Top 10 Most Annoying Types of Students

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1 Bullies

Bullies are the worst. They think people deserve to suffer their entire childhood because those people aren't as "pErFeCt" as them. Like, come on.

"I'm popular, attractive, and I'm good at sports. YES. That's a fantastic excuse to make other people hate themselves! And I'll always get away with it because everyone at school wants to be my friend! " that is pretty much a bully's opinion.

I honestly haven't been bullies my whole life that I know of, I wasn't the popular kid or the loser kid.. Just kinda in between :p

2 Bitchy cool girls

These people drive me insane. They think they're better than everyone just because they have more makeup or expensive clothing.

One of them literally was SO rude. One time I was talking to them about this topic and one said, "are you trying to have a conversation with us", and I was like, yep. And she replied "you are really horrible at it". It was just sad. I wish I could just crack and shank all of her insides.

Sorry, but 900 pounds of makeup, plastic surgery, showing off your body and bringing down anyone who's not fake like you really doesn't make you cool!

3 Backstabbers

This happened to me in 5th grade with a girl that I thought was my smart person in crime. We would always get every assignment in the high 90's and answered almost every discussion question together I come to find a year later, after she left the school, that she had been backstabbing me and talking crap behind my back. If I see her again, I will no even attempt to talk to her.

This needs to be number one. A girl used to be my best friend for 4 and a half years but she was faking half the time and she very nastily ditched me and now she is my worst enemy.

4 Jocks

They're so annoying they think that throwing a ball around and getting sweaty is more important than reading and studying to become smart, invent things and CHANGE THE WORLD!

5 Gossipers

Some people can't stop spreading false rumors if their lives depended on it, I swear.

They talk in the hall and never shut up.

6 Know-it-alls

They just can't shut up and have to show off how amazing they are and they like to add a bunch of words to their sentence to make themselves sound so smart.

This annoying kid in my classes thinks she knows everything about nursing when in fact she doesn't have any experience in it. So when you disagree with her she simply replies with no

I hate know-it-alls. They answer all the questions to make the rest of us look stupid.

7 Boys that keep bothering girls

My friend keeps being bothered by this boy in her English class who's constantly going up to her like "hey do you have a boyfriend?" even though she's told him multiple times she's a lesbian.

8 Competitive overachievers with no morals

Getting first place on everything isn't important, in the end it's just one tiny assignment in class that probably won't matter in the future.

9 Cruel kids

Again even mention those ugly red horned noobs who have footprints all over their selves.

They are maybe going to die because of this betrayal.

They always say bad words and always those bored ones who complain about life and I hate that they would act rudely towards other poeple, like one in school, her infected freinds yelled "this thing is empty, YEET! " And threw on empty bottle at someone when they didn't mean to, like ACT MATURE ALREADY!

Once I had an entire class full of these kids. There were like five non-cruel ones. It was so painful.

10 Frenemies
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11 Tattle tales
12 Loud kids

I can't focus in class because of these people, and then apparently the reason I can't focus is my phone, even though I always keep it in my pocket silenced during school.

How can I focus when someone is loud?

13 Drug-addicts
14 Immature people
15 Nerds

I have one nerd girl in my class. I'm not a nerd but somehow I have good grades. She is soo braggart and always finds some silly excuse to show that someone is not correct even though they are. In 3rd grade she was so jelaous because I won the compatition and she didn't. Next year she needed to tell me in the face that she did and I didn't.

Look at the computer or phone that you are typing on. Without nerds, that would not exist. Better than dumb sweaty jockstraps anyday.

Their behaviors is what should make them hated. Not their grades.

16 Goths
17 Teacher's pets

My opinion they are the worst types of students!

18 Perverts

Perverts are the worst scum of not only schools, but the whole planet. I hate them with passion.

It's like half of my school is gonna end up as parents by 16.

19 Trolls
20 Hipsters
21 Tomboys

At least we talk about more than our makeup/hair and don't cry when we break a nail.

I am tomboy and this comment made me sad not all girls are girly so respect tomboys!

Who put them here? Way better and respectful than girly girls!

22 Mean ones

Rude, and sometimes make joke about religion and those red dudes, super bad.

23 Jealous kids
24 Bitches
25 Girly girls

One time i invited my teo cousins to my birthday who has never met, then the minute they did they started going "oh hey lets follow eachother and make tiktock instagram and snapchat vids together!" Then started doing exactly that and trashing my room in the process. What REALLY annoyed me was, after they met, they forgot all about the guy who invited them there(they are girly girls

€I'm talking about the ones that go, "WAAH! I broke a nail!" "Instagram this", "Snapchat that", "Did you follow me?" "The Backstreet Boys are like, my saviours! " "Oh my god! Like, this guy is like, so hot!"

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