Top 10 Failed Products in Fast Food

Just like my last list, we'll be exploring failed products, but instead of drinks from the Coca Cola Company, we will do failed food products. Not every food can have the success of a Whopper or a Big Mac. But these items failed in more ways than one. Hi, I'm Pnut, and today I'll be telling you the Top 10 Failed Products in Fast Food.
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1 McDonald's Pizza - McDonald's

At the time when this was getting ready to release, pizza chains were growing very fast. So McDonald's decided to step in too, by releasing their own type of pizza in the early 90s. Also at this time, they would implement this new item in portions of Canada and the US. There were many problems with this however, such as trying to find a new oven for every single restaurant, and problems with the drive-thru since the box that the pizza came in didn't fit. It was discontinued in 2000. Surprised it went on for that long.

2 McDonald's Spaghetti - McDonald's

Wow, I didn't realize how many flops McDonald's has had over the years. In the 70s, McDonald's tried a brand new item on their menu and they would create McDonald's Spaghetti. It was long spaghetti noodles that were covered in marinara sauce. It was also topped with shredded cheese and would be served in a cardboard container. It was launched in the US, and many people almost immediately didn't care or hated this tem, and it would be taken off the menu very quickly.

These are very popular in the Philippines, somehow.

3 Satisfries - Burger King

To me, the Burger King fries are delicious. Some of the best fries I've tasted in fast food. But, in 2013, they decided to go the healthy route and released satisfries. These fries were made with a type of batter that would absorb less of the frying oil when it was fried. So they wouldn't contain as much fat as their regular fries. But they wouldn't really considered "healthy", since they contained only 70 calories and 4 grams less then regular fries. People even started to call these "saddest fries". It's no surprise that within a year, Burger King would start to discontinue them. Good riddance. Leave me and my Burger King fries in peace.

4 Flavor of Now - Pizza Hut

Who doesn't know Pizza Hut? It's all known around America and possibly the whole world for making tasty greasy pizza, even though I don't like pizza. In 2014, when the the sales for Pizza Hut were declining, they decided to rebrand their pizza for foodie millennials by updating their menu for people to add new artisan options. These include honey sriracha sauce and peruvian cherry peppers. People did not like this change and even the CEO's for Pizza Hut admitted it was bad. By the end of that year, they decided to reverse back to their original menu.

5 Oreo Dessert Pizza - Domino's

Why was 2007 such a weird year around the world? The Iphone was first released, but it also had that one weird dessert menu from Domino's called the Oreo Dessert Pizza. For 3.99, you could this pizza sized cookie that could be served as an addition for any purchase. It consisted of a chocolate chip cookie with oreos and vanilla syrup. While it sounded tasty, many people didn't like it for being too chewy and too sweet. It was unappealing to many people overall, and it didn't last long on it's menu.

6 Big Catch - Long John Silver's

In 2013, this shipwreck of a meal was added onto the menu of Long John's Silver, a popular restaurant in the US. It contained a 7.5 ounce piece of haddock with a pile of onion rings and a side of hushpuppies. Long John said it was the biggest fish they have ever served and it could be a contender of big meals in restaurants. It only lasted between May to August of that year because of backlash that it was serving an unhealthy amount of calories and fat.

7 Halloween Whopper - Burger King

Alright, I know it's like, 9 months until Halloween, but screw it, this is quite interesting. In 2015, Burger King decided to let themselves be consumed by Halloween and released a new limited time offer on their menu, the Halloween Whopper. It was basically the same thing as a whopper, but instead of tanish buns, they were black. It was also infused from A1 steak sauce too. It was so weird that it turned people's feces green. Neon green. Ugh, is this what my research has come to?

Looks like that one from SpongeBob.

8 The Superbar - Wendy's

I didn't even know this even existed at all. In the 80s and 90s, Wendy's decided to give their new concoction a go called the Superbar. It was just a big self serve buffet that included salads, fruit, mexican food, and pasta. There were many things going on with this bar. You could make your own taco, the pasta had two types with sauce options, and garlic that was made from hamburger buns. The biggest problems were that they couldn't keep up with the people and it didn't really make a profit. The Superbar was officially over in 1998.

9 McDLT - McDonald's

What's the purpose of separating the hot and cool food items in Styrofoam packaging? It's unnecessary and environmentally unfriendly.

10 McHotDog - McDonald's
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11 Hula Burger - McDonald's
12 Enormous Omelette Sandwich - Burger King
13 Breeze - Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen tried to appeal for more healthier food choices with their newest item, Breeze. In the year of 1990, Dairy Queen launched Breeze, which was pretty much the same thing as a blizzard but had frozen yogurt inside instead of ice cream. Surprisingly, it lasted for a decade for Dairy Queen decided to finally end it all. The main issue with this failure was that it didn't really sell well since the yogurt would sometimes go bad before they could be sold.

14 McAfrika - McDonald's

The McAfrika was released in Norway when a major famine was occurring in some African countries. How insensitive do you have to be?

15 Mighty Wings - McDonald's

The mighty wings were basically normal McNuggets, except they had bones in them. They were taken off the menu shortly after their release for being too overpriced ($1 per wing) and way too spicy.

There was nothing mighty about these wings.

16 Seafood Salad - Taco Bell

During the 80s, the popular restaurant Taco Bell decided to try a new healthy item for their menu. Trust me, you'll be seeing a lot of failed items to try to make people healthy. The Seafood Salad was made so it could compete with the popular Filet O' Fish from McDonald's. It was basically a normal salad but topped with shrimp, white fish, and snow crab. This idea was quickly pulled since I'm pretty sure people wouldn't want to have seafood at a Taco Bell.

17 Son of Mac - McDonald's
18 Fire-Grilled Rib - Burger King
19 Sourdough Crust Pizza - Straw Hat Pizza

During the late 80's, early 90's, my favorite pizza chain from Southern California called Straw Hat Pizza offered sourdough crust. I thought it was delicious! Today Straw Hat still exist but the sourdough crust doesn't. They stopped offering it in during the 90's.

20 Pineapple Oreo McFlurry - McDonald's
21 Venison Sandwich - Arby's

Still shows up seasonally at Arby's.
Venison is tasty, but naturally has almost zero fat, and so can be very dry and tough.
Arby's does not seem to realize this.

22 Crown-Shaped Chicken Nuggets - Burger King
23 Bell Beefer - Taco Bell
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