2018 NFL Season Predictions: Week 3

PackFan2005 Last week, I was 8-8 with my picks. I didn’t get to make this post in time for the Browns and Jets on Thursday night, but somehow, Cleveland won. 635 days is how long Browns fans went without seeing their team win. Now, Baker Mayfield is like a god to them. Anyway, on to the picks.

Bills (0-2) at Vikings (1-0-1)
I don’t know if I even need to explain this. Buffalo is a terrible team playing a road game against the ferocious Vikings. No contest here.
Winner: Vikings (40-3)

Giants (0-2) at Texans (0-2)
Well, one of them is guaranteed a win, which is similar to the Giants and Chargers game last year, as both were 0-4 to start. Both teams have quite a bit of talent on both sides of the ball. The Texans defensive line will come in handy, based on how the Giants let Dallas’ defensive line get at Eli Manning next week. However, New York has the more productive offense as of now. This will be tough to choose. But, in the end, I’ll go Texans.
Winner: Texans (20-17)

Packers (1-0-1) at Redskins (1-1)
This may very well be the last time Aaron Rodgers duels his draft counterpart, and Green Bay faces Adrian Peterson. Somehow, Washington has the NFL’s first ranked defense, but that came against two bad teams. This is Green Bay’s offense we’re talking about. Their offensive line however needs to step up against a tough Skins D-line. Also, Aaron Rodgers is still injured. But, unless Clay Matthews “roughs the passer” again, I see Green Bay winning.
Winner: Packers (25-18)

49ers (1-1) at Chiefs (2-0)
The Chiefs have arguably the most dynamic offense in the NFL currently. Patrick Mahomes has the ability to wreck havoc in San Francisco’s secondary. But there’s one thing that can screw the Chiefs. Defense. Kansas City has one of the bottom ranked defenses in the NFL currently, and what’s worse is that they’re playing without Eric Berry. Jimmy G has quite an ability to pick apart defenses, so that’s a major issue with them. But all in all, as long as Kansas City’s offense can take time off the clock, score, and keep Jimmy G off the field, then the game is theirs.
Winner: Chiefs (38-28)

Raiders (0-2) at Dolphins (2-0)
Miami is facing off against yet another bad team, making them look good. What I’m saying is that Miami isn’t as good as their record shows. Oakland’s offense has the ability to pick apart this Dolphins defense. On another note, Ryan Tannehill has the ability to beat Okaland’s defense. What I’m trying to say here is that this will be a battle of offense, and I think it’ll turn into a shootout.
Winner: Raiders (28-27)

Colts (1-1) at Eagles (1-1)
Hold on, this game doesn’t belong to Philly just yet. Just because Carson Wentz is returning, doesn’t mean they’ll come away with a win. They have so many injuries that the Colts could manage an upset. Wentz isn’t necessarily in football shape right now, while Andrew Luck has played for two weeks. Based on what happened against Tampa Bay, I think Indianapolis can upset the Super Bowl champions.
Winner: Colts (13-10)

Titans (1-1) at Jaguars (2-0)
This key divisional matchup could put Jacksonville two games ahead of the struggling Titans, and three above the Texans. The thing is, the Jaguars have more talent at nearly every position on defense, but offense is a whole other story. The Titans offense isn’t that bad, and I think it’s more talented that Jacksonville’s. However, the Jaguars defense will swallow the injured offense up in this game.
Winner: Jaguars (24-12)

Bengals (2-0) at Panthers (1-1)
The upstart Bengals are now going to the face the first truly challenging team of their season. So far, Cincinnati has looked like the superior team to Carolina, with better depth, and a better defense. The Panthers offensive line will be no match for the Bengals strong defensive line. Also, Carolina’s receiving corps is beat up right now, and Christian McCaffrey hasn’t been the most productive this season so far. But I can’t deny Cam Newton’s skill set.
Winner: Bengals (21-14)

Broncos (2-0) at Ravens (1-1)
These two teams are about the same. Average quarterback, average receivers, young backfield, and formidable defenses. Yes, defense will be key in this game for either one of these teams to come away with the win.
Winner: Ravens (23-14)

Saints (1-1) at Falcons (1-1)
This will be an interesting matchup. Both are trying to catch up with Tampa Bay in the NFC South, so a loss here would be brutal. Take into consideration New Orleans’ struggles on defense lately, Atlanta as well. Both have good offenses with above average quarterbacks with reliable targets and good runners. Atlanta has looked like the better team lately, but I still see New Orleans getting back on track. It’ll be an extremely close game, and a high scoring affair.
Winner: Saints (40-38)

Chargers (1-1) at Rams (2-0)
This will be the clash of L.A. on Sunday. Both teams are well suited, but by all means, the Rams are the better team. Both offenses have looked great the last two weeks, and are nearly the same, which brings it down to defense. The Chargers defense is weaker than we thought, while the Rams have a stronger one by far. Joey Bosa isn’t 100% for the Bolts, so that’s an issue on its own. And the Rams defensive line is the strongest it has been in years. Also, with Jared Goff, Todd Gurley, and Brandin Cooks, it’s clear that the win will belong to the Rams.
Winner: Rams (30-26)

Bears (1-1) at Cardinals (0-2)
The improving Bears face off against arguably the NFL’s worst team right now. Arizona has little talent anywhere, give or take a few positions. Like in Green Bay, Khalil Mack will feast upon Sam Bradford/Josh Rosen. In the race for the NFC North, this is just a blip in the path of Chicago.
Winner: Bears (35-7)

Cowboys (1-1) at Seahawks (0-2)
Both teams are kind of on a downward spiral, but Dallas is still the superior team here. Their offensive lines are polar opposites, and Demarcus Lawrence will have a great time getting after Russell Wilson. On Seattle’s part, they don’t have much of an advantage at all, especially when Earl Thomas might not play. Wilson has pulled out all of his tricks out of his magic hat, and the Seahawks shall embrace going 0-3.
Winner: Cowboys (18-13)

Patriots (1-1) at Lions (0-2)
Surprisingly enough, New England has struggled the last two weeks, especially showing against the Jaguars in week 2. However, New England is for sure the better team against Detroit. But the Lions have one advantage. Matt Patricia. He knows this Patriots defense very well, and I would think could guide Matthew Stafford and the offense around them. Playing at home also helps here. I’m going bold. The Lions will upset the Patriots.
Winner: Lions (24-22)

Steelers (0-1-1) at Buccaneers (2-0)
Having seen what Tampa Bay has done the last two weeks, this will be an easy game for them. If Ryan Fitzpatrick wins here, he’ll most likely push Jameis Winston out of the starting job, and maybe even Tampa. Pittsburgh meanwhile could be playing without Antonio Brown, and that’s a ginormous blow. I think I see where this game will go.
Winner: Buccaneers (30-20)