Best Fist of the Borf Star Characters

Fist of the Borfstar is an anime style cartoon about a man by the name of Jon who discovers his cat Garfielf has killed their beloved dog, Odie1. Jon seeks to avenge Odie1.
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1 Garfielf (King of Sunday Funnies)

Garfielf is an incredible villain. He is a true sociopath, he doesn't care about the well being of anyone... but yet that's why we like him. While we may root for Jon throughout the series, You can't help but like Garfielf and agree how amazing of a character he is.

2 Jon

Jon is your classic hero. He can't beat his best dog Odie1 has died, so he must avenge him. Jon is so morally righteous... and will do what is best. Jon does a great job at being the protagonist.

He shatters the newspapres sword with a single punch. 10/10 best scene

3 Marmaduke

Marmaduke really shows what he's made of when he sacrifices himself for Jon in part 3. Truly the most heroic act in all of anime. Marmaduke leaving his family was an important moment because we knew even though he loved his family more than anything he needed to defeat garfeilf.

At first marmaduke is just another fighter with Jon, but after seeing his origin story and having to watch him die, we realize how heroic he is.

4 Dilbo

Dilbo was about to die before Marmaduke comes to him telling him about Garfielf. To think this incredible character almost died is mind boggling. Dilbo helped a good amount, and was a great ally.

Where do I even begin with Dilbo? Such great strength.

5 Charlie Barn

He may of been killed off to quick, but he was there to help. This baseball playing kid was an important aspect to The Borfstar.

Charlie barn would be much higher on my list. You must've not watched footlab of carnage for him to be this low.

6 Odie1

Odie1 was only spoken of in the original trilogy, but we finally get to meet him in the sequel. Although he becomes evil by Garfielf, we can tell how much Jon cares for him, so so do we.

I don't really like Odie that much. He's really only mentioned...the second series made him way cooler

7 Calvin

Calvin is a stranger character, but we like him because of that. He may not of helped Marmaduke take down Garfielf. But we can tell someone is up with him. Plus Hobbes is pretty badass!

8 Hobbes
9 Two Gamer Guys

Just a joke. But pretty funny.

10 Dilbo's Suicide Companion

We're not sure why he did this, we don't know if it had anything to do with Garfielf or not, but the mystery keeps us thinking.

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