There Is No Greatest Country

On the list "Best Countries Of The World", USA is number 1. Now, you may think I am the happiest, patriotic American, but you are dead wrong. Instead, I'm concerned. I am concerned of the controversy of this list. Why? It's because people from other countries are going to read this list and go "Hey! Those stupid Americans voted for USA instead of MY country!". Other people might just start flame wars over which is the better country. So, I am very concerned about this list.
Another big issue is that a "best country" doesn't exist. Have you ever heard of the phrase "Nobody's Perfect"? Well, the same thing applies to countries as well. When you say that "USA is the most perfect country", you are wrong. First, the USA has done a lot of bad things, such as the segregation of Blacks, Japanese- American internment camps, and many more mistakes. The rest of the world isn't perfect either; wars, slavery, etc. Also, by saying "USA is the best country", it is implied that the United States is better than everyone, which leads to an inferiority amongst the other countries. In other words, no country is perfect.
In conclusion, there is no "greatest country". Every single country is great in some way, even if they have a lot of problems going on. By saying that your country is the "best", you have offended a lot of people. Sure, no country is perfect, but every country has at least done something positive to the world. With a lot of negativity going on these days, it's best to look at the positives in life, whether it be about the little things in life, or your devotion to something. So, just about every single country is "special" in someway.


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"Hey! Those stupid Americans voted for USA instead of MY country! "

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