Top 10 Worst Candies

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1 Black Licorice

I have never tried black licorice but I do not want to find out what it tastes like. Just about every person I have ever met thinks that it is the most horrible invention ever. The amount of hatred that the candy gets it crazy. Nobody likes it so I will never try it ever.

What were they thinking just because we love licorice in red does not mean to make it all black it insults the flaver I mean really you people are nuts and crazy for this puking garbage.

Black licorice came first. Whats so cool about black licorice is its flavor comes from the actual plant-licorice root. Its also the most unique candy.

Black licorice is the WORST. It's the work of the devil! My neighbours hand it out to trick or treaters every Halloween as a joke.I think they are actually trying to poison them.

2 Wax Lips

Candy product made of colored and flavored wax, molded to resemble a pair of oversized red lips.

My mom's had this candy before. She said they are just pieces of wax shaped like lips.

You can't really eat them, its just some stupid American junk.

My sisters love these but they look gross.

3 Circus Peanuts

How is mint gum worse than circus peanuts? Circus peanuts are disgusting!

I hate these do not ever eat them...

Never had 'em. They're great!

I am allergic to peanut

4 Chocolate Gum

The only time that chocolate Bubblegum is tolerable was in a scence from Invader Zim, when GIR drank that.

Kk then... Is that even a flavor it just sounds so gross!

WHAT?! Chocolate gum? Who would come up with this horrible candy?! It should be #1

I love chocolate but I hate gum. Sounds very gross.

5 Fart Flavored Gum

I never want to try Fart flavored gum again! Trust me never try it!

I don't think my mouth will be touching that any time soon.

Weird, who puts fart flavor in candy.

How would they know what fart tasted like its literally just gas and air

6 Candy Corn Candy corn is a candy most often found in the United States and Canada, popular primarily around Halloween.

Who likes candy corn?

Candy corn sucks

7 Raisinets

Gross. I hate raisins.

They are the worst

8 Chocolate Skittles

The company is racist!

9 Good and Plenty

This is one of the worst counties that I've ever in my entire life I would never eat this ever again never try it.

This candy blows

10 Blow Pops

I can only swallow the lollipop, so I have to inch my way around the lollipop so I don't choke and go to the hospital beacause of a lollipop that probably didn't taste good!

What are blow pops?

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11 Mint Gum

I really don't like strong mint gums at all. If it's a sweet mint I'll take it, but certainly not those strong varieties. Gives me a headache. But I absolutely ADORE black and red licorice. Yum!

This isn't a candy... why is it on the list? Also, why mint? Isn't that a popular flavor?

Whatever you do, don't drink water after chewing this!

Some mint gum is okay, but I only like the kinds that aren't burn-your-mouth strong/really minty

12 Necco Wafers

Ouch my teeth

13 Chocolate Poo Poo

What is "Chocolate Poo Poo"? Is this really a treat?

That can't be good

What the hell is that even a name of the candy I think that's sounds disgusting

14 Chocolate Covered Bugs and Spiders

Chocolate Covered Bugs and Spiders taste gross.

One they taste nasty that makes you want to puke for real so it's a bad idea to make these things

That's just wrong

15 Mounds

These are the Greatest candy of all time!

What's so bad about these?

16 Chocolate Covered Jelly Beans

I tried them once...and I liked them

17 Whoppers

More like doo doo pellets because they look like rabbit poop.

Makes me gag every time I try one. Horrible.

Please explain why this is not WAY higher, it's the definition of an "old lady candy" Even more so than those soft peppermints

I actually like these

18 Almond Joy

I don't like almonds or any nuts but since I never tried it I have no room to talk.

I was on the "best candies" list and put this at number 3. It's shouldn't be here.

19 Fear Factor Candy

I tried the scorpion ones once for a dare - the candy tastes like cough medicine, the scorpion is bitter and the whole thing has a sawdust texture and gets stuck in your teeth. Gross.

Some people actually eat insects, I think everyone here needs to calm down. I've never tried one and it sounds disgusting, but I'm not going I go entirely crazy over a piece of candy.

Yeah, this candy is just gross. It has real insects in it. I wouldn't eat it even if somebody payed me a million dollars.

The stingers are taken out, for your information.

20 Bertie Botts Every Flavor Jelly Beans

Love tricking people with these beans I got my sister to eat vomit and she thought it was tutti frutti before she tasted either! Laugh out loud

Bertie Botts every flavor beans are so unpredictable! You want a caramel flavored one and you eat a fart flavored one.

I love the packaging on the ones from Universal, being a huge fan of Harry Potter, but I don't like to eat them very much.

Dumbledore was right about these, when I tried them. I wonder if the ones in London in the studio tour are better.

21 York Peppermint Patties

This and candy corn are two of my favorite candies.

But these are good

The best! Love them

I love these as well

22 Chocolate Covered Gummy Bears

They sound gross, but they're actually quite good.

23 Lick Your Wounds Candy Scabs

I have never tried it but on images, it looks like it was showing an image of fake blood on the scab and it is stuck onto a bandage. You put the bandage on you and start licking and cringing. It is even classified as one of the worst sweets.

Never had it befor but my friends have and they say it's discusting. Plus it just sounds gross come on who would be tempted to buy Lick Your Wounds Candy Scabs just gross. And by the way licorice of any flavor 10 times better than this.

I grew up with calling "candy" sweets my Grandma would tell me off if I called it candy.
I still call it sweets.
Oh and what the hell is Lick Your Wounds Candy Scabs?

O God theses are the worst things known to man they. Taste like when you where little and picked your scabs and ate them

24 Red Licorice

Twizzlers taste like cardboard with some sugar on top. It's sticky and it's hard to chew! Twizzlers are gross.

Red licorice is the best candy ever! I don't know why it's on the list...

It tastes like plastic. Yuck

25 Cherry Mash
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