Top Ten Forever Found (Arrival of the Angels) Characters


The Top Ten

1 Ruby

Main character - Hero - Lapis525

Ruby is the man! - Lapis525

2 Luna

Main character - rare specimen - Lapis525

3 Black Death

Main Character - Leader of the Demons - Lapis525

4 The Angels

Bad guys - ones who try to destroy the Earth - Lapis525

5 Jackson

Side character (probably dead) - a boy who meet Ruby at comic-con, who asked what Ruby and Luna were dressed like. - Lapis525

6 Jake

Main character - A boy that Ruby brought with him when the Angels attacked. He cares about Ruby. - Lapis525

7 The Moths

Guards - Guards that somehow didn't catch Ruby. - Lapis525

8 Ruby's Master

Important but rude character - Master of Ruby - Lapis525

9 Unknown Demon

Unknown character - just a demon - Lapis525

10 Ruby's friend Ruby

Side character - not that important - Lapis525

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