Top 10 Failed Drinks Made by the Coca Cola Company

The Coca Cola Company is probably the biggest selling beverage company in the world. We have the classics like Coca Cola or Sprite, but these drinks were massive failures and didn't really do well in sales or with the public. Hi, I'm Pnut. And today I'll be telling you the Top 10 Failed Drinks Made by the Coca Cola Company.
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1 Coca-Cola BlāK

This one was a HUGE failure when it comes to the world of soda, and probably every drink ever. So, Coca Cola is known for making different flavors of the original such as Cherry, Vanilla, Zero, and so on. But Coca Cola Blak was different from all the others. Very different. This wasn't marketed as another flavor, but as an energy drink. Being first released in the country of France in 2006, and the main selling point of it was it's large dose of caffeine in the beverage. Many of the people who tried this drink thought the flavor in a negative way, and it received backlash from many people too. It couldn't keep up with other energy drinks such as Monster Energy or Red Bull, so it's not surprising it was discontinued in 2008.

2 New Coke

Coke is very old, since beginning back since 1886, so sometimes, it might be interesting for a soda to change it's normal formula. In 1985, Coca Cola started to lose sales due to other brands of soda rising fast, so they introduced New Coke. However, it received many backlash, with the Headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, receiving around 40,000 angry calls for the change of it's taste. Heck, there was a man that started an organization for people who liked the original and even threaten to send a lawsuit. After only three months, New Coke was disbanded and went back to it's old formula due to the backlash getting bigger.

3 Coca-Cola C2

Alright, we all no that soda isn't what we call "healthy", since they contain a lot of sugar and calories. Well, what if I told there was a soda that was kind of healthy? Yeah. We have C2, a soda that would be made in the 2000s to hop on to the trend of low carb diet soda. It would first be released in 2002 in the country of Japan, and wouldn't be released in the United States until 2004. C2 was described as having half of the carbs, calories, and sugar in a normal coke bottle. The sales weren't as good as they would expected and people weren't really a big fan of it. There was also Coke Zero that was released at around the same time. It would be pulled off the shelves in the year of 2007.

4 Tab Clear

Turns out, Tab was actually Coca Cola's first ever diet soda, and is actually still being sold today. SInce the original was starting to kind of lose sales, they decided to make a new flavor, like other sodas such as Diet Coke or Coke Zero. Tab Clear was a different variation of the original, with it having a clear color, but still having the original flavor. Now let me tell you something strange. Coca Cola knew it wouldn't be successful (They were right), so the drink was placed with Pepsi Crystal and it would cause sales to drop for it and Pepsi Crystal was discontinued on 1993. Tab Clear would end a year later.

5 Sprite Remix

So turns out, Sprite Remix decided to hop on to the trend of being relatable to the youth of the era. Enter Sprite Remix, where it would jump onto the trend of DJ and Remix. They would release it in 3 flavors, tropical, berryclear, and aruba jam. They were a series of Sprite drinks that were colorless and with no caffeine, also having some powder that could be poured into normal sprite. The soda would be discontinued in 2005.

It sounds awesome, but the way it's executed isn't so awesome.

6 Vio

Does fruit flavored carbonated milk sound disgusting to you? Well, they did that one time. Meet Vio, a drink that SOMEHOW made it through in 2009 and was released to the public. Vio was released in a limited market and it failed rapidly in the United States. Not surprised. Apparently, it was given a second chance in India, but I don't think it really did well there either. Just think about you given a drink for a birthday party and this is what you get out of all drinks in the entire world. I'm not trying to hate on it, but how did it get thumbs up from the executives?!

7 Coca Cola Life

Back then in the early 2010s, the diet fad would be in a weird place with people wanting to avoid carbs to people wanting to avoid sugar. Like nobody was surprised, Coca Cola decided to jump on to this trend, and in 2014, would release a new soda called Coca Cola Life. The thing about it was that it looked like a normal version of coke but was sweetened with natural sources. People didn't like the way it was made with it's factor having a unsavory backstory, so it would no longer be continued in 2017.

I tried this before and I didn't know it was discontinued until now! No wonder why I don't see it usually on the shelves of supermarkets anymore.

8 Vault

During the time where energy drinks were becoming popular, this drink was released to be a contender. Vault was basically Coca Cola's answer to Mountain Dew, a popular energy drink at the time. Was it an energy drink? Eh, oh well. Despite having some moderate feelings, it didn't really impact that much in the world of energy drinks and the drink was pulled 6 years after it's original release in 2005.

Oh I remember this drink! I saw it in stores and in some of the restaurants where I lived. I can't believe it's been so long since the plug was pulled on this. I feel old now...

9 OK Soda

If you want to do something important for marketing, try to grab the audience's attention. And they did just that in 1993, where they decided to make a soda towards Generation X. The reason for it's name was because at the time, ok was the most used word in the entire world. The person who was behind this marketing was the same guy who marketed for New Coke, so it was destined to fail anyway. Finally, it was very different from a normal bottle of Coca Cola, with the outside looking a bit more somber and having a note from "The OK Manifesto". It was met with negative and would flop, with it disappearing in 1995.

10 Diet Coke Plus
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11 Beverly

Since Coca Cola is a company that releases different things around the world, countries would each be coming up with all sorts of crazy things. In the country of Italy, an exclusive drink made by the Coca Cola Company called Beverly. Being sold from 1969 to 2009, it is a non alcoholic alcoholic aperitif drink that is usually consumed before a meal to "stimulate the appetite". The drink received negativity for it's very disgusting taste. Despite that, it would go on to be around for 40 years, and hey, if you ever wanna taste it, you can go to the World of Coca Cola Museum, where you can taste test drinks that aren't sold in your country.

12 Green Tea Coca-Cola
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