I love Lydia. I do. But I hate Stydia. I am so done with unrequited love. I don't care "if it isn't requited love anymore". She had ten years. First it was Jackson and Jackson was so hot I get it. Even after she was single she didn't go for Stiles. If she needed that much time to figure out how special Stiles was they don't belong together. Like I said I love Lydia but not with Stiles.

Yes it took ages for them to get together but the six seasons of Teen Wolf are only actually three years and over that time Lydia begins to see Stiles for who he truly is and they both already have the foundation of a relationship by the time they get together and you really believe that they love each other and it's not just a bad plot device.

Sorry, but they aren't good together. First of all, he can't get her hair color right. It isn't light red or reddish blonde so I don't know by he thinks it is strawberry blonde. It is red. I sent my friend I picture of Lydia(she has never watched teen wolf before) I asked her what hair color the girl had and she said brownish red.

This character relationship is very sweet. After Lydia and Stiles' characters both developed, they just became beautiful and worth the wait for. Their relationship is a bond of trust and true friendship and that is what makes their love so perfect.

I used to ship them but I started to hate them, I realized that they would be only good as mates. We all know Malia is Stiles true love WITHOUT A DOUBT

Stydia is an endgame. No doubt. Stiles had been crushing on Lydia since 3rd grade. They should totally be a canon since they had so many tensions with each other. After all those things they had gone through together like saving each other each season, they should be together. How Lydia looks at Stiles, is like she is actually in love with Stiles. Maybe Lydia did not realise that but she will eventually realise that soon.

Stiles has loved Lydia forever and she yes has ignored him at first but that's part of Lydia's character development and there story Lydia and stiles become best friends and obviously fall in love there story is unique partly cliche but stiles does see the good in Lydia from the start.

Stiles didn't see the good in Lydia from the start. He simply knew she was smart, hot, and popular. Personally, I don't find that romantic, but you can believe/ship what you want. - Disneylover

Horrible history, no chemistry, no meaning. In other words horrifying pairing... I'd rather ship Stiles with a baseball bat than Lydia.

Stydia are too cliche. its Like "Boy has a crush on girl. Girl doesn't notice him. Boy does something heroic. Girl finally notices him" Stiles was actually obsessed with her, he knew everything about her. A crush is cute but once it gets that far to knowing every little detail I think it's weird. If a boy that I never even acknowledged came up to me and told me something personal about me then I'll be very freaked out.

They're great together, just meant to be.

Ugly ship. No chemistry. No connection. Lydia is a boring character and the only time (or most of the time) we see stydia scenes is when Lydia gets hurt and needs saving. The ship is purely fan service and has been dragged on WAY to long.

They are the most amazing ship, you can see that they both mean everything to each other and the would anything for the other!

Perfect example of a plain, boring cliche ship. Stiles and Lydia together would be so bloody boring! They have zero chemistry and the only bond they have is through FRIENDSHIP. Lydia had her chance and she blew it. Stiles and Malia are SO much better

I love stydia they have a connection that no one has, stiles had a crush on her since the 3th grade and Lydia loved him since they kissed in season 3. They save a lot of people lives and even each other's.

If they are endgame they wouldn't make it for the rest of their lives. I think they just aren't meant to be. I can't feel any chemistry between them. However, if you like them that's fine. I don't mean to offend your OTP. I just saw someone insult my OTP. So I am in a bad mood. I guess what I like about Stydia is Stiles. I love Stiles. Marry me Stiles. I have it planned out. Lydia can have Stiles Mondaybecause she gets Jackson Sunday. Lydia also gets Parrish Tuesday. When Lydia does not have those guys I have them. Except for Saturday when Malia has Stiles. Malia also gets Theo Sunday. See all planned out.

Stiles derserves someone who knew how special he was from the moment they saw him(or the first word that came out of his mouth). Someone who knew he was the one from the very beginning. I love Lydia but Lydia ignored him for almost ten years.

I really hope this pair will be endgame, their amazing together.

Still #1 ship even with all these haters.

Stiles likes Lydia. Throughout the series Lydia becomes aware of Stiles's feelings for her. She never acts upon his feelings for her. She cares for Stiles and would do anything for him. - Moonheart

They're Just Endgame, The Whole Build Up And How In Season 6 He didn't think she has to say it back because he doesn't want her to feel like she has to it's so cute and realistic. if this isn't a true couple I don't know what is it resembles real life so much it can take people years to realise their feelings so to all you haters out there just think about this and see if you still feel the same. if you do I'm sorry for you not being able to see how amazing they are together they make such a great team. STYDIA IS ENDGAME

Love this couple, they are very well developed and they take their time in building their relationship!

She never showed interest in Stiles. I think Lydia is better with Parrish.

The best couple development in the series by far!

They should be together not Malia and Stiles

Stiles and Lydia are just perfect together! I started shipping them in season 1 because they are cute, funny, and meant to be for each other since the first episode! Uf you don't ship them I don't know what's wrong with you...