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1 BABYMETAL BABYMETAL Babymetal is a Japanese metal idol band. Their line-up consists of Suzuka Nakamoto as "Su-metal", Yui Mizuno as "Yuimetal", and Moa Kikuchi as "Moametal".

They are the best live concert now! They concert is full of energy with the crowd really into it!

LOVE LOVE LOVE Babymetal! I seriously need to find a concert to go to.

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2 Danger☆Gang
3 Dazzle Vision
4 DecoLa Hopping
5 Scandal

I love scandal. not a porno SCANDAL. but the band called/named "SCANDAL". come to Philippines please. I love you

Scandal is BEST Happy B-Day MAMI

Definitely the best band of J-Rock, Mami is one of the best guitarrist and singer I ever heard in rock music, I recomend their album "Standar" and "Yellow"

6 exist†trace

All what I can say about them is Awesome!

They were my first jrock girl band, actually one of the first bands I listened to in general. I love them more than SCANDAL and DESTROSE.

One of the best Jrock bands period. Jyou is an amazing vocalist!

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8 Stereopony
9 Aldious
10 GallowS

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11 Destrose
13 Yousei Teikoku V 2 Comments
14 FLiP

Laila is one of the best song I ever heard in my life. Many song of Flip are based on great riffs (if you like led zeppelin) with Sachiko's rough voice and result is a beautiful mix... Love!

15 Aural Vampire

Exochika is a beautiful and so is her voice. The band is simply amazing.

16 Shonen Knife
17 Melt Banana
18 Cyntia
19 Zone
20 Tokyo Jihen
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