Top 10 Lettuce Varieties

I am not sure if I am starting a healthy lifestyle series or not, but from time to time I get more interested in this subject.

There are 7 main types of lettuce and many varieties within each type. These are the main types:
1) Butterhead Lettuces
2) Cos (Romaine) Lettuces
3) Batavian Lettuces (aka Summer Crisp Lettuces)
4) Buttercrunch Lettuces
5) Heading Lettuces (Crisphead Lettuces)
6) Looseleaf Lettuces
7) Chinese Lettuces

Lettuce's scientific name is Lactuca sativa.
The Top Ten
1 Boston Lettuce

Its full name is Boston Butterhead Lettuce, but at least in Canadian stores, it goes by Boston Lettuce for short. It's very tender, crispy, and juicy.

2 Batavia Lettuce

(a.k.a. French Crisp or Summer Crisp)

It stays crisp, doesn't bolt, and doesn't turn bitter as easily as other lettuces. It can hold up better in the heat than other varieties.

Batavia lettuce leaves can be all green or burgundy red-tinted. There isn't a taste difference between the two, so choose the color you like (or use both).

3 Rucola (arugula)
4 French Four Seasons (Merveille des Quatre Saisons)

Aka Continuity. The leaves stay tender even when they're bigger than a human hand. It's a very beautiful butterhead lettuce variety with green leaves tinged with red or bronze. It can be grown all year round in mild-winter gardens.

5 Oak Leaf Lettuce

There are two varieties: 'Red Oak Leaf' and 'Green Oak Leaf'. Oak leaf lettuce stays tender longer and takes longer to become bitter. It is slower to bolt.

6 Little Gems Lettuce
7 Drunken Woman Frizzy Headed

I swear I didn't make it up! (I mean, the name of this lettuce.) I will add images to prove it does exist (and it tastes good).

8 Green Leaf Lettuce

It's relatively tender. This is probably the most common lettuce type in Canadian grocery stores, along with iceberg and romaine. Boston, Batavia, and arugula are also available but are a bit more expensive.

9 Iceberg Lettuce

Probably its biggest advantage is that, when unwashed, it can keep for up to two weeks in the fridge (that's longer than the other types). It's juicy, crispy, and hardy, but it isn't as flavorful as other lettuces.

Firm, densely packed heads that are heavy for their size are better. Best dressing: cheese-based (three-cheese ranch, blue cheese).

10 Curly Endive (Frisée)
The Contenders
11 Flashy Butter Oak Lettuce
12 Romaine Lettuce

It has slightly bitter leaves. Some people don't like this bitterness, but several drops of honey or maple syrup will help to neutralize it.

Center ribs are sweeter and are known as romaine hearts (available in stores).

13 Burgundy Boston Butterhead
14 Skyphos
15 Red Leaf Lettuce
16 New Red Fire Lettuce
17 Winter Density

It is a variety of the Buttercrunch lettuces - they are crosses between butterhead (bibb) and romaine varieties. Winter Density has thick, dark-green leaves in a vertical rosette.

18 Sorrel
19 Blushed Butter Oak Leaf
20 Red Sails
21 Belgian Endive
22 Butter Lettuce

Butter, Boston, and bibb lettuces are very similar.

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