Top 10 Characters in a Court of Thorns and Roses

A list of the top 10 characters in Sarah J Maas' A Court Of Thorns and Roses series.
The Top Ten
1 Rhysand


HE IS SO WONDERFUL. he has the perfect humour and he is so kind to feyre and I’m glad they’re mates and she isn’t stuck with tamlin the soggy tampon

2 Azriel

The quiet warrior shadow that has been throguh sooo much! I really like Azriel and I really hope he doesn't get hurt!

azriel is so cool. like, woah

3 Morrigan

I love her whole personality! I'm really proud of how she came out, and she is one of my favourite characters from the series!

morrigan is an absolute queen 👸

4 Feyre

I know she is the main character and she’s meant to be loved but, damn, she is one hell of a queeeeeeen 👑

5 Cassian

I really like his flirting and playful personality!

cassian is the cooooolest

6 Amren

A creature in a fae body. I looooove her. She is sooo powerful, ancient, and different! In my mind, she's like out of all the other characters leave (not in a bad way, it's more like she is supppper different from them!)

she’s so wise and cool. I like how they used her as a scary story for the fae children to get them to behave 😂

7 Nesta

I feel like people might be mixed on this but I love Nesta! She is made of steel. In the first book, I kind of hated her but later on, in the second book, I started to like her more and more!
Go Nesta! I love her she is soooo protective of Elain!

8 Elain
9 Lucien

Why does no one like him?

10 The Suriel
The Contenders
11 Tarquin
12 Amarantha

Definitely going to have a lot of people disagreeing with me on this but I like how she took revenge for her sister!
I think Julien deserved it for treating Amarantha's sister like that.
Obviously, it doesn't excuse her actions under the mountain, but I just like her character as a whole (she makes the story really interesting!)

13 Tamlin

He is so so much better Rhysand. He is accused for being abusive, yet Rhys does the same thing? I honestly wish Sarah wouldn't victimize him so much!

14 Alis
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