Bill Hicks

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William Melvin "Bill" Hicks was an American stand-up comedian, social critic, satirist, and musician.


The best and most relevant comedian even too this day. He is far better than the others on this list. Seriously, Russel Peters is number one! Who is voting on this list. I am in my early 20's yet I still realize that there is far better comedy out there than Peters or Dane Cook. These guys aren't even funny and they reuse old jokes, which is like beating a dead horse. Dane Cook is one of the worst comedians ever, straight up. Anyway, Bill Hicks should be number one because he was the pinnacle of comedy. Bill Hicks challenged people's core beliefs in such an ingenious way through his humor, that it was like he created a painting of our society with his jokes. He was considered by his listeners to be prophetic and that he actually speaks more on our society today, than he did in the past. He defended everything he believed yet people still don't understand him. The man was crying out to us through his satire. No one can top him; it was as if he was working for world peace, in an insane ...more - Revenant24

15! Yes, Bill Hicks is the greatest comedian ever times 15! Every year his new stuff is excellent, and surprising. His popularity will grow until his work is no longer comedy, but instead will become the old incredible anecdotes of how idiotic the world used to be. He is not your typical clinically dead for 18 years comedian. They should wire his grave marker with an LED scrolling screen so with the right diving rods employed we could get some more great material. His attitude would no doubt be intact from that stage. AND there's precedent for the work of great dead talent... -> Keith Richards... KEITH!

Needs to be at #1. No comedian except for George Carlin even comes close. He took nearly every stupid thing in American life and made it hilarious. He was not only funny but deep as well and made you question all your idiotic beliefs. How talentless hacks like russel peters or dane cook is embarrassing and a smack in the face to all comedic talent. Bill hicks prophesized many thing that came to pass such as corporations controlling our lives or the abundance of mediocre pop music. I don't want to sound elitist but his comedy is only for those who are open minded and smart enough to understand him. He was so truthful yet humorous at the same time. People need to take time to listen to real comedy that makes you think as well as laugh at absurdities of our world

Simply the greatest ever. The only one that could match him in his wittiness and his commentary about the stupidity of our way of life was George Carlin. He was truly a man that died way before his time and did his comedy for the ascension of human mass consciousness. 16 is way too low. Either move him up to 1 or 2 for the benefit of mankind, or hang yourself. You voters seriously can't think Russel Peters and Dane Cook are better than the Man in Black. If you don't think Hicks is funny, then you seriously have no sense of humor or you better check your own inferior belief systems. Many of the things he talked about in his routines have come true merely 2 decades after his death, unfortunately. You people are sheep! Wake up! - InternalRevolution

I really don't think Bill was the kind of guy that wanted to be viewed as the best stand up comic. He didn't care about notoriety, if he had he would have cleaned up his act to take it mainstream. He never did. Granted, I feel that sometimes his act was so graphic that it certainly bordered on tasteless, but I never felt he crossed that line. This man was a genius and like all true geniuses, we have to take a certain degree of material as beyond our comprehension. Dennis Miller would certainly fall under this header as well. We don't understand its intention because we have no hope of imagining at their level. They are two steps ahead of us at every turn. With that qualifier, and my vote, it's obvious Bill Hicks is my favorite all time stand up comic. Now, there will be those reading this that will take offense to my comment. That only justifies the point. Listen to Bill Hicks rant on "You think your so much smarter than us" for some insight into the whole matter. - Ned964

Amazing person, he and George Carlin were the only ones really able to make us laugh.

I agree that Bill was ahead of his time and we really need him today as much if not more that before. I miss Bill Hicks more than ANY other celebrity that has passed away. Most people don't agree with Bill, but those are the people Bill was trying to wake up. I wish Bill was here to see how America has even gone further into the depths of Hell so that his comedy could make it somewhat better. Bill Hicks was the best comedian that EVER lived and no one will ever come close. And I am so glad Bill never went Commercial to sponsored products, have a talk show or a sit-com. Bill never sold out or compromised his integrity and so few comedians (Yes, I'm talking to you Larry the Cable Guy, Tim Allen and Bill Cosby) can say they stood for something and didn't let corporate America buy them out.
Bill Hicks...greatness.

