Top 10 Best Decisions Made by Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network

While I did make a list detailing bad decisions made by both I'd figure make a list about good decisions both companies made.

The Top Ten

1 Allowing more creativity in their shows - Nickelodeon

Even though I DESPISE the Loud House I'll at least give it credit for allowing something different then most CN shows which isn't saying much...

2 Picking up Adventure Time and allowing it to air - Cartoon Network

This show along with Regular Show really did help the network.

One of the best ideas they ever made - codydoestuff

3 Having variety in their programming - Nickelodeon

Even if you HATE Nickelodeon you at least got to give them credit for having more variety then CN these days.

4 Still airing their older shows with the Splat - Nickelodeon

So the fans of their older shows are entertained.

5 Firing Chris Savino - Nickelodeon

This was completely justified in all honesty.

6 Firing Stuart Synder - Cartoon Network

At least Christina Miller actually shows cartoons on Cartoon Network. Stuart Snyder added live-action shows onto Cartoon Network, which just deflates the whole name of the channel.

Now if only they could fire Christina Miller...

7 Allowing the original Teen Titans series to be aired again - Cartoon Network

Which is only a slight sign of improvement now if only their was a mix of their older and newer shows they would be on the right track.

8 Cancelling Breadwinners - Nickelodeon

Thank god they pulled the plug on it...

9 Cancelling Uncle Grandpa - Cartoon Network

The show in general was bad so it's great that it was cancelled.

Good. - mattstat716

10 Trying to appeal to their more teen and adult demographic - Nickelodeon

Again their live action shows are drivel... but at least they're trying.

The Contenders

11 Cancelling Sanjay and Craig - Nickelodeon
12 Debuting OK K.O. - Cartoon Network
13 Cancelling Fanboy and Chum Chum - Nickelodeon
14 Rerunning Regular Show - Cartoon Network
15 Making Steven Universe a LGBT series - Cartoon Network
16 Greenlighting Infinity Train - Cartoon Network
17 Making SpongeBob - Nickelodeon

Love or hate the show, you cannot deny the EXTREME success Nickelodeon has had because of this.

18 Greenlighting adventure time - Nickelodeon
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