Top 10 Fast Facts About Raspberries

If raspberries are one of your favorite fruits, look no further. Raspberries are kind of an interesting fruit and it's not like most fruits. Here, this list introduces you ten fast facts about raspberries, some of them you may not know or even you may consider mind-blowing.
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1 Raspberries aren't actually berries

Just like bananas are considered berries. Despite the word "berries" included in raspberries, they are actually an aggregate fruit, meaning that they are grown from multiple ovaries of a flower. Similarly, when you eat the raspberry, you are actually eating the tinier fruits that are part of the raspberry, those which are called berries.

I didn't know bananas were considered fruits, either. The more that you know!

Wow I never knew this. I'm never looking at raspberries the same way again.

2 Raspberries were originally white

According to Greek mythology, a nymph named Ida was picking up white raspberries in a bush, then accidentally pierced her finger in the bush which made the raspberries red from her blood, which answers the question why raspberries are red.

3 Raspberries can come in different colors

Yup, you heard that right. Raspberries don't only come in red. There's a species called blackcap raspberry which is very similar of a blackberry. Purple raspberries are basically hybrids that can be grown when combined with red raspberries and black raspberries. And then there are yellow raspberries. The flavour between these three variants remains the same though, with the yellow ones being the sweetest.

4 Raspberries and Blackberries were combined to make a hybrid berry

This hybrid berry is called the Loganberry. It's more related to Blackberries however. The name was derived from a horticultist named James Harvey Logan. The most surprising fact is this kind of berry was created by accident.

5 There are multiple species of raspberries

Not only the black, purple, or yellow raspberries that I've mentioned. Did you know that there are up to over 200 species across the world?

6 Raspberries are connected to roses

They belong to the rose family which includes thousands of different species. Few of them being most of the fruits we eat daily such as apples, strawberries, almonds, and of course raspberries.

7 Raspberries typically contain a hundred or more seeds

Although the berry itself seems to be seedless, each of the drupes contain at least one seed inside them.

8 Russia is the leading producer of raspberries

In 2020 it produced 20% of the world's total of raspberries with approximately 180,000 tonnes. This fact might become inaccurate in the future though.

9 Raspberries are one of the most antioxidant rich fruits

And are very nutritious due to the rich vitamin-C content. Not only that, the antioxidants and other nutrients prevents DNA damage and also contains phytochemicals that fight against multiple types of cancer. This is common knowledge at this point.

10 Raspberries are one of the most fragile fruits

This is because they have an empty core in them, which most fruits don't have.

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11 Raspberries are made up of many tiny bead-like fruits called “drupelets” clustered around a center core
12 Raspberries are a wonderful source of vitamin C
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