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1 BABYMETAL BABYMETAL Babymetal is a Japanese metal idol band. Their line-up consists of Suzuka Nakamoto as "Su-metal", Yui Mizuno as "Yuimetal", and Moa Kikuchi as "Moametal".

They are the best live concert now! They concert is full of energy with the crowd really into it!

LOVE LOVE LOVE Babymetal! I seriously need to find a concert to go to.

They are something totally new and cool.

Absolutely Rock!

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2 Danger☆Gang

I love this band. I starte a band in LA called Borderline Delusion on soundcloud,FB, insta - borderlinedelusion

3 Dazzle Vision

Beautiful music and her voice lives inside of my heart.

She is a Legend

4 DecoLa Hopping
5 Scandal

I love scandal. not a porno SCANDAL. but the band called/named "SCANDAL". come to Philippines please. I love you

Young Ladies played real instruments, they open my heart

Scandal is BEST Happy B-Day MAMI

The best band ever

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6 Stereopony

My favorite Japanese rock band. Their music is fantastic (Aside from a couple songs, but that's it), and the band members are so talented. I wish they were still around and performing in the US.

I love those that I have

I love their music, I love aimi voice

7 Aldious

An all female band that plays power metal and the vocalist Re:No provides great vocal performance.

I like this band. They play cool music.

They are really good

8 exist†trace

All what I can say about them is Awesome!

Jyou's voice is so unique

They were my first jrock girl band, actually one of the first bands I listened to in general. I love them more than SCANDAL and DESTROSE.

Not just my favourite J-rock band - they're my favourite band of any kind!
Their songs are exciting, uplifting and have strong melodic structure - always more than just one hook per song; they experiment with different styles; extremely high level of musicianship; each one is a definite character; and they don't feel they have to wiggle their bits to get noticed, they let their music speak for them. All round 11 out of 10!

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10 Yousei Teikoku

This band is really great!
I love the way that they're able to harmonize romantic classical, dark wave and Metal!

The best japanese band ever!

Very underrated band


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11 Shonen Knife
12 Melt Banana
13 Puffy AmiYumi
14 Tokyo Jihen

I like sheena ringo, brilliant

Great band upbeat style

An charmant unique voice

15 Mary's Blood

Very talented band. Saki is an amazing guitar player.

The best.

16 Destrose
17 Story of Hope
18 Gacharic Spin

Full of energy and hardworking, these funny young women always stay themselves! Their drummer is the lead singer.

Each is extremely talented, so diverse and prolific. Not just their thrash stuff, even their synth pop, or their joke songs, all of it Rocks

19 Doll$Box

This is one of the best bands I've ever heard. - TecaAbroad

Amazing talent in Doll$Boxx! Doll's Apartment is the best CD I ever bought.

20 GallowS
21 FLiP

Laila is one of the best song I ever heard in my life. Many song of Flip are based on great riffs (if you like led zeppelin) with Sachiko's rough voice and result is a beautiful mix... Love!

23 Blood Stain Child
24 MergingMoon MergingMoon
25 Torn
26 Aural Vampire

Exochika is a beautiful and so is her voice. The band is simply amazing.

27 Bridear

You can't get much more metal than this.


28 Foreground Eclipse
29 Polkadot Stingray
30 Kishidan Shu & the Akishin Rockets
31 I-Rabbits
32 Unlucky Morpheus
33 Cyntia

I think they are great, especially live. Awesome musicianship!

34 Little by Little
35 Galmet
36 Salty Dog
37 The Winking Owl
38 Take Ambulance
39 Ancient Myth
40 Zaq

Last Proof is a good song. - Crysis

41 Ganglion
42 Chu's Day
43 Light Bringer

Upstream Children is one of their good song.

44 Zone
45 Magistina Saga
46 Moon Kana
47 Cross Vein
49 Hysteric Lolita
50 Specialthanks
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