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1 Europe

Asia was close and it MAYBE had the edge right until the 16th century (I don't know because I'm no historian). If you take all landmass that has been under European rule you would end up with almost the entire world minus some countries in eastern Asia and the middle east (+a few more around the world). That says something.

Definitely the best continent, Spain alone makes it the best lol, but seriously Europe is the most diverse in everything from landscapes to culture to people, on what other continent can you find one of the most beautiful mountain ranges (the Alps) within 3 hours driving distance from sub-tropical beach area? Where in North America can you find any city with massive 6-1000 year old cathedrals and other historical places like the Alhambra and the coliseum? Every European country has its own unique culture unlike in North America where we just steal cultures from around the World and try to claim it as our own, European countries also have the best food by far, especially in Spain, Italy, France, Portugal, Greece etc. Europe (the EU) also has by far the biggest and most important economy in the World with a GDP bigger than both the US and Canada combined, I'm North American and Europe gets my vote without a doubt

We the best continent on Planet all European countries are rich but some are not on the euro some 1st world or 2nd world countries has the best landscapes and very clean cities I am going there by 2018. Europe is way richer than Africa, Asia or Latin America in this continent there is no poverty there is a lot of wealthiness. This is the oldest continent ever on the planet also rich as the Canada and US I vote for this.

Currently more peaceful than most of the other continents.
Wealth is p. much on the level of the USA and sometimes it can even top the USA's. (true sometimes it can't)
True the two halves of Europe really differ. Western and Northern Europe is much richer than Eastern Europe and Southern Europe (Spain, Portugal, Italy) is rather in-between the two.
There is also a wider variety in culture and people are much nicer than US citizens. (true Canadians are nice I've gotta admit)

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2 North America

Geographically speaking, North America has the most beautiful and diverse landscape on Earth. The Rocky Mountains, the great plains, the southwestern deserts, the beautiful rolling Appalachian mountains, Untouched wilderness of Northern Canada and Alaska. Not to mention the Caribbean and the gorgeous farmlands and beaches of Mexico and central america. North America is also home to the greatest country on Earth, the United States. New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, Houston, Washington DC--All unique and diverse in their own ways, and extremely powerful both economically and historically. Canada has a rich and plentiful history, and also feature some of the greatest cities on Earth (Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver).

Forget the people for a second. North America is by far the most beautiful continent on Earth in terms of nature. The land is amazing. Canada as a whole is beautiful, along with Alaska and other US states, not to mention the tropical climate of the Caribbean and Mexico.

Lacks a historical past but is the most beautiful and diverse landscape hits a climates. Provides the highest quality of life. And Canada is most diverse. And by diverse I mean groups of friends from every culture hanging out together not just living beside each other. Also best sports content with major leagues for every season.

Because all of the other ones suck socks dude

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3 Asia

Japan in itself is the best place in the world - but then there's also China, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, India, UAE... I did like going to Saudi Arabia, it was a great experience to experience another culture... But it's not the best country ever laugh out loud

I agree with you but saying Japan is the best place in the world is just plain racist. It's like you were looking down on the other countries saying "but then there's also". Nah man don't live with a mindset that there is a best country - sendpie

If there was no Asia then European countries must be very poor... Because they stole many things from Asia mainly India and China.. Stole their inventions of science...

Long live Asia! That's the continent with most beautiful women. I'm planning to marry a woman who was born and raised in Asia. I prefer ones who went to grade school for 12 straight years or spent majority of her childhood there (being abroad for few years then return to home country will still be accepted). Dating Thai women would be easier if I'm Buddhist. Dating Filipinas would be easier if I'm Catholic. Since Middle East, Malaysia and Indonesia are predominantly Muslim, I will experience tensions. I consider Indian women to be one of most difficult ones for me to marry because India is predominantly Hindu, and arranged marriages have been a common practice. If I have a Japanese wife, I'll have to convince her to have babies since Japan has low birth rate. I can't speak for every country because Asia is a big continent. I'm not trying to be racist, but I'll have to deal with the reality of these women.

Asia is a very important continent. All the Abrahamic religions(I think), Islam, christianity, and Judaism started here. Also Buddhism was started on the Indian subcontinent, as well as Hinduism. There are amazing places to visit here. Take the Far East. Going to China, Seoul, and Tokyo you will see many high rise structures being built. You can also take a peaceful stroll in Angkor what in Southeast Asia. Visit Dubai, for your shopping necessities. Don't forget India, where Taj Mahal will be your favorite wonder, and Mumbai will be your second home.

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4 Africa

The 'Poor, Dangerous Africa' Is just the media.

