Darkest Content Found on the Deep Web and Dark Web

The internet is probably one of the greatest inventions ever conceived. Well, that does seem to be true at first glance... Until you dig deep into the net.

Enter the Deep Web. There, you will find a lot of stuff which you cannot find in conventional sources such as Google, Yahoo, Wikipedia or Bing. For anonymity, you use special online currency used "Bitcoins" to buy or purchase things anonymously as the Deep Web is meant to be used anonymously. You could find a lot of stuff you'd find surprising on the Deep Web, some of which are harmless, though still somewhat mind-numbing, but with certain software applications, you'll find yourself in deeper, darker depths, ones where even the toughest-minded would find difficult to stomach; the Dark Web.

The Dark Web is arguably one of the worst places to stumble across. You'll mostly find some of the most vile, disturbing, haunting and disgusting content you'll ever come across and there is a sense of dread when you realize you'd have to consent to people who frequently use the Dark Web, as they could kill you should you disobey any order.

What do you think would terrify you the most. And WARNING: If you wish to enter the Dark Web, do be careful as I am NOT encouraging you to do so and strongly advise against it.

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1 Red Rooms

Red Rooms are sites where people pay bitcoins to access sites where they could see live stream of people getting tied and brutally, mercilessly getting tortured, mutilated and/or murdered, whilst people anonymously watch in glee and enjoyment. A famous example is "Daisy's Destruction" in which a little girl was excessively tortured and sexually molested, whilst being recorded live to the entertainment of the viewers. The person responsible, Peter Scully is now in prison in the Philippines and the footage is under the ownership of the FBI so it cannot be found anymore, although it is infuriating to know that these sorts of content is still surfacing around the Dark Web. Not just that, but once you're watching it, you can't go back or close it. Those who monitor a Red Room can gain access to your personal information, including name, address, relatives and many more, and should you disobey an order or attempt to close a live torture stream, you'll get a phone call from a mysterious ...more - CrimsonShark

This is evil. - Luckys

That is so terrifying, people murdered brutally and mutiliated? When I see that stuff, I almost want to cry at seeing innocent people dying horribly. Screw all these sites, I would kick the ass of these owners and get them to jail. I hope there is a law to ban this horrible thing.

Based off this list, the Dark Web and Deep Web should be illegal. - Skullkid755

2 Child Pornography

Some of the absolute worst child pornography is found there according to informative videos about the deep web on YouTube (I never actually been on the deep/dark web). - PhoenixAura81

Me and my friends were just talking until one of my friends brought the dark web, she talked about it warning us about it ( I could tell she got it from a shane video c;) and kind of got hooked on the subject, and yeah starting to regret that. - Luckys

Well...I officially regret looking at this list. - NightmareCinema

How do people enjoy watching children getting tortured? The dark web is like the real life version of the movie Where The Dead Go To Die and Mr Pickles. This is full of sadistic and cruel people who have nothing better to do in their lives other than just be evil.

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3 Cannibalism-Related Forums

Cannibals often go to the Dark Web to find others of their kind. Heck, they're so demented they'll actually try to contact each other and arrange meetings, so they can feast upon each other! Also, there's a full book on how to cook women, complete with structured planning and detailed guidelines. I wish I was making this up, but a cook book on women does unfortunately exist... - CrimsonShark

I watched a video about the dark web, and there was literally a picture of A HUMAN FOOT in a MEAT PACKAGE being DELIVERED! I feel so horribly bad for the people who have to deliver such sick things and possibly might be eaten by these sick beings. I lost my faith in all humanity after hearing about this. Please I pray for the world to become better, this made me get closer to Christianity again.

4 Human Experimentation

Yep, Human Experimentation is something that exists on the Dark Web. Its usually homeless people who get caught and then experimented upon via radiation, starvation, vivisection etc with graphical, horrifying results. There's even a tagline eerily similar to Animal Farm: "All Humans are not equal, For some of them were born superior to others". - CrimsonShark

Crazy stuff, this. - EliHbk

5 Animal Cruelty

One example: The Cruel Onion Wiki.
Women in heels torture small animals like puppies and kittens, often in a sexualized way.
That is one of the most disturbing things I heard about on the dark web. - PhoenixAura81

Humans aren't the only ones victims to the Dark Web. There's cases where people would torture and kill animals on live stream, via crushing them or mutilating them. - CrimsonShark

Once you see it, you can never unsee it - danimey

Yeah, I heard that there are live videos of cats getting beheaded which is just awful. Screw this (bleep) thing, please ban this!

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6 Sad Satan

I saw the walk through and this game is weird. I see nothing but an endless hallway with seizure inducing images and creepy sounds.

So there's this video game where you basically just walk through a pitch-black hallway endlessly. It does seem rather uneasy, but it gets worse progressively. You start to see some of the most revolting images, such as a mutilated child, a person getting raped or killed and even an image of a serial killer, Lady Justice, Margaret Thatcher and Jimmy Savile. And to top it all off, you'll hear chilling, disturbing screams of women and children which some sources say to be actually real and kept in audio files.

You can check out the gameplay on YouTube, but do be careful... - CrimsonShark

7 Satanic Forums

There are forums based on Theistic Satanism of course. There is some pretty weird content, such as ways to summon demons and Satan himself. Considering the people in this site could be dangerous, I'd rather stay out of this... - CrimsonShark

8 Last Word Recordings

Apparently, you can find audio recordings or scripts of planes right before they crashed. In fact, you can even find one based on 9/11. Its sad and disturbing considering you could hear the last words of the pilot and the passengers in audio, which might haunt you for life... - CrimsonShark

That is really sad to hear.

9 Silk Road

It's a known fact that the Deep Web is a place where you could buy drugs anonymously, with Silk Road being the best example. It was so successful, it was even dubbed the "eBay of drugs". The site was taken down in 2013, alongside the arrest of the site's owner. Since then, there has been a "Silk Road 2.0 and 3.0. Hopefully this business gets permanently destroyed in the near-future. - CrimsonShark

10 Stillborn Baby Collection

One of areas, where it's not that harmful. It's still chillingworth you know. - BorisRule

There's an actual site where grieving mothers share images of their stillborn children in the Deep Web as a way to cope with their loss and to meet and chat with others facing the same predicament. This is one of the few areas where the Deep Web is rather harmless and the motives are understandable to some degree. Although the chilling, haunting music, accompanied with the images of stillborn infants can give you an uneasy feeling. - CrimsonShark

The Contenders

11 Hitman Services

It's RIDICULOUSLY easy to hire one on the deep web. - PhoenixAura81

12 Lies About Beloved Celebrities
13 Isis Propaganda

I. Hate. It.

Isis sucks! I am no way ever going to fall for their stupid, propaganda, we need to get rid of this awful, evil group.

14 Nazi Forums

Wait? This thing actually exists, even today?! Please kill me now!

15 4shared Website

Viruses Company like www.4shared.com and www.4shared.one or www.download4share.come. Virus names - rootkit and Malware.

16 Shock Sites

What's this, a site had has jumpscares? - XxembermasterxX

17 Terrorist Websites
18 Guro
19 Human Trafficking
20 The Marianas Web

Very few people have ever been that deep in the web (I sure haven't), but it supposedly contains the absolute worst of the entire internet, like the worst child porn and gore. - PhoenixAura81

Filled with the worst gore and child porn imaginable. Trust me when I say you would never wanna go there ever...

21 The Hidden Wiki

It's basically the gateway to hell - styLIShT

22 Advice for Molesting Children
23 Pedophile Forums

Back then there was a pedo support community on the normal, but it got taken down - styLIShT

24 Animal Pornography
25 Satanic Video Games
26 Webcam Spying

On these websites, people can spy on others through their webcams by taking data corresponding to it, and someone could be watching you through the very webcam currently connected to the computer you're using as you read this. All those times you felt like a child and binge-watched Elmo's World are now public knowledge. - UndaDaSea

27 Porn


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