Top 10 Deadliest Prehistoric Animals

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21 Gastornis

Slicing beak and claws speed and size

22 Dire Wolf
23 Short-Faced Bear

Biggest bear that ever lived

24 Dunkleosteus

Dunkleosteus was one of the first super predators in my opinion. It lived in the Devonian. It was a twenty - foot fish that did not have teeth, but scary looking plates. It looks goofy, but yet scary.

It's bite force was absolutely insane! - killerqueen1010

25 Sarkastodon V 1 Comment
26 Indricotherium

It can trample predators

27 Hatzegopteryx Hatzegopteryx

Oh man. I think it is scarier than Quetzalcoatlus. Due to having a robust skull twice as wide as Quetzalcoatlus.

28 Livyatan Melvillei
29 Phorusrhacos
30 Thylacoleo
31 Phorusrhacidae
32 Dimetrodon

It may look like a big lizard, but it's actually a proto mammal.

33 Megistotherium
34 Bear-dog (Amphicyon)

The power and grappling dexterity of a bear, the aggression and jaws of a wolf, the agility and body shape of a lion. This predator was bigger than sabre-tooth, more maneuverable than the short faced bear and out-competed Entelodont and Hyaenodon to extinction!

35 Arctotherium
36 Elasmotherium
37 Argentavis
38 Kelenken
39 Dinofelis

Preyed on, our early ancestors

40 Basilosaurus

It was the largest whale that ever lived and was a killer so it deserves to be on this list

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