Top 10 Darkest Moments in Power Rangers

Some of the darkest moments ever to occur in the Power Rangers franchise

The Top Ten

1 Zordon's sacrifice (In Space)

In order to defeat the United Alliance of Evil, Zordon has Andros shatter his energy tube -which destroys him. - JT2zeMax

2 Kendrix's death (Lost Galaxy)

Kendrix sacrifices herself to save the universe and Cassie's morpher from the Savage Sword -making her the first Power Ranger to die in the line of duty. - JT2zeMax

3 Lord Zedd in the Command Center (Mighty Morphin)

Lord Zedd teleports himself into the Command Center to make a deal with the Rangers for Kimberly's freedom... and the atmosphere is chilling. - JT2zeMax

4 Destruction of the Power Chamber (Turbo)

Divatox plans an all-out assault on the Power Chamber, completely tearing it apart until it's finally destroyed. - JT2zeMax

5 Frax is reprogrammed (Time Force)

Right as Frax's humanity shines through and he tells Nadira she can end the cycle of hatred, he is taken away by Cyclobots and reprogrammed... wiping out the last of his humanity. - JT2zeMax

6 Master Org destroys the Wild Zords (Wild Force)

Master Org destroys all the Wild Zords without even breaking a sweat. - JT2zeMax

7 Lord Drakon's past (Boom Studios comics)

In an alternate universe, Tommy is seduced by Rita into voluntarily joining her cause after being freed from her spell and helps her army become more powerful. An all-out war breaks out outside the command center, and Tommy interrupts Jason's White Ranger coronation, turning him into the Hybrid Ranger he is... he then emerges with Jason's broken helmet... implying that he killed Jason. - JT2zeMax

8 Ransik's past (Time Force)

Ransik was just a mutant cast out by a society that favored perfection... so he swore revenge. - JT2zeMax

9 Dayu and Deker's past (Samurai)

Dayu and Decker were once human lovers; but when their house caught fire, Decker was mortally wounded and Dayu begged someone to help him. Serrator tricked her into making a deal - Decker would live... but they would both become half-human and half-nighlok, and Deker would never remember her. - JT2zeMax

10 The Command Center destroyed (Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers)

Goldar and Rito set up explosives under the Command Center and then steal the Zeo Crystal. The Command Center explodes -but not before Zordon and Alpha teleport the Rangers out. The Mighty Morphin era ends with the Command Center destroyed, the Power Coins gone, the Zeo Crystal taken, and Zordon and Alpha's fate unknown. - JT2zeMax

The Contenders

11 Rito Revolto destroys the White Tiger and the Thunder Megazords (Mighty Morphin)
12 Doctor K's past (RPM)
13 Magna Defender's past (Lost Galaxy)
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