Favourite Friends Characters

Who is your favourite character from the hit television show "Friends"?

The Top Ten

1 Chandler Bing Chandler Bing Chandler Muriel Bing is a fictional character from the NBC sitcom Friends, portrayed by Matthew Perry.

chandler is d funniest and bestxxxxxx - xxmegxx

My favourite fictional character, ever, I think.

He's so cute and funny!

I lovve Chandler!

2 Pheobe Buffay

phoebe is the best! I think she is actually funnier than Chandler for the right and wrong reasons.

Phoebe is great. she's funny, she has an interesting life. she's weird but in a good way. she is just such a great friend! I love you Phoebe!

phoebe is the funniest character on the whole show! Shes really strange and weird but thats what makes her AWESOME! - flowerchild4eva

Phoebe is so amazing because she’s so different to the rest of the group and also comes out with some of the funniest one liners I’ve ever heard!

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3 Rachel Green

One of the most likeable characters ever on tv. - ilovekelly75

4 Ross Gellar

He such a sweet person and I laugh with him so much! I can also relate to his "nerdy" personality.

I love his enthusiasm for dinosaurs and science. Him and Rachael make such a good pairing and are my favourite duo on the show

He has a very nice and likable character. I can relate most to him because of he is nerdy and intelligent

My favorite character. The 'nice' guy!

5 Joseph Joey Tribbioni

Joey is the funniest of all the friends cast, I really like his dumb and slow getting humors in a good way! Plus he gets all the girls and a food lover like me" it inspires me to be like him

He is so hot and funny and every time I watch friends I can not get enough of him

Funniest guy.. N h is so hott


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6 Monica Gellar

Monica is one of my top favorites, maybe because I can identify with her so much. She's very wise, talented, and down-to Earth. I thought it was so cool that she and Chandler got together. They balanced each other out really well.

Monica is my favorite! She is funny and very nice. I can not believe that she is not higher up on this list! Please vote for Monica, she is my favorite character and hopefully yours.

My favorite female character - Alexandr

By far the Sexyest female on show

7 Ursula Buffay
8 The Chick & The Duck
9 Gunther
10 Janice Litman Goralnik

How could you not add Janice?

The Contenders

11 Estelle Leonard
12 Jack Gellar

A man's man and loved his dry humor.

13 Susan Bunch
14 Mike Hannigan
15 Ugly Naked Guy

Ugly Naked Guy should be moved up. He was an epic, important part of the show and has been there since the beginning.

16 David
17 Tag Jones
18 Mr. Heckles
19 Marcel the Monkey
20 Dr. Richard Burke
21 Frank
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