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1 Europe

Europe, because there is London

Greatest continent of civilisation and culture

Europe. On average Europe countries is safer than America and Asia and Africa ( crime, wars, earthquakes, floods, hurricanes ) ; on average Europe have a good health care system ; possibility of working, living and travel in countries inside the EU ; Europe have a rich history and beautiful places ( The Alps and Paris, Venice and Rome, Lisbon and the golden beaches of Algarve... )

Because Europe is the best continent ever

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2 North America

A disgraceful continent with the worst countries. Mexico has stupid illegal immigrant who want to come into the United states, while Mexico doesn't allow Guatemalans into their country. Mexico is hypocritical, and throws a tantrum when they have to let in Guatemalan immigrants. Very dangerous countries such as Barbados and Trinidad and Tobago. Poor countries like Haiti. United states is a wasteland too. In the USA electing presidents is flawed. Democrats are stupid. Democrats may take over America one day. Democrats say that illegals should come in and have free health care. America doesn't have secure borders so it's easy for illegals to come in. In the constitution it says our nation will provide for the common defense. We are not doing that because stupid illegal immigrants bring in drugs and dangerous people. School system is also flawed. America and canadians focus on math and english. They don't bother to learn about different cultures and religions until later on, which is ...more

North America, What can I say about in my opinion the greatest continent in the world. Here's why:
One: THEY HAVE EVERYTHING IN THIS ONE CONTINENT, sunshine in Mexico, Snow in Canada, and business everywhere. This is also the only continent in the world with true big fresh water lakes, The Great Lakes. The U.S has the gambling city of the world on which continent: North America, Most of the natural sports in the world are played in Canada and the U.S (American football, Hockey, Baseball, Basketball, wrestling, tennis, curling, skiing and so much more. Canada is one of the most friendly countries in the whole world. It is home to a perfect amount of people on the continent, not to low(ex. Oceania) not to high(e.x Asia) They have some of the best theme parks in the world along side some of the best great natural wonders of the world. Most people in North America speak English and whats the international language of the world... English. The largest Army in the world is on this ...more

Europe is good in my opinion but the only problem is the language barrier, that's not present in North America

I prefer Asian Countries over North American countries, Except USA!

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3 Asia

Asia. I understand that Europe could be in competition for first place, but to put North America in front of Asia, you must have not been taught much of Asian history. Really Africa should come in close to top, but that's not the point right now. Now obviously there are much more diverse and beautiful things about my dear Asia, India, it's overflowing tradition, Korea and Japan, with their own unique style yet so similar, Mongolia, the land of the horses, wild and free, strong and proud. But allow me to talk about China. China is one of the oldest civilizations on Earth, and its traditions and cultures are beautiful, and missed. East Asia borrowed their traditions of this Ancient country, and I believe I am not wrong in saying that you would not find more extravagant clothing anywhere else. Traditionally they have always been respectful, proud and honourable, and they even try to kill the enemy as respectful as possible, to keep the body intact. Aside from that, they have always been ...more

Japan in itself is the best place in the world - but then there's also China, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, India, UAE... I did like going to Saudi Arabia, it was a great experience to experience another culture... But it's not the best country ever laugh out loud

I agree with you but saying Japan is the best place in the world is just plain racist. It's like you were looking down on the other countries saying "but then there's also". Nah man don't live with a mindset that there is a best country - sendpie

If there was no Asia then European countries must be very poor... Because they stole many things from Asia mainly India and China.. Stole their inventions of science...

Asia is the most diverse continent. From the mountains of Japan to the sands of Saudi Arabia. From the streets of India to the beaches of the Philippines. Asia has it all! Even rich history. And you thought Europe had rich history? Sure it does, but we're talking about Asia at the moment. All the major religions were started there. Islam, Christianity, and Judaism were started in modern day Middle East. Buddhism was started in either Modern day India or Nepal. Hinduism has no roots but is majority in India and Nepal. Many great empires, like the Roman, French, and British also existed in Asia. For example, the Chinese dynasties, Japanese feudal system, the Marathas and Sikhs who worked to save India, and the Mughals and Sultanates coming from the Middle East and Afghanistan. You also can't forget the Arab and Mongol empires which ruled a huge span. Geographically speaking, Asia has everything. The Middle East has the Arabian desert. India has the Thar desert. China has the Gobi ...more

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4 Africa

Wakanda forever

1. Civilization started in Africa - Egypt and others as is referenced in many historical records

2. Which country on earth exist without taping or is still trying hard to get something worthwhile from Africa?

3. If any country or continent is claiming to be the best because it has colonized any country or continent, what is the purpose of colonization? To gain the good things of that land which the colonial master does not have or have but not enough to help it survival. So it have to wonder to other places to use force or whatever means available to gain from that land. Is that what make the colonial masters the best the best? Capital "NO". The person or persons I know starts things from what he or she has and help others through it. That is the best person. like Africans Who never wonder about in the name of colonizing or using force, destroyed humans and take away what they have to enrich themselves; "living life at the expense of another man's life or other peoples ...more

The 'Poor, Dangerous Africa' Is just the media.

1. Non polluted - Whilst certain cities in central Africa are polluted, The wildlife is clean

2. Animals - Beautiful animals ranging from small birds to giant mammals

3. Peace - Yes a few dead wars but Ukraine, Afghanistan, and Parts of the USA are currently in Conflict as well

4. Freedom

5. South Africa, Morocco, Namibia, Botswana, and More countries are way richer than you think

FYI : I'm Half European and Half African

I am in love with diverse culture

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5 South America

Guatemala is in North America.

Best continent

Guatemala is also a beautiful place and when you go there you would see how poor they live but being poor doesn't matter to them all they care about is family. When they are with family they smile so big because happiness is all that matters to them. They might be poor but they have really good hearts and they know how to have fun without having as much money. They know how to stay happy and how to celebrate with not just family but basically with all the neigh and people around.

It is beautiful with venuzuela

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6 Antarctica

Antarctica surely is an isolated frigid place. I could live there to do some research if I had the chance. - illusion

It's the cleanest, calmest continent there is. Also the coldest, but who cares? Still a cool place.

Also amazing for scientific research with climate and astronomy

A very underrated continent - SimpsonsFan1989

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7 Australia

I live in Australia and believe that it is the beautifulest continent on planet earth

It has the best of the world, all in one place.

I only say after Europe and north America Australia shuld be come third

Amazing beaches great city way better than Antarctica

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8 Oceania

Australia is not a continent if you don't know go back to grade 3

YEP definitely

Actually Antarctica IS a continent AND a country. GO BACK TO SCHOOL

Oceania is a geographical region you twits. Hence why there's the new zealandia continent my God..

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9 Afro-Eurasia

3 in 1 continent. The major continet from South Afrca to Italy and to Japan. - Vic1141

10 Pangaea

It's the 7 for 1 special at Earth

Mr teke lived here

Its just combined and its old that why its 10th

The first continent. When the world had peace. No continents, no countries just happiness, well, at least before the plate movement.

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11 Eurasia

I love Euraisa I love the country turkey!

Europe+Asia makes most beautiful place on earth in every term.Both have rich history

It will use Euro single currency.

You already said this

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12 Americas

You already said this


13 Gondwana

I will not buy this record it is scratched.

This way up - use no hooks.

Sell me no penguins.

Complete with a linoleum fish bracket.

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14 Laurasia

Laurasia is far superior to Maryasia but not quite as pleasant as Annasia.

15 Euramerica

The Old Red Sandstone Continent! I wish this thing still existed. It's a real treat for me, liking my plate tectonics. If it still existed we could see America bordering Britain


What? - Dave346

16 Pangaea Ultima

It is as big as my pee pee.

Another word for the Mediterranean region and the countries that exits within it. It was also what remains of the old Roman Empire as Pangaea means "far-stretched" land in Latin and Ultima means "final". Pangaea Ultima include countries like Italy, Algeria, Egypt and Greece...

If so then this is the best. Tunisia, Italy, Spain..

17 Zealandia

This is a continent that is now mostly underwater. The only parts left is the land the land that makes up New Zealand.

What this, is this suppose to be a thing with New Zealand or Denmark or something?

18 Vaalbara

I don't know

19 Rodinia

Look it up.

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