Top Ten Attributes That Make Songs Become Hits

These are some of the most seen attributes you can see in songs that become hits. If you're a songwriter, you should try including them in a song!
The Top Ten
1 Catchy Chorus

How many times have you been singing a melody that you couldn't get out of your head? I placed this element first because we all know hit songs that are musically disgusting, sung by annoying artists. But yet, their songs are on top of lists. Why? Well, a good reason is lots of them have a catchy chorus. Write a catchy chorus, and you have a great percentage of success chance.

2 A Memorable Melody

It doesn't need to be in the chorus, but melody is perhaps more important than rhythm and harmony. Many times, you don't like songs at first, but there is something in the melody that makes you go back, even if you don't remember how the song was.

3 Steady Drums and Bass Line

Some hit songs have no particular qualities but a catchy rhythm and some nonsense being said. And they are still hits.

4 Extreme Notes

You're listening to an apparently monotone song, and suddenly a heavenly melody jump makes you feel in paradise. Also, really low bass can produce a similar effect.

5 Hit Structure

Verse / transitional bridge / chorus. Primary bridge / Chorus. Most songs have this structure.

6 Remarkable Instrumental Sections

One of my favourite solos in electronic music is Deadmau5's "Not Exactly". I honestly can't choose an absolute favourite, but that beat is mind-boggling.

I love the guitar solos of many metal songs. The solo in "Tornado of Souls" by Megadeth is my favorite. Great thoughtful list!

Which is the best guitar solo? Do you remember the intro of that song that made you fall in love with it?

7 Special Lyrics

If they make you feel sad, remind you of your childhood, or you just like the words, lyrics can be the element that traps you.

They're often simple but to great effect. I love that.

8 Original Harmony

A song does not become a hit song for its harmony, but it definitely helps.

Yeah, it sure needs this in a world where half the guys copy the other.

9 Trademark Style

Once an artist's style is known, it becomes much more probable that his next songs are hits, regardless of promotion. This is because you get used to the style.

10 Unusual Instruments

Sometimes, you get trapped by an instrument you're not used to listening to when it's combined with much of the elements mentioned before. Remember the xylophone on "Somebody That I Used to Know"? And those synthesizers at the intro of "Fireflies"? This is much what I like about Owl City. All of its songs have a particular original instrument, though sometimes there is a risk of excess. A balance is needed.

The Contenders
11 Familiarity
12 Guitar Riffs

Think of Stairway to Heaven, One, November Rain, and Mr. Crowley in one whole solo, now THAT'S a masterpiece.

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