1. Non polluted - Whilst certain cities in central Africa are polluted, The wildlife is clean

2. Animals - Beautiful animals ranging from small birds to giant mammals

3. Peace - Yes a few dead wars but Ukraine, Afghanistan, and Parts of the USA are currently in Conflict as well

4. Freedom

5. South Africa, Morocco, Namibia, Botswana, and More countries are way richer than you think

FYI : I'm Half European and Half African

Africa is a legendary continent, the only one that isn't RACIST THE SLIGHTEST, no one in african countries cares about race, and its not poor, Kenya is a world rich country, as well as Egypt, Algeria, Nigeria, Botswana, South Africa etc.

Nice continent with a variety of cultures. Most people unfortunately are blind to the fact that there are native non blacks living in Africa, and it stops them from seeing the other cultures.

Honestly, it's the best

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5 South America

Guatemala is also a beautiful place and when you go there you would see how poor they live but being poor doesn't matter to them all they care about is family. When they are with family they smile so big because happiness is all that matters to them. They might be poor but they have really good hearts and they know how to have fun without having as much money. They know how to stay happy and how to celebrate with not just family but basically with all the neigh and people around.

South America has every landscape imaginable, from deserts, to glaciers, to forests, to jungles, to ancient ruins, prairies, mountains, beaches, access to Antarctica,etc. The people are among the friendliest you can find, very welcoming. Most of the happiest countries on Earth are in South and lower Central America. The standard of living varies from completely rural to as cosmopolitan as any major global metropolis. Furthermore, it's not as expensive as most other continents so you can travel much more with your money.

Far most beautiful continent!

the best

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6 Antarctica

Non polluted country in the world

Less people, less problems :D

Awesome country there are penguins! - Hydro_shinobi

A very underrated continent - SimpsonsFan1989

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7 Australia

Australia have some of the world most unique animals, cultural and environmental landmarks.

This should be third, after Europe and North America. You just can't get enough of this continent.

The most beautiful, the most liveable, the most peaceful, fantastic cities and towns, fantastic wild country areas! What do you need more?

I love australia because it is so beautiful its beaches cities and landforms are to beautiful I have only traveled to sydney adileid and melborne as my father lives in sydney I like it has always has been a great pleasure to go there

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8 Oceania

To all you ignorant losers who think Oceania is a country or think Australia is a continent, crack a book or go back to primary school. Oceania (Australasia) includes Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and the Pacific Islands. Australia isn't a continent because it doesn't have separate countries inside it.

Oceania is low in development. The islands are covered in lush green forests and surrounded by crystal clear seas and beautiful coral reefs. It doesn't get hot or cold. Almost always 70's and 80's. What's not to love?

Australia and New Zealand are two of the best countries in the world

Oceania is a geographical region you twits. Hence why there's the new zealandia continent my God..

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9 Afro-Eurasia

3 in 1 continent. The major continet from South Afrca to Italy and to Japan. - Vic1141

10 Pangaea

The first continent. When the world had peace. No continents, no countries just happiness, well, at least before the plate movement.

All 7 continents in one. - ethanmeinster

It's not the first continent but one of the older ones. Unless you are a YEC/maybe old earth creationist then there were no humans on Pangaea but animals like dinosaurs instead. All 7 continents plus India which was a continent at one time.

Basically all continents combined. So it has the largest GDP, population, army, and power compared to any other continent. - garetboyz

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The Contenders

11 Americas

You already said this


12 Eurasia

Europe+Asia makes most beautiful place on earth in every term.Both have rich history

It will use Euro single currency.

You already said this

Top things in both Asia and Europe are
2.Saudi Arabia

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13 Gondwana

I will not buy this record it is scratched.

This way up - use no hooks.

Sell me no penguins.

Nim Nim Nim

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14 Laurasia

Laurasia is far superior to Maryasia but not quite as pleasant as Annasia.

15 Euramerica

The Old Red Sandstone Continent! I wish this thing still existed. It's a real treat for me, liking my plate tectonics. If it still existed we could see America bordering Britain


What? - Dave346

16 Zealandia

This is a continent that is now mostly underwater. The only parts left is the land the land that makes up New Zealand.

What this, is this suppose to be a thing with New Zealand or Denmark or something?

17 Rodinia

Look it up.

18 Vaalbara

I don't know

19 Pangaea Ultima

Another word for the Mediterranean region and the countries that exits within it. It was also what remains of the old Roman Empire as Pangaea means "far-stretched" land in Latin and Ultima means "final". Pangaea Ultima include countries like Italy, Algeria, Egypt and Greece...

If so then this is the best. Tunisia, Italy, Spain..

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