Top Ten Foods to Pack During a Zombie Apocalypse

A well known doomsday scenario such as a zombie apocalypse most likely wouldn't happen to actually exist in the real world, although there's a chance in a tiny scale; if it were to be real, choosing different varieties of food wisely is one of the most important things to consider during a zombie apocalypse.
The Top Ten
1 Granola Bars

Granola bars are often considered a good choice for packing during a zombie apocalypse as they consist of nuts, oats, honey, and other various ingredients, mostly healthy. They can keep you filled with energy for a long time. Granola bars can last from several months to years in terms of shelf life.

2 Beans

Not liked by many, beans contain plentiful minerals, various nutrients, and antioxidants. They are low in fat and typically have great durability in terms of shelf life. Beans are one of the most viable foods to pack during the zombie apocalypse.

3 Rice

Rice is rich in vitamin B and various minerals. It has a shelf life of several years or more if sealed, making it a useful food essential in the zombie apocalypse. However, some types of rice, such as brown rice, have a shorter shelf life, lasting only months or up to a full year depending on the conditions.

4 Potato Chips
5 Trail Mix

Trail mixes often contain a mix of nuts, seeds, and fruits, often dehydrated, among other ingredients. For foot travelers, trail mix is ideal as it provides a good source of fiber, protein, fat, and various minerals. The caloric content is sufficient to keep you full, alert, and energized for the zombie apocalypse.

6 Fruits

Fruits are always recommended to pack in the apocalypse as they are good sources of vitamins and provide multiple nutritional benefits. It is advised to bring dehydrated fruits, as they have significantly longer shelf lives, lasting more than several years if well-preserved.

7 Edible Seaweed

A viable seafood option to bring, as it contains beneficial minerals, antioxidants, and vitamins, as well as protein. It lasts especially long if dried. Eating this on a daily basis in mild amounts should help keep you healthy during the apocalypse.

8 MRE Rations

Ready-to-eat meals offer a wide variety of foods, ranging from dried items like crackers and candies to nutrient-packed meals containing vegetables and various meats. Some have a considerable shelf life, lasting from months to years before expiration. MREs are often heavier than other foods but can vary depending on the contents of the MRE container.

9 Nuts

Various nuts are packed with nutrients and are relatively high in calories, carbohydrates, and protein. Nuts are among the healthiest food choices, thus it's recommended to pack these during the apocalypse. A small container of nuts is relatively lightweight. If you're a foot traveler, these can come in handy, especially during a zombie apocalypse.

10 Cereal

While cereals mostly have a shelf life of several months, they can last longer than their expiration date under good, dry conditions. They are a good source of carbohydrates and fiber, making them a dependable food for packing.

The Contenders
11 Spam

Spam often comes precooked, packed with small amounts of various nutrients but rich in protein. It can be high in calories to keep you going most of the day. Although it's not considered a healthy food overall, it can be a good source of protein if no other meats are available. Spam is essential to pack during a zombie apocalyptic event.

12 Peanut Butter
13 Pepperoni
14 Seeds
15 Canned Sweetcorn
16 Honey
17 Candy
18 Dehydrated Meat
19 Powdered Milk
20 Instant Coffee
21 Vanilla Extract
22 Beef Jerky
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