Top Ten Users that Make Great Debaters

This is a list of TopTenners who are talented at debating. They can bring up good and valid points in a debate and seem to be able to keep their composure under pressure.
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1 Metal_Treasure

Thanks for including me in this list.
From what I've seen on this site for about 3 years, I am one of the users who provide the most logical reasoning in a debate as well as accurate information. In debates I use facts and not opinions.
My fact-based contributions were useful as they made the debates better. For example, when people debate singers with a 5 octave vocal range I am the one who would give the exact vocal range of every singer and things change because it becomes clear that 60% of the singers don't have this range and don't belong.
And yes, I try to do this in a tactful way, thanks for noticing. I like civilized debates although I had to take part in some debates that weren't civilized but it wasn't my fault (I didn't start them).
I hate pointless debates and try to stay away from them. I don't like debaters who think that insulting the opponent is the pinnacle of the debating skills (i.e. verbal bullies, "elite" rustlers, and similar forms of low life).

2 Therandom

Absolutely. I think he's the user on here with the most common sense and argues his case well...and is usually correct.

3 LarrytheFairy
4 PetSounds

I don't know PetSounds that well though I've spoken with him once before, but from looking at his content, he seems to be very knowledgeable at the subjects he makes lists on and tries to make everything he says of quality.

5 htoutlaws2012

I don't know him that well yet, though we've had some interaction on BAND. He seems knowledgeable about his subjects and I would expect that he could hold his own easily in a debate with someone.

Considering he's remixed practically every list on the site, he knows his stuff.

6 cjWriter1997

I think cj would be good at debating because when talking to him, he's always able to give good reasons for his opinions and viewpoints. He is also able to present things in a very professional and tactful manner, which would play to his advantage.

Pretty good at debating. Laid back with music taste also

7 PositronWildhawk
8 DCfnaf

I think DCfnaf would make a great debater due to his ability to adapt his behavior to different settings (for instance, while he's typically not that serious and just joking around, he can definitely be serious if the situation calls for it). His reviews and content are very professional for the most part and he's good at arguing and standing by what he thinks, even if criticized for it.

He never lets haters get to him. He strongly stands his ground on all of his opinions regardless of how popular they are

9 2cool4u
10 Puga

While I think it would help in an actual debate setting for him to be a lot more serious than he almost always is, there's no denying that he is great at making comebacks even if they aren't that professional, and from his "rustling" ability, he'd likely beat some people just from that.

I'd put him in the Top 3. Hell, he's becoming one of my favorite users. I literally can't find anything about him I dislike (well, except for his taste in waifus). In his posts talking about the site, his humorous way of presenting his information and backing up his points is interesting.

The Contenders
11 IronSabbathPriest
12 SplashMoun10

From what I've seen from SplashMoun10, she's good at presenting points, and would also be very respectful to anyone she was debating with.

Professional, mostly respectful, unique lists, etc.

13 bobbythebrony
14 Element119
15 NuMetalManiak

NuMetalManiak is definitely very knowledgeable about the subjects he's interested in, and that knowledge would definitely give him a great advantage in any sort of debate about a subject he knows a lot about.

16 darthvadern
17 christangrant

While I think it would help for christan to try to make his points somewhat more professional looking, he does try to explain his reasons for whatever he thinks.

18 SteelCity99
19 2storm

Well saying I am in FBLA and multiple debate clubs and I will be taking a class called Contemporary Issues. I thing I am a good debater.

20 ModernSpongeBobSucks
21 Hermione_Granger220
22 Dunumbertwo
23 isaaonrtdmtr
24 PeeledBanana
25 Archived

He’s very serious about his opinions and he like a second isaaonrtdmtr. He is very good at giving reasons.

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