Top 10 Craziest Kitchen Nightmares Restaurants

Stubborn staff, dirty kitchen, terrible food, these restaurants had it all. Here are the most insane restaurants to ever be seen on Gordon Ramsay's show Kitchen Nightmares.
The Top Ten
1 Sushi Ko
2 Amy's Baking Company

She's absolutely insane. "Must be those Yelpers!" Haha, how do these people even own a restaurant? There should be some kind of psychiatric evaluation to prevent them from harming others. Look at Amy saying, "I made his pizza hot so it hurts!" Like... and never mind whatever other disgusting things a nut job like her could do to your food.

After watching these shows, I'm really scared to eat out now. Home food is the best for sure. You can't beat it. Wow, just insane! Now they are like some circus act, with people going just to see the untamed creature. Lol. I hope she gets some meds and stops talking to her cats... um, kids, I mean. Meow... meow...

3 Nino's Italian Restaurant

Fans of the series know this one too well.

What happened to the other brother?

4 Oceana
5 Fiesta Sunrise

The food in that episode was the most disgusting thing I've ever seen. The fat on the beef, the rats, the roaches - I just can't.

"I wouldn't trust you to run a bath, let alone a *bleep* restaurant!" One of the best lines Ramsay has ever delivered.

6 DownCity
7 Mama Maria's

The food nearly killed a customer. And all those times Ramsay said a restaurant's food could've killed someone - here we are!

8 Mill Street Bistro

The second most pretentious owner after Amy's Baking Company, but with even less talent.

9 Sebastian's

This is one of those restaurants that fell victim to a bad owner. Sebastian (the owner) thought his menu was "unique," but it was very confusing, and all the waitresses had to explain all the combinations to the customers. Ramsay wanted to simplify the menu.

When the new menu was put into place, all the workers loved it - everyone but Sebastian! He wanted to go back to the old "unique" menu, even though the new menu was far more successful. The word "unique" doesn't always mean "good," and this was the case here. After Ramsay helped, Sebastian reverted to the old menu, and months later, it shut down because of that. His selfishness got the best of him, and he blew a golden opportunity to become successful.

10 Dillon's

Green burgers, cockroaches, rotten vegetables, flies in the lettuce, and rat droppings. This seriously made me consider whether I ever wanted to eat out again.

The Contenders
11 Fork and Spoon
12 Peter's
13 Flamangos
14 Burger Kitchen

The family chaos is madness. Well, it did get resolved, but it still ended up closing down. It was crazy how they had over 20 menu changes and $250,000 used from Daniel without permission.

15 La Galleria 33

Point fingers all you want. It's everyone's fault for not working as a team. The blame game was crazy.

16 Seascape

The kitchen was vomit-inducing. It also amazed me how lazy the chef was and how he made excuses to try weaseling out of everything. There's no excuse for slacking off when running a restaurant. A filthy kitchen puts the health of the customers (if there are any left!) at risk.

17 The Olde Hitching Post
18 Levanti's Italian Restaurant

One of the waitresses even thought mold in a pot of rotting, fermenting sauce was basil.

19 Bonaparte's

This is from the UK version of the show, where it all started. Although Ramsay helped them out as best he could, the restaurant was in even worse shape when he revisited the place a month later. And yes, it's closed.

20 Black Pearl

The David guy is the second-worst owner after Amy in Kitchen Nightmares history.

21 Casa Roma

Those toilets make me sick to this day.

22 Fleming's Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar

A Danish restaurant with no links to Denmark, cooking ducks in raw meat juice, and a stubborn owner who was adamant about keeping past traditions that clearly weren't working. Need I say more?

23 Chappy's
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