Top 10 Best Hot Dog Brands

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1 Nathan's

The first time I heard of Nathan's was near the end of softball season last summer when my daughter told me that is what the concession stand has at the community youth program baseball and softball park where my granddaughter plays and practices.

I tried one (with NO ketchup or mustard), and it was the first time I thoroughly enjoyed an unadorned hot dog on a bun! They weren't available in many places in our area of Southwestern Indiana, but they now have them in one of the local grocery chain stores -- Schnuck's -- so I now purchase them for use at home.

I had been using the Oscar Mayer Angus beef hot dogs, and those are good too, but Nathan's has a special flavor that I just love.

2 Hofmann

Grilled or fried, there is no choice but Hoffman's. When I was in the service, my folks would bring a few bags of Hoffman's Coneys and German Franks with them when they visited in Texas or California.

By the time we got back from meeting them at the airport, my Navy friends would have the grill fired up in the yard and be waiting for the barbecue to start. While folks will claim sailors will eat almost anything, pity the poor soul that got between them and the first batch off the grill.

Hofmann's is always a winner in my book. Great local dog in CNY, and they have great customer service. A lot of people do not know it, but they are more than just a hot dog and a snappy!

I wonder if people know about their specialty sausages yet. If not, you gotta try them! They make this Cheddar Beer Brat and Beer Brat and Cheddar Jalapeno Sausage that are AMAZING.

3 Hebrew National

I am not really supposed to eat hot dogs due to the high sodium and cholesterol in them, but when I moved from one side of town to the next, I saw them at a grocery store I had not frequented in years. I tried the jumbo dogs.

The best hot dog ever in my opinion, and I have had many of them.

I'm a born New Yorker, so take it from a simple guy who comes from a city that takes their dogs seriously. Being that, I was passionate about Sabrett since childhood and changed into a Hebrew National fan drastically.

That says a lot about the quality of Hebrew National, when providing pure excellence at its best as well as healthy too!

4 Kirkland Signature

I always pick the Beef Dinner Franks, and they're delicious! These are the same hot dogs from the food court, and buying them frozen tastes just as good. The sesame buns in stock at Costco are also the same ones from the food court.

5 Ball Park

I have had every major brand and several of the smaller brands, and I say Ball Park should be top of the list, followed by Hebrew National. They are the best for frying, grilling, and boiling.

If you don't know how to grill a hot dog, don't knock the brand.

I have always loved Ball Park's flavor ever since I was a little boy many years ago, and today they are still my number one hot dog, followed by Oscar Mayer's.

My husband and I are always battling over the best hot dogs. I've always preferred Ball Park. He likes Nathan's best. I will stick by Ball Park forever!

6 Salinetas Hot Dog

WORLD CLASS! Best hot dogs ever! I'm a super fan of the Coney Island one. I live in NYC, hot dog capital of the world, and I wish we had these Salinetas Hot Dogs here!

Nice place to enjoy the delicious hot dogs they make. The owner is very funny and nice. My son prefers to eat at Salinetas Hot Dogs rather than anywhere else.

Among the best hot dogs in the world! Pure creativity and awesome presentation!

7 Sabrett

Not even close to ANY other hot dog on this list! But it must have the skin on! And for those on here that are so concerned with the health issues of a hot dog in general, don't eat them, any of them! Try a salad instead.

For me, someone who doesn't want to live forever...GIVE ME A SABRETT, brown mustard, and sauerkraut, every day! "Ball Park" too funny!

Sabrett's remind me of growing up in Hoboken and are definitely the best-boiled dog! Just about every intersection (or corner) had a hot dog cart, and you couldn't walk by without wanting one.

I remember having what they called a (hot winnie), which was a dog with the works including potatoes and extra hot mustard.

8 Vienna Beef

In Chicago, there is no real Chicago dog but Vienna brand pure beef hot dogs. If you visit here and go out for the famous dogs and you see it is not Vienna brand, then you are getting ripped off.

In Chicago, it is the number 1 brand used by all the best places. I have also tried all the above-mentioned brands and they do not come close. Once you try it, you will have to agree.

In Chicago, the Vienna brand 100% All Beef Hot Dog is king. When pulling up to any hot dog stand in the city, the first thing most Chicagoans look for is the Vienna Beef logo. If it's not there, don't stop.

Not that many places still make natural casing dogs that seal in the juices and give the dog a snap at the first bite.

9 Koegel's

The best hot dog and bologna in the country. I have tried other brands since I now live on the West Coast, but nothing compares. I always bring back a small suitcase full when visiting Michigan to share with my family and put in the freezer until the next trip.

Very excited with the West Coast promotion this summer, freezer stocked up again.

After all these years, we still take a 5# box when we go to Tucson for the winter. No bad hot dogs in Michigan because of the state meat rules. They actually have to have real meat. Truly the best hot dog in the US.

Hebrew Nat is living on its past rep and were just awful when I tried them late last year.

10 Best's

Best's are the best boiled, baked, or (my favorite) on the grill with sauerkraut and spicy mustard on a split-top fresh roll! Best's are also great for making Italian hotdogs: two grilled dogs with onions, peppers, fried potatoes, some tomato sauce, and grated cheese!

I agree that Best's Hot Dogs should be higher on your list of 10 Best Hot Dogs. I think they should be #1.

The absolute best packaged dogs. Not too salty, and they stay juicy and do not dry out on a grill.

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11 Oscar Mayer

I like these at home with mustard. I love National Coney Island (in Michigan, my wife's hometown) as a fully dressed chili dog. Two different dogs for two different styles.

My wife likes the Ball Park wiener, but when they are grilled, they blow up and look strange. Oscar Mayer tastes great and grills better than Ball Park.

Can't go wrong with the American classic Oscar Mayer wiener. I love the ones made with chicken and pork best, however.

12 Boar's Head

In my 80-year-old opinion, Boar's Head beef franks are absolutely superior to all those mentioned here. None of the popular brands (such as Hebrew National, Nathan's, Ball Park, et al.) are in the same class.

Make sure you buy the all-beef or beef and pork with natural casing to get that snap when you bite into it. The taste really delivers. Absolutely delicious.

Boar's Head offers a flavor profile in its natural casing dog similar to Sabrett with a lower sodium taste. Being born in New Yorker, I miss the Sabrett carts, but they are a cheaper-made version of a Boar's Head natural casing dog, not to slight the Boar's Head natural casing knocks.

13 Hummel's

Absolutely the best. I have tried every other hot dog out there, but none can top Hummel's. People go to the Northeast for lobster, but I go for a grilled Hummel's hot dog in natural casing with mustard relish on top. Yum!

Absolutely the best hot dog anywhere. You can only get them in Connecticut, and the fact that a local hot dog is up on this list tells you it's that good.

I live in Florida. Down here, it's NY this, NY that. Not only is New Haven apizza by far the best, but New Haven Hummel hot dogs are a level above.

The burger was found in New Haven also. Loud Lunch. And I miss squash flowers and lobster rolls hot with butter. Drink it down with a Foxon Park white birch soda.

14 Applegate Farms
15 Kayem's

First, only natural casing hot dogs are worth eating. Kayem's are good, but First Prize from Chicopee Provision in MA are the best!

Eat a Kayem's foot-long at a Rays game. Maybe the best I ever tasted.

16 Zweigle's

I LOVE these hot dogs - the absolute BEST - but then again, I am from Rochester! Unfortunately, I now live in Florida and we can't get them.

I am from Rochester, and they are the best in the world. You can get them online at New York Style Deli. The cost is high, but now and then, they are worth it.

Their White Hot (Poppers) are an absolute delicacy. The southern states need this brand en masse.

17 Sahlen's Hot Dogs

Buffalo's own frank. This large, meaty hot dog with great flavor and a nice snap is the Western New York benchmark that all others are measured against. None of the brands on this list can cut the mustard compared to Sahlen's.

Also available at Cheney Bros. retail stores in Florida! Best hot dog by far!

Best hot dogs ever! Nothing comes close!

18 Hillshire Farm

The beef natural casing frank was discontinued in the late '80s or early '90s to my dismay. They were the best I've ever eaten.

19 Deutschmacher

I can't find these anymore. Great taste, not oily. A delicious, quality hot dog.

My favorite by far, with Hebrew National a close second.

20 Miller's

Best for many years. Jumbo size fits Ball Park Brat Buns perfectly.

Leaner and tastier than all the rest.

Lance Sterling, expert

21 Roessler's
22 Bryan Juicy Jumbos

My family loves the Bryan Juicy Jumbo Hot Dogs. However, we can no longer buy them in our area. I have written to the company a number of times, yet the company continues to push the Ball Park hot dog, which, in my opinion, cannot compare to Bryan. We wish the company would once again distribute the product to our area. There is not a better tasting hot dog than Bryan.

I have yet to taste a better hot dog than Bryan's. Unfortunately, Sara Lee bought the company and also owns Ball Park hot dogs. Sara Lee has discontinued distribution of Bryan hot dogs just about everywhere in favor of the more profitable Ball Park.

23 Dietz & Watson Natural Casing Franks

Dietz & Watson hot dogs taste great and snap beautifully.

24 Smith's

Smith's Natural Casing Wieners are the absolute best! They have a nice, spicy flavor and an excellent snap.

Best hot dogs, hands down! Nothing compares to the natural casing snap from a Smith's dog!

Great hot dogs with a wonderful casing snap.

25 Wimmer's Natural Casing

I thought everywhere around the US had these. I moved out of Nebraska and have tried a dozen different types of hot dogs, but all have failed to live up to the Wimmer's natural casing. Now I bring them back from Nebraska on every visit.

I am lucky to live in Nebraska where Wimmer's hot dogs are the best. Wonderful smoky flavor. I have eaten Nathan's, Vienna, Ball Park, and Oscar Mayer. Wimmer's beats them all, hands down.

I grew up on Wimmer's hot dogs, and living in Georgia, I no longer have access to them. I wish they would ship! I stock up when visiting Nebraska. They are the best!

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