Top 10 Characters in a Court of Thorns and Roses

A list of the top 10 characters in Sarah J Maas' A Court Of Thorns and Roses series.
The Top Ten
1 Rhysand
2 Azriel

The quiet warrior shadow that has been throguh sooo much! I really like Azriel and I really hope he doesn't get hurt!

3 Morrigan

I love her whole personality! I'm really proud of how she came out, and she is one of my favourite characters from the series!

4 Feyre
5 Cassian

I really like his flirting and playful personality!

6 Amren
7 Nesta

I feel like people might be mixed on this but I love Nesta! She is made of steel. In the first book, I kind of hated her but later on, in the second book, I started to like her more and more!
Go Nesta! I love her she is soooo protective of Elain!

8 Elain
9 Lucien

Why does no one like him?

10 The Suriel
The Contenders
11 Tarquin
12 Amarantha

Definitely going to have a lot of people disagreeing with me on this but I like how she took revenge for her sister!
I think Julien deserved it for treating Amarantha's sister like that.
Obviously, it doesn't excuse her actions under the mountain, but I just like her character as a whole (she makes the story really interesting!)

13 Tamlin

He is so so much better Rhysand. He is accused for being abusive, yet Rhys does the same thing? I honestly wish Sarah wouldn't victimize him so much!

14 Alis
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