gets some recognition.

Why are we drinking when we're done? - Merilille

This is defiantly one the best Coldplay songs and is one of the most intresting.

7 Everything's Not Lost - Parachutes

This song is the best. It should be #1

This song gets the essence of Coldplay

8 Warning Sign - A Rush of Blood to the Head

What? Saw the name of this list and instantly expected this to be top. The only ones I think that should possibly be considered ahead of this are A Rush of Blood to the Head and Amsterdam. - Chippieolamus

Great song! Definitely deserves a spot in the top 10. I don't know why it wasn't there yet!

Probably the most underrated Coldplay song ever

Listen to the acoustic version. It's the best song to sing to a girl.

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9 Up With the Birds - Mylo Xyloto

Up with the birds IS a single.

10 Twisted Logic - X & Y

Absolutely amazing. It's sort of a companion track to the song X&Y, it has some of the best passion and emotion, a true classic to me. "You'll go backwards again... you'll go forwards again" is a wonderful chorus, the whole song has powerful lyrics. And listen to Jonny Buckland on this! I think it has his some of his best guitar work. I read somewhere that people were telling Coldplay to not put this on the album... I'm glad the band didn't give in, or we may have never heard this!

This is definitely the most underrated Coldplay song ever. It's one of my favorite songs by them.

The Newcomers

? Parachutes - Parachutes

Love this song, really wish it was made longer because it only sounds like a demo. Maybe the 46 seconds are part of its charm though, because it leaves you always wanting more. Go listen to it, it won't even take a minute

46 seconds of pure magic.

That's a good pun

The Contenders

11 42 - Viva la Vida

that's a lame list

but between those songs that's the best one - jad_fadel

It's a great emotional song.

This song was released as a single

Great song

12 Strawberry Swing - Viva la Vida

This was proven by psychiatrists the most relaxing song with lyrics of all time. It actually slows your heartbeat and makes your brain process situations better. Oh yeah and it's a great, unique song :).

Was a single but a great song nonetheless. Go listen to it, especially if today is not your day.

One of my favourite songs of all time, a true fans vote and just a great relaxing song!

Even Martin said it was the best on Viva la Vida

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13 Yes - Viva la Vida

Best and most creative Coldplay song, the fusion of Eastern melody gives it a very haunting and unforgettable feel

No, no non on, this song sucks

14 Atlas

Always gives me goosebumps, also after hearing it the a thousand times

Just heard it and it rocks

One of the coldplays best new releases. Love it. Cheers

Erm, this IS a single :/

15 What If - X & Y

I love this song it should be #1

It's a great song, really deep

Everyone sais this songs bad, but I love it


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16 Only Superstition

From their EP Brothers and Sisters.

17 Death and All His Friends - Viva la Vida

Viva La Vida's version of Amsterdam and while it doesn't quite reach the height of the classic, it builds up similarly and is very enjoyable. Highly recommend it especially if you are more of a fan of the newer stuff

A very quiet and emotional beginning, followed by a crashingly loud ending section makes this an amazing song. Don't just read this, listen to the song!

A great ending song to an amazing album :P

18 Always In My Head

Yes! My favorite on Ghost Stories. It's so grand but simple. Great vocals and lyrics. - pandagirl

19 Dont Let It Break Your Heart - Mylo Xyloto

The songs is so inspiring, uplifting, marvelous! It's one of the best of the album! It may not be able to be a hit, but to music fans, it is heavenly. Mylo Xyloto at it's best. - keyson

20 Another's Arms
21 Lovers In Japan - Viva la Vida

It is one of my favourite songs. The sounds of piano and drum are very active and make me fresh. So I listen again and again.

One of my favorite Coldplay songs of all time. I listen to this song when I'm in love.

One of my favorite songs of all time

Amazing Song, It Should Be Higher!

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22 Charlie Brown - Mylo Xyloto

Charlie Brown is a single

23 A Message - X & Y

The most beautiful Coldplay song there is. Underrated but incredible!

24 Talk - Gravity

Amazing song. It's so beautiful and emotional. I can't believe this song is so low on this list. It just shows how all the best songs are the underrated ones.

First song to ever make me cry

25 High Speed - Parachutes

This is another underrated song. The dizzying guitar riff and the bassline is ideal for a laidback day. - ArAn

26 Us Against the World
27 Till Kingdom Come - X & Y
28 X & Y
29 Low - X & Y

Love this one!

30 Spies - Parachutes

This song is amazing, and extremely underrated. The instrumentals have this beautifully eerie sound to them, and the vocals are great.

31 O (Fly On)

O is a very moving song. I love the piano used in it and the lyrics are just simple in a way, but they're beautiful, and there are so many interpretations you could put on them.

32 Amazing Day
33 We Never Change
34 Murder

From their single God Put a Smile Upon Your Face... it is amazing

35 Animals

Ok, who's the idiot who put this on the list

Clocks and Paradise, apart form Viva la Vida the two most popular Coldplay songs. I THINK THEY WERE RELEASED AS SINGLES

36 Don Quixote - Unreleased Live in Latin America

Absolutely perfect.. Makes me want to jump up and down with joy every time I hear it. It makes me feel alive. Very, very alive.

37 Don't Panic

Because we live in a beautiful world, yeah we do yeah we do

Don't Panic is a single

It's a single. - sdp

38 See You Soon
39 Square One - X & Y

Square 1 is one of my favorite Coldplay non-singles. It has a strong energetic chorus and soft lyrical verses. Chris Martin's vocals and range, Will Champion's drive, Johnny Buckland's playing, and Guy Berryman's support are all fantastic.

40 Help is Round the Corner

from their single Yellow... it pwns

41 Ink

Ink is a single

42 Oceans
43 True Love

True Love is a single

44 Paradise

Paradise is a single

45 The Hardest Part - X & Y

Probably my favorite from X&Y!

46 Moving to Mars
47 Careful Where You Stand
48 Daylight

This is so underrated!

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