Stand-up comedy is not my favorite form of comedy. It's often shallow, plat and simple minded in my opinion; often very artificial. Bill Hicks provided intelligent humor with an edge and tons of irony that really goes unnoticed by the average population. He stands out in the lamentably world of stand up comedy. He's no screaming teenager-appealing Dane Cook, and he needs to get recognized by the younger generations. He was the one and only

How can Jeff Dunham get voted higher up than Bill Hicks? If Hicks was still alive, I'm sure that he'd draw a comparison between what's wrong with society & the fact that Dunham had a #1 show... it's like American Gladiator's all over again (lol). "We're a virus with shoes, ok?" Lines like that were absolute & complete geniusness at a level that will never be reached again. - MisterK

How in the name of insanity on crack is Bill Hicks NOT the top pick of this bunch?
Bill Hicks mix of political message and plain "d***jokes" is masterful, his timing is ever so perfect...

The mere fact that he is not at the top of this list makes this list a fraud in and of itself, and it should be printed out on a hardcopy before deleted from the world entirely, just so we can take that last copy in existence and burn the crap out of it.

So... Yeah. Seriously?

Seriously... For the sake of humanity move the man up to #1! Easily the best comedian of all time and is also a legend that will never be forgotten. It is a grievance that he isn't in at least the top 5. I can honestly say most of you voting have no idea what real intelligent humor is. The man was like a comedy prophet, and always told the truth. Maybe Hicks was right and we are really screwed laugh out loud! - MasterofRituals

18 years after his death and we still discuss this genius of a man. A man who not only told jokes or philosophised on stage, he bore his soul to us. To you, to me, everyone. He gave us back our voice, he's the one guy in the union meeting sticking up for us, he's the one guy laying it out like it really is, and it made people squirm in there seats. RIP, simply the greatest. Keith punk82

Bill Hicks was a genius, the the single most influential comedians since Lenny Bruce. Period. He took on subjects that other comedians of his time would not even touch. He spoke out, and beseeched people to think for themselves, though his message was not heard while he was alive, it resonates now more than ever.

Although dead his shows are still insanely accurate to the current times. I sometimes have to pause and remind myself that he is not talking about the 2000's.

Best comedian by far. He could assault the crowd and then bring them back in at any moment.

Bill Hicks is the kind of comedian that in addition to being able to send you into wild convulsions of laaughter can actually hit home and influence you on a philosophical level. He opened my eyes to so much of the injustice in america and around the world in a hilariously dark and strangely warm way. No doubt the best comedian and satirist ever, his work will squeegee your third eye squeaky clean.

Are you kidding me? This man should be number one, he's like the Jesus of comedians, criticizing everyday ignorance and the sad stat in how our world is, he's educational to everyone, it's a shame he had to die before he became truly famous.

I guess the majority of people who have voted are waiting for their thumbs... Seriously!?! DANE COOK... JEFF DUNHAM... I have lost all hope. Squeegee your third eyes people. Then you will see Dane sucking on Satan's scaly pecker while Jeff laps up the slobber.

There really is nobody that has come close to him. He is the Artist comedian. I can't think of anybody else who is. Unbelievably honest intelligent comedy. A satirical, ironic, raw, unyielding authenticity; a natural leader.

One of the most insightful and intelligent comedians that has ever graced a stage. Not only did he give a profound critical look at our society, he did it in the most humorous and entertaining way possible. Bill hicks is (was) a legend among men.

The best comedian that has ever lived. Not only was he hilarious, he was honest and believed every word he said. The most original comic of all time, and a prophet too. His thoughts were too real for his time and it's such a shame that he was taken from us at such a young age, during the peak of his career.
George Carlin is a hack compared to Hicks. Carlin's jokes were forced and he only said what he did to look "bad" and like he didn't care. Hicks truly didn't care. Comedy's finest.

The true American hero should definitely be in the top three! The U.S. wasn't ready for him while he lived, so he became huge in the U.K. instead, but I think it's time for US to understand that his criticism came from a deep love to the country!

Seriously Robin Williams above the greatest comedian who ever lived. If there was a single regret I hold is that my parents didn't have me a few years earlier so I could have seen the great man perform. Seriously Robin "Its my material Honest" Williams. The man who would steal a joke unless it was bolted down. We truely are a "Virus with shoes" if he is number 16,

Hicks is THE comedian who got me into watching stand-up comedy! I cannot think of any other comedian who's as significant or as relevant as Hicks was. Correction - was and is! He's the voice of today's progressives liberal generation and clearly the man ahead of his time! He's got my vote as the greatest comedian ever to grace this earth - just imagine how regressive and empty the comedy scene must have been, without Bill Hicks.

If you like dark comedy, brutal truth and the occational d***joke: bill is your man. I basically live my life according to Bill. He is not a comedian, he is a prophet of the damned.

Ranked 15? Wow. I guess there are too many dumb people to appreciate genius comedy. He actually made you think and laugh. And what the hell is dane cook doing so high on this list? Sad.