Extinct Animals that Would Make Good Pets

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1 Thylacine The thylacine was the largest known carnivorous marsupial of modern times. It is commonly known as the Tasmanian tiger or the Tasmanian wolf.
2 Microraptor
3 Compsognathus Compsognathus is a genus of small, bipedal, carnivorous theropod dinosaur. Members of its single species Compsognathus longipes could grow to around the size of a turkey.

*Sighs* Great. Why is someone changing images of real Mesozoic animals to their fictional Jurassic Park/World counterparts?

Yay, accurate paleoart

4 Propalaeotherium
5 Diictodon
6 Epidexipteryx
7 Yi Qi
8 Coelurus
9 Dwarf Elephant
10 Velociraptor Velociraptor is a genus of dromaeosaurid theropod dinosaur that lived approximately 75 to 71 million years ago during the later part of the Cretaceous Period.

Wait, why did the Velociraptor image came out as a monster/Jurassic Park creature and not as an image of a real Velociraptor? Velociraptors did NOT look like Jurassic Park/World raptors in real life. They did not have pronated hands, they had feathers all over their bodies, they were not big (being only turkey-sized), and were most likely only about as smart as foxes. Jurassic Park/World raptors would NOT make good pets, I was actually trying to post the real feathery turkey-sized Velociraptors, which would make good pets.

I want some of this!

If you get a dinosaur as a pets then I'll ask you to got the doctor and get your brain examined there's no way

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11 Sinosauropteryx
12 Dodo

They will be great pets when they come back become farm animals to mix with chickens and more farm birds.

This would make a good pet - ElSherlock

13 Scansoriopteryx
14 Rahonavis
15 Pterodactyl

Really? There's already Anurognathids, which were pterosaurs and would make good pets, on this list. Also, Big pterosaurs would NOT make good pets due to their large sizes and needing lots of food. - DinoLover4242

16 Wooly Mammoth

Seriously? Mammoths would NOT make good pets due to their large sizes and probably due to being aggressive, sure, dwarf elephants could have been aggressive once, but these are exceptions due to their small sizes, as said earlier. - DinoLover4242

17 Troodon Troodon is a dubious genus of relatively small, bird-like dinosaurs known definitively from the Campanian age of the Cretaceous period. It includes at least one species, Troodon formosus, known from Montana.
18 Coelophysis Coelophysis was a small, slenderly-built, ground-dwelling, bipedal carnivore, that could grow up to 3 m long. Coelophysis is one of the earliest known dinosaur genera.
19 Anurognathids

This group of pterosaur would make good pets due to their small sizes and, if possible, tameable. - DinoLover4242

20 Pakicetus
21 Proceratosaurus
22 Cephalaspis

This fish would make a good aquarium pet due to its small size and having a similar lifestyle to modern day plecos and other similar fish. - DinoLover4242

23 Petrolacosaurus
24 Beelzebufo
25 Thrinaxodon
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