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1 Born to Be Wild - Steppenwolf
2 Highway to Hell - AC/DC

I think Top Gear got it wrong, Highway to Hell is a much better driving song than Queen. Don't get me wrong, Queen are good (i don't like them but I have respect for them) but Highway to Hell is better suited for driving - Danielsun182

Great song. But come on Radar Love wasn't even on the list. I just put it there.

No Stop signs.. speeding limits.. no body gonna slow me down
I'm on the highwayy too hell - shatti

3 Hot Fudge - Robbie Williams

Unknown in USA but still the best song

IS known in the US

Great song

4 Immigrant Song - Led Zeppelin

We come from the land and the ice! - MontyPython

5 Don't Stop Me Now - Queen

THIS IS NUMBER ONE. Does anyone know about top gear? They held a survey and 50 million people voted. This came out on top.

6 Slow Ride - Foghat
7 Cars - Fear Factory
8 Fuel - Metallica
9 Life is a Highway - Tom Cochrane
10 Wanted Dead or Alive - Bon Jovi

The Newcomers

? Left Hand Free - Alt J
? R U Mine - Arctic Monkeys

The Contenders

11 Highway Star - Deep Purple

How was this not already on the list. This song was made for high speed cruising. Easily the best driving song out there.

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12 Are You Gonna Go My Way - Lenny Kravitz
13 Life In the Fast Lane - Eagles
14 Bawitdaba - Kid Rock
15 Gypsy Road - Cinderella
16 Hey Wow Yeah Yeah - Robbie Williams
17 Back in Black - AC/DC
18 Fun, Fun, Fun - The Beach Boys
19 Turn the Page - Metallica
20 Runnin' Wild - Airbourne
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1. Fuel - Metallica
2. Are You Gonna Go My Way - Lenny Kravitz
3. Bawitdaba - Kid Rock
1. Fast Lane - Bad Meets Evil
2. I Can't Get No Satisfaction - The Rolling Stones
3. Highway to Hell - AC/DC